Dental Practice Management

Ezovion not only offers a feature-rich Dental practice management solution for doctors, but also offers the best patient engagement solutions for increasing your patient retention rate. We equip you a unique, real-time intelligent dashboard that offers visual-simplification, data-driven insights and a clear, concise view of the most critical information you need right away.

Our dental practice platform is uniquely built with intelligent tools like 2D dental charts, PACS and EHR that helps you visualize, save and view patient’s dental history in a seamless way, and draw meaningful conclusions out of it, faster. The highlight of our software is our inbuilt and integrated solutions like Ezovion PACS to view dental X-rays, giving you the convenience of accessing all information in one place. Ezovion EHR is easy-to-use, intuitive and helps you track patient’s repeated visits and progress.



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