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Clinic Management Software?

Try our Simple and powerful Ezovion  OP LITE.
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Looking for A secure Clinic management software?

Try our Simple,  yet powerful Ezovion Outpatient Management Software – OP LITE. It’s FREE!

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Integrated Healthcare Ecosystem

  • Patient Registration
  • Patient list
  • OP Billing
  • Prescription
  • Dashboard & Reports 
  • Simple, Secure, and Seamless
  • Transform patient care with Data Driven solutions
  • Enhance your patient engagement
  • Increase revenue and reduce your OP clinic operation cost

Does OP Lite not fit for your practice? Need a tailored solution?

Need all-in-one Hospital Management Software to manage your healthcare practices? Ezovion HMS has OP, IP, LIMS, Pharmacy, PACS, Tele-consulting and other modules.

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