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  • For Clinics
  • For Hospitals (HIMS)
  • For Day-care Centers
  • Workforce Management

We provide a variety of Hospital information system modules that you can customize to accommodate your specific requirements.

Key Features

Hospital Management System frontdesk dashboard

Key Features

Below mention are the key features of our Hospital Management Software in Philippines.

Ezovion Clinic management system

A comprehensive Hospital Management Software for Hospitals and Clinics of all sizes

OPD Module

Ezovion comprehensive Hospital information system in Philippines India manages the entire outpatient process from registration to treatment to billing to analysis.

  • Patient Registration 
  • Role-Based Access Management 
  • Communication Management 
  • Appointment 
  • Templates 
  • EHR (Electronic Health Record) 
  • Integrated with Lab and Pharmacy 
  • Queue Management 
  • OP Billing 
  • Report and Analytics 
  • Multi-Location Management 
Best outpatient management software in india

IPD Module

In Philippines, Ezovion Hospital information system combines intelligent tools with high levels of flexibility and automation to help providers manage their IP operations from start to finish.   

  • Inpatient Registration 
  • Admission 
  • Ward Management 
  • Inpatient Case Sheet 
  • OT Management 
  • Discharge 
  • IP Billing 
  • Templates 
  • LIMS Integration 
  • Radiology Integration 
  • Pharmacy Integration 
  • Communication Management 
  • Reports & Analytics 
  • Multi-Location Management 
Inpatient Management software

LIMS (Lab)

Ezovion Lab Information Management Software (LIMS) in Philippines offer full order management, smart notifications, a phlebotomy app, analytics, detailed reports, and credit settlement services. In India, our clinic management software can be used to take advantage of the clinic’s services.

  • Patient Registration 
  • Billing 
  • Queue Management 
  • Sample Collection & Barcode 
  • Report Entry 
  • QC Approval 
  • Dispatch 
  • Multi-Location Management 
  • Processing (Manual/Automation) 
  • Analytics (TAT and Other Reports) 
  • Sample Routing (Department Wise Routing)
laboratory information management system


Pharmacy management software like Ezovion helps manage sales, financial data, and distribution for pharmacies in India. Pharmacists can use the software throughout the entire pharmacy lifecycle, from the front to the back office.

  • Purchase, Returns Management 
  • Security and User Role Management 
  • Supplier and Payment Management 
  • Multi-Location Management 
  • SMS Integration, Share Prescription via SMS/Email 
  • Sales Dashboard 
  • OP and IP Integration 
  • Open stock, real-time stock update 
  • Low Stock, Overstock Expiry Reporting 
  • Sales and Return Management
Pharmacy Management System

EHR (Electronic Health Report)

Flexible EHR platform integrated with our hospital information system in Philippines to suit the needs of your practice and your speciality. Providers will find our platform efficient, flexible, and convenient, regardless of whether you practice general medicine, orthopaedics, dentistry, obstetrics, or paediatrics.

  • Demographics 
  • Vitals 
  • Prescriptions 
  • Diagnostics and Advice 
  • Visit History 
  • Document management (attachment feature) 
  • Billing 
  • Medical History 
  • OP Case Sheet 
  • IP Case Sheet 
  • Lab reports (Real-Time Report Integration) 
  • Radiology Integration 
  • Rehab 
EMR Software

Inventory Management

Invoices, purchase transactions, inventory needed for operations, and supplier payments can be tracked in real-time using our hospital information system in Philippines (HMS), as well as monitoring product utilization using a control dashboard.

  • Intend workflow 
  • Purchase Management 
  • Stock Management 
  • Accounting 
  • Quality Check and Maintenance 
  • Product Utilization Management 
  • Analytics and Reports 
  • Multiple Dashboard Systems
hospital Inventory management system


An exclusive integrated Hospital information system in Philippines , India combines a convenient, HIPAA-compliance PACS software with a DICOM viewer that makes it possible to track and compare patient data and radiology images from multiple devices through a single window.

  • Add Radiologist notes 
  • View all images in EHR real-time 
  • Tags for images, and indexing Indexing and Image Tagging 
  • Add/Remove images 
  • Radiologist/Technician Queue Management 
  • Integrated with EHRs of patients is integrated with the patient’s EHR 
  • Share images via email or SMS 
  • DICOM Viewer 
  • Backup PACS data using Our Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) 

Operation Theater Management

The operation theater module handles operation theater scheduling and planning, surgery team management, patient monitoring, operation theater consumable management, resource planning, and more.

  • OT Booking & Scheduling 
  • IP Integration 
  • Lab Integration 
  • Radiology Integration 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Implants & Prosthetics 
  • Surgery & Recovery 
  • Case Notes & Observation 
  • Post Surgery Instructions 
  • Detailed OT Summery 
  • OT Billing 
  • Reports & Analytics 
Operation Theater Management System

Workforce Management

Ezovion’s HR & Payroll Management Software automates all payroll-related tasks as well as essential HR core processes to ensure a smooth and organized workflow within the healthcare facility. 

  • Employee Management  
  • Document Management  
  • Separation Management  
  • Employee Self-Service  
  • Workflow Management  
  • Asset Management  
  • Employee Happiness Management  
  • Payroll Inputs   
  • Multi-Pay Periods   
  • Salary on Hold  
  • Arrears Estimation  
  • Manual Loss of Pay (Lop)  
  • Part Time Salary & Hourly wages  
  • Loan/Advance Management  
  • Claims Management 
HR management software

Communication Management

Ezovion Hospital Communication Management Software in Philippines offers a streamlined communication solution between patients and doctors for effective engagement. You can send single or bulk SMS and WhatsApp texts to your patients directly using our auto-messaging system. Use our user-friendly mobile app to make voice calls with your patients.

Take Advantage of Tele-Consultation  

  • OP & IP Billing Messaging 
  • Lab & Radiology Test Reports Notification  
  • Easy Call for Follow-up in App  
  • Effortless Patient Engagement 
  • Patient Retention  
  • Improved Operating Efficiency 
  • Eradicate Medical Errors 
  • Maintain Transparency 

Connected Care

Ezovion Hospital information system is integrated with FDA, CE and ISO certified medical devices for continuous & contactless or contact based vitals monitoringPatients’ vitals can be captured automatically and saved at patient’s electronic health record (EHR)Vitals like-

  • Respiration rate  
  • SPO2  
  • Blood Sugar (pre, post, Random) 
  • Height & Weight 
  • BMI 
  • Blood Pressure (NcBP) & (NiBP)   
  • Temperature   


  • Integrated with EHR 
  • Contact & contactless monitoring. 
  • Inpatient Vital Monitoring Command Center  
  • Nursing automation for timely patient care 
  • Homecare Patients 
  • Medical Devices integrated with mobile app  
  • Tele-medicine 
  • E- Prescriptions
Connected Care

Other products

Make the switch to Ezovion Practice management software- a next-gen AI/ML-based platform tailor-made for every healthcare specialty. Manage your hospital management end-to-end from patient registration to analytics, leverage our custom tools to simplify your practice and engage patients better with a powerful communication module.  We offer a highly centralized, flexible and automated platform that covers your practice management from every angle to every phase. 

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Practice Management Software

  • General Management Software
  • OB-GYN Management Software
  • Pediatric Management Software
  • Orthopedic Management Software
  • Dental Management Software
  • Rehabilitation Management Software
  • Physiotherapy Management Software


Integrated with EHR

Contact & Contactless Monitoring

Inpatient Vital Monitoring Command Center

Nursing automation for timely patient care

Homecare Patients

Medical Devices integrated with mobile app



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