Inpatient Management Solutions

Inpatient management is a complex undertaking owing to huge, interlinked patient data to be securely maintained and managed. While conventional inpatient management complicates healthcare delivery and leads to wasted resources, Ezovion Inpatient management accelerates and improves healthcare delivery.

Ezovion offers an End-to-end integrated Inpatient Management Software solution designed and developed by industry leaders that transform complicated IP processes into simple, easy-to-use EHR, and Discharge Summary templates.

Ezovion offers powerful solutions built around EHR, ICU management, ward management, Operation Theater (OT), and other processes. It helps automate day-to-day administrative activities, simplifies storing/ accessing critical patient information at the time of need, captures/ exchanges medical notes from surgeons, anesthetists, nurses- thereby meeting the overarching objective of providing better patient care.



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