Ezovion wireless patient vital monitoring system!

Capturing patient’s vitals needs high- manual intervention, could lead to low efficiency, loss of revenue and long-wait times- if not managed properly. 

Ezovion remote vital engine captures body temperature, O2 level, pulse, blood pressure
and weight built-in IoMT devices. 

Engine captures patient’s vitals real-time using IoT and medical devices, saves and display aggregated vitals at EHR; instant alert on any critical levels are hit for immediate attentions. 



  • Enable Doctors to monitor ICU and non-ICU patients.
  • Monitor outpatient, inpatient, and remote care. 
  • Eliminate  human errors.
  • The integrity and reliability of the vital measurements for better patient care.


  • Reduce operational costs 
  • Accurate vital are logged in at required frequencies, automatically into patient’s EHR. 
  • Reduce nursing staff cost 
  • The efficiency and accountability of the nursing staff are improved.
  • Auto-SOS Management
  • Post care remote monitoring


  • Consistent vital monitoring for better care
  • Patients with chronic ailments can enjoy better care.
  • Cost-effective than hiring nurse
  • Avoid staying in a hospital for long 

Remote Patient Care

  • Remote patient care from your chain of clinics, hospitals
  • Home care
  • Ambulance
  • Old age homes 

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