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lims laboratory information management software

Improve your lab’s productivity, efficiency, throughput, data integrity and compliance with Ezovion Full suite of laboratory management and automation solutions. Our intelligence driven software automates processes and eliminates inaccuracies so that your staff could focus on delivering quality care.

Patient Registration

Enter details of the patient, register and access any patient information in just a few taps. Deep integrations allow you to map and retrieve updated patient data from any end of the laboratory management system.

Patient Registration

Quick and Easy Registration

Intuitive interface for quick and detailed patient registration done in a few clicks.

Access Data from Anywhere

A robust front-end with all the capabilities you'll need to make registration and requisitions a breeze.

Real-time Dashboard

Click a button to view number of inexperienced users registered for the day, week, month, or year. Get new user and existing user visits data for better patient engagement/retention.

Lab Billing

Automated laboratory service billing, add lab tests, groups, packages as per your lab practices.  

Lab Billing

Easy and organized Reporting

Sample collection, department wise sample routing, lab report generations, approval process and despatch to the primary doctor and patient is made easy.

Digital and print formats

Print bills or share via email, WhatsApp or SMS according to your convenience.

Bird eye analytics

Get lab billing reports and detailed analytics of spend performance metrics in an intuitive dashboard.

Queue Management

No more demand overflows. Manage workflows, maintain queues, and fulfil lab orders faster with Ezovion LIMS. It can be integrated with both OPD and/or IPD. 

LIMS Queue Management

Meet demand at scale

Phlebotomists can deploy a streamlined Al approach to sample management, fulfil demands on the go and pave the way for 100% efficiency.

Manage in-house and outside labs

Empowered with geo-location that lets you manage multiple lab centres in different locations on a single platform. 

Real-time snapshot

Track current status of each order real-time effortlessly through its entire lab order lifecycle.

Sample Collection

Deploy a structured approach for organized sample collection management, with integrated labelling, printing & sorting features, custom templates based on order and sample matching for simplified backend processing. 

LIMS sample collection

Batch your samples at your convenience

Phlebotomists can collect samples in part or for all the tests and track them on the go.

Digital tracking

Generate and print barcode with patient and lab order data. Get timely notifications and send to patients via SMS/WhatsApp.

TAT updated

Detailed report on test wise turnaround time. Data is available at a detailed level.

Department Wise Sample Routing

Map which sample goes to which department manually without having to go through cumbersome manual sample routing. 
LIMS sample collection

Get noticed

Department technicians receive confirmation post-sample collection and at all stages of sample collection.

Real-time status

Lab order status is updated in real-time as it progresses into the life cycle.

Updated analytics on samples

You can rely on analytics anytime to get insights on your order.

Manual/Automated Processing

Organize and automate testing process with connected lab machines and pave way for faster and accurate testing while also saving on operational costs. 

LIMS Automated processing

Ready to implement

Ready to implement for major laboratory machine brands and models.


Support any unidirectional and bidirectional analysers

Real-time status updates

Lab test result QC and Lab Director get real-time status updates

Report Entry

Speed through the report entry process with connected lab machines with easy-to-use lab reporting system. Get all the information about the patients in a few clicks. 

Lab report entry

Multi-language support

Generate lab reports in various languages and make healthcare easier to understand for your patients.

Multi-location support

Consolidated reporting view from various departments, including outside labs in one place.

Auto reporting and Manual reporting

Configure reporting as desired and get custom-analytics, data insights that matter the most to your business.

QC Approval

Pathologists can leverage the digital route of multiple authorization levels and approvals and eliminate inaccuracies down the route. Simplified, efficient and quick.

QC Approval

Configure Digital auto-approvals

No more hassle in approvals from desk to desk. Configure digital approvals for simplified processing.

Lab QC and Lab Directors approval

Get approvals from Lab QC and Lab directors from the software itself. Stakeholders get a detailed view at any point of lab order/reports. 

Communicate with all stakeholders

Real-time communications management across all the stakeholders to ensure transparency and connectivity.


Go paperless with Ezovion LIMS, deliver lab reports to patients via SMS/ WhatsApp with ease. Print lab reports in custom templated if needed.

LIMS Dispatch

Digital and print-friendly 

Send reports to patients easily via SMS/WhatsApp/Mail or print on-demand.

Improve Post-analytical TAT

Digital lab Reports streamlines dispatch processes, makes reports instantly available to patients and improves post-analytical TAT.

Build your own Print in custom layout

Sort, Arrange your data as per your requirements and print.

Analytics (TAT and Other Reports)

Gain visibility of all your finances and keep track of your reports on the go. Ezovion LIMS gives you real-time insights to help you make decisions. 

Detailed TAT Report

Keep 100% accurate records of samples collected, report generated, and all other processes for ready reference. Optimize Costs.

Customizable Report Formats

Fully customizable report formats such as IP, OP Lab Revenue, Doctor investigation revenue reports, Lab Statistics Reports and more for a deeper view into reporting.

CEA Lab Register Report

Generate your customizable CEA Lab reports for submitting it to the government.

Complete Lifecycle management

Industry’s powerful Lab Information Management and automation software increases your lab performance by 10x. Ezovion LIMS Software is far more than a sample management or information management platform- it’s a powerful platform for managing the complete lifecycle of your lab processes. 
Ezovion LIMS includes every phase involved in a lab ranging from order/ sample management for Phlebotomist and technician, to synoptic reporting and high-accuracy quality control for Lab QC and deep-insights for Lab Directors- empowering every stakeholder with simplified but efficient workflows. 

Complete Lifecycle Management
Quality And Safety

Quality and Safety

We ensure 100% safety protocols with data encryption, electronic signatures, HIPAA compliance, and chain of custody capabilities that simplify the quality control process.

Benefits of LIMS

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