Orthopedic Management Solutions

Ezovion offers Orthopedic Practice Management Solution that’s fully comprehensive, powerful, & dynamically able to connect the essentials of Orthopedics. Designed around the unique workflows of Orthopedics, we’ve built this user-friendly platform to overcome the challenges of practice management, to streamline communication, simplify administrative and financial tasks, and to enhance physician and staff productivity.

Ezovion Orthopedic management solution is a feature-rich, fully integrated platform that offers end-to-end solutions with respect to practice management, electronic health records, medical billing, patient engagement, insurance payment and discharge summary reporting that work together for an efficient practice. Ezovion OP and IP are integrated with Ezovion PACS, an image comparison toolkit that helps you investigate two images at a time for deep-dive investigations. Our Orthopedic EHR is specialized medical software system fully customized for Orthopedists and that’s scalable from single physician clinics to large, multi-location and multi-specialty practices.



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