Outpatient Management

High performance OP management software designed to manage your end-to-end OP operations.

One healthcare platform for all your Outpatient needs

Healthcare is becoming more advanced day by day. Today’s healthcare sector is being transformed by the need to obtain healthcare information online and adjust to information delivery. Ezovion can help you reinvent your healthcare practices and processes with this intelligent healthcare platform. It will boost patient engagement and allow you to provide high-quality care. Manage clinics, hospitals of any size and manage OP’s at diverse geographic locations with ease with one login.

Patient Registration

Make Way for Smooth Registration and A Smoother Treatment Process 

The patient quick and detailed registration process to document patients information; includes demographics, health insurance, identity and other relevant information.  The healthcare facilities and doctors can access the patient data anytime and anywhere. 

Quick and Easy Process

Interactive front desk dashboard makes it for a fast and efficient patient registration process. 

Comprehensive Patient List

Detailed list of patients is available for easy reach and communication.

Unique Numbers

Customized UHID, document ABHA number and Aadhar card data.  


Booking an Appointment have Never Been So Easy!  Make appointment for either registered or unregistered patients. One screen to create, view and manage appointments for various departments for your hospital. 

Detailed Metrics

Real time appointment front desk dashboard for efficient patient appointment management.  

Smooth Communication

SMS/Email/ Push notifications to patients and the clinic/hospital to keep them updated about appointments.  

Easy Scheduling

Scheduling and rescheduling appointments is easy! The software solution enables quicker rescheduling of cancelled bookings.

Queue Management

Using Ezovion queue management is an effective way to manage long waiting lines in your OPD! Queue management enables the OPD to handle a patient in an effective, safe, and limit in-person queues. It also helps hospitals to manage the patient flow.

Enhanced Employee Efficiency

Hospital staff no longer has to bother about long patient queues. They can easily manage registration and eradicate the hassles of handling a queue.

Better Patient Engagement

Virtual queues enables patients to schedule and book appointments on the go. This improves patient communication and association.  

Higher Satisfaction

No queue means less frustrated people. Virtual queues help both staff and patient to engage and interact happily.   


OP Billing

Add, manage department-wise unlimited number of services, and cost for outpatient billing. The platform records the entire billable information for reporting and analytics purposes.

Peak Hour

User-friendly interfaces and keyboard only for data entry to create bills faster.  


End-to-end Billing

OP billing, pending bills, hold bills, cancelled bills and much more. Share bills via SMS, and WhatsApp. Patients will get a secured link to view their bills.

Reports and Analytics

OP revenue, referrals and consulting doctor revenue split, payment and much more.  


Issue medical certificates, consent forms, fitness certificate, day care summary and other health certificates in different templates and formats based on your requirements.

Easy Customization

The certificates can be issued on customized templates including the custom details and the department for which they are issued.

Instant Use

The templates are easy load, patient data will be loaded automatically into the template.  

Multi-language support

We offer multi-language support so that healthcare providers communicate in the language their patients are comfortable with.

EHR (Electronic Health Record)

Ezovion EHR is a modern-day solution for standardizing and storing of patient health records in a secure, practice-friendly manner in an intuitive user interface at the click of a button.

Case Sheet

Ezovion EHR has practice specific standardized case sheet. General, dental, OBGYC, IVF, paediatric and others major healthcare practices.  



The platform facilitates multi-lingual prescription wherein doctors can assign prescriptions in English or regional language to patients. Build prescription in less than a minutes!

Documentation and Attachments

Lab reports, radiology images, and other health record can be added via attachments.  


Role Based Access Management

Secure your data with our robust Role Based Access Management! Requesting and granting access requests for different roles is a tiring process. Role based access management innovates a guided framework to enhance the user access management efficiency and its effectiveness.

Better Flexibility

Create unlimited number of users, user roles and grant access as per the user role.  

Better Security

RBAC enhances the security of a hospital in every form- be it compliance, privacy or confidentiality.

Better Access

Super administrators can easily view the roles and functionalities across a cloud-based platform.

Communication Management

Seamless Communication between providers and patients for effective engagement, thereby boosting the quality of patient care and improves patient retention.

Registration, updates, billing, appointments, change in appointments, bulk SMS to all the or part of your patients.

Bulk Message Scheduling

Hospitals can in advance easily schedule for bulk auto-messaging using custom SMS templates.  

End-to-end Messaging

Registration, updates, billing, appointments, change in appointments and more.  


Multi-channel Communication

Communication is extensive across different platforms like texts, emails, and calls, or even a combination of all the three forms.

Reports and Analytics

Over 50 outpatient related reports, and analytics are available. All the critical reports are listed handy, also visualize the data in charts form for easy inferences.

Feedback and Queries

Can easily analyze data and offer proactive solutions for efficient outpatient department performance.  

Improved Performance

Improve performance by working on the discrepancies and boosting its positive traits.  

Overview Analytics

Attain an insight into the effectiveness of their services in terms of overall productivity, costs, and their performance.

End-to-end Integrated Clinic Software

Ezovion Clinic Software is deeply integrated within every module allowing providers to get complete information of every patient, one patient at a time and enhance healthcare delivery. Ezovion offers continuum of care and simplifies clinic management.  

We have a proven reputation of increasing Efficiency and results by 10x and we are a trusted platform by several clinicians all over India.   

 We offer purpose-built modules for each department after analyzing gaps and challenges in each department. With Ezovion, we empower providers with seamless management- leading them towards better business as well as better care.  

Full-Suite Clinic/Hospital Solution

Full-Suite Clinic/Hospital Solution

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