Outpatient Management Solutions

Patient engagement is made easy with Ezovion Outpatient Management solutions. Our online and offline solutions can be implemented from OP clinics to multispecialty hospitals. 

Our outpatient management solution also features comprehensive electronic medical record that enables you to view complete patient data for efficient patient care, higher productivity, and improved patient outcomes.

Key Features

Inpatient Management Solutions

Inpatient care is one of the most complicated healthcare delivery process that involves an expert team including primary care physician, surgeons,  anaesthetist, nurse, and other hospital staff.

End-to-end integrated Ezovion Inpatient Management Software solutions is designed and developed by industry leaders that can transform complicated IP process into a simple one with easy-to-use EHR templates.

Ezovion inpatient solutions has additional features that include admission, operation theater (OT), intensive care unit (ICU), ward management with robust electronic medical record to capture medical notes from surgeons,  anaesthetists, and nurses.

Key Features

Ezovion Lab Management

Ezovion offers secured and easy to use Lab Management Software to create lab orders, track status, and get results.

Ezovion lab management is integrated with OP, IP and EHR management, view lab orders, results and lab order history in EHR for efficient practice.

intelligent Lab Integration (iLI) eliminates human error resulting fro mmanual data entry and additionally saves time and reduces cost. It also gives a provision to engage  third-party lab service providers.


Key Features

Ezovion Pharmacy Management

Ezovion Pharmacy Management is a secured and an user-friendly system that enables point-of-sale functions more efficiently. Ezovion intelligent Lookup Engine (iLE) diligently looks at your non-movable items and expiry stocks and gives alert, resulting in increased revenue. 

End-to-end integration, iLE and other proactive alerting helps increase in revenue by 20%.


Key Features

Dental Practice Management

Ezovion Dental Practice Management Software offers the best patient engagement for increasing your patient retention rate. Powerful and real-time dashboard helps you manage your practice efficiently.

2D dental charts helps you visualize, save, and view  patients dental history. Ezovion DPMS is integrated with Ezovion PACS to save and view dental x-rays  Easy-to-use Ezovion Dental EHR helps you to track patient’s repeated visits and progress.

Key Features

Orthopedic Management Solutions

Ezovion Orthopedic Management Software is an end-to-end integrated software solutions designed for ortho and physiotherapy. Features include practice management, electronic health records, medical billing, patient engagement tools, billing and reporting that all work together for efficient practice.

Ezovion OP and IP are  integrated with Ezovion PACS. Image compare toolkit helps you investigate two images at a time for deep-dive investigations.

Key Features

Ezovion PACS

Switching between HMS and PACS computers to view patient data and radiology images/videos from various equipment is one of the cumbersome steps in healthcare practice, it takes lots of your time as well.

Ezovion PACS captures images/videos from various equipment in real-time, tag them into patient’s EMR.

Image compare toolkit helps you to view 2 images in one screen for deep-dive investigation. Intuitive menu items help you to edit the images..

Key Features

Physiotherapy Management Solutions

Ezovion offers comprehensive software solution that streamlines your entire workflow seamlessly integrated with appointment scheduling, clinical therapy planning, patient engagement, invoices, and billing and refund.

Ezovion Physiotherapy Management is integrated with Orthopedic Management Software for streamless patient engagement.

Key Features

Dialysis Center Management Solutions

Ezovion Dialysis Management Software helps nephrology departments and standalone dialysis centers to manage and treat patients seamlessly and helps with documentation and paperwork.

Manage your everyday tasks and actions that include defining dialysis cycles for each patient, recording dialysis history, generating bills, printing case sheets and generating reports.

Key Features

Ezovion IVF Solutions

Ezovion offers an easy-to-use IVF solutions that simplifies assisted reproductive technology (ART) process.

IVF clinicians can record and track their patient’s progress efficiently with robust, user friendly Electronic Health Records. Create templates, add favorite case sheets for record management.

Key Features

Electronic Health Record Management

Filling Electronic Medical Record for every outpatient or inpatient is a time consuming step of patient care, which often increases patient wait time, leading to decreased productivity and patient satisfaction.

Ezovion EHR system helps you and your patients’ by standardizing health records in a safe and secured manner, providing complete, accurate, and up-to-date information at the click of a button.

Ezovion EHR cloning algorithm, templates, and preloaded case sheets help fill the EHR faster. Ezovion EHR is ready for General, Ortho, Ob-Gyn, Pediatric, Dental and other practices.

Key Features

Ezovion HRMS & Payroll

HRMS is a human capital management suite of tools on a single, unified cloud platform that helps you manage the entire employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire.

Solutions for HR, recruiting, onboarding, time tracking, payroll, and additional features are easily accessed through a single intuitive interface. A software designed to fulfill the needs of both the administration and their employees.

Key Features


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