Outpatient Management Solutions

Managing outpatient can include a gamut of activities from managing patient data, interacting with patients, offering ongoing patient care- alongside providing a positive patient experience.

Our OPD software makes your outpatient management smart by offering an all-in-one suite of online solutions that can be implemented from OP Clinics to Multi-specialty and Super-specialty hospitals.

The OPD solution is designed to cover all aspects of hospital requirements, core workflows and enhances user experience for doctors, administrators, and staff; aimed to minimize errors, save time, improve productivity and simply operations..

Key Features

Inpatient Management Solutions

Inpatient management is a complex undertaking owing to huge, interlinked patient data to be securely maintained and managed. While conventional inpatient management complicates healthcare delivery and leads to wasted resources, Ezovion Inpatient management accelerates and improves healthcare delivery.

Ezovion offers an End-to-end integrated Inpatient Management Software solution designed and developed by industry leaders that transform complicated IP processes into simple, easy-to-use HER, and Discharge Summary templates.

Ezovion offers powerful solutions built around EHR, ICU management, ward management, Operation Theater (OT), and other processes. It helps automate day-to-day administrative activities, simplifies storing/ accessing critical patient information at the time of need, captures/ exchanges medical notes from surgeons, anesthetists, nurses- thereby meeting the overarching objective of providing better patient care

Key Features

Video Consulting

As the world transits to the new normal, providers and patients have new demands about healthcare delivery. Ezovion meets the demands of today with a secure video consultation that includes end-to-end tools for patient journey from pre-diagnosis through ongoing treatment.

Experience an in-house built secured, encrypted, compliant and high-quality virtual treatment sessions that almost feels like clinic, with Ezovion.

Key Features

Ezovion Lab Management

Ezovion lab management provides you comprehensive, integrated solutions from front desk, sample collection, to report delivery, logs and everything in between. Our software offers in-built integrations with OP, IP and EHR to make better use of patient data, manage lab orders, track status- thereby streamlining processes, saving time and enhancing delivery.

Ezovion Intelligent Lab integration automates most manual operations, optimizes productivity and gives you a better control of the processes. Our platform is 100% secured for data exchange, communication and meets all the compliance requirements put forward by Government healthcare organizations.

Key Features

Ezovion Pharmacy Management

Managing pharmacy sales is a complex undertaking if you don’t know how to manage and track data. Pharmacies face challenges in managing and distributing medicinal products within expiry dates, handling prescription drugs according to legislation, and more. Moreover, pharmacy owners are also challenged with gathering customer data to unlock value and drive revenue out of it.

With Ezovion Pharmacy Management software, experience a full suite of features that extends through the entire pharmacy management lifecycle from POS to back office. Get better insights of financial data, manage various types of prescriptions, handle drugs effectively and let the system take care of the price calculations. Ezovion intelligent Lookup Engine (iLE) diligently looks at your non-movable items and expiry stocks and gives alert, resulting in increased revenue. End-to-end integration, iLE and other proactive alerting helps increase in revenue by 20%.

Key Features

Dental Practice Management

Ezovion not only offers a feature-rich Dental practice management solution for doctors, but also offers the best patient engagement solutions for increasing your patient retention rate. We equip you a unique, real-time intelligent dashboard that offers visual-simplification, data-driven insights and a clear, concise view of the most critical information you need right away.

Our dental practice platform is uniquely built with intelligent tools like 2D dental charts, PACS and EHR that helps you visualize, save and view patient’s dental history in a seamless way, and draw meaningful conclusions out of it, faster. The highlight of our software is our inbuilt and integrated solutions like Ezovion PACS to view dental X-rays, giving you the convenience of accessing all information in one place. Ezovion EHR is easy-to-use, intuitive and helps you track patient’s repeated visits and progress.

Key Features

Orthopedic Management Solutions

Ezovion offers Orthopedic Practice Management Solution that’s fully comprehensive, powerful, & dynamically able to connect the essentials of Orthopedics. Designed around the unique workflows of Orthopedics, we’ve built this user-friendly platform to overcome the challenges of practice management, to streamline communication, simplify administrative and financial tasks, and to enhance physician and staff productivity.  

Ezovion Orthopedic management solution is a feature-rich, fully integrated platform that offers end-to-end solutions with respect to practice management, electronic health records, medical billing, patient engagement, insurance payment and discharge summary reporting that work together for an efficient practice. Ezovion OP and IP are integrated with Ezovion PACS, an image comparison toolkit that helps you investigate two images at a time for deep-dive investigations. Our Orthopedic EHR is specialized medical software system fully customized for Orthopedists and that’s scalable from single physician clinics to large, multi-location and multi-specialty practices. 

Key Features

Ezovion PACS

Ever wished you had a single, efficient solution to view and compare Radiology images/videos from different equipment? Is your hospital management consuming much of your time, instead of simplifying it? We understand how cumbersome it is when you are using your valuable time to deal with the interface instead of dealing with patient diagnosis. So we custom-built an easy-to-use, HIPAA compliant PACS software that offers an all-in-one integrated solution to view and compare patient data and radiology images/videos from various equipment into one single window.  

With Ezovion PACS, you can avoid switching between HMS and PACS computers and view everything in one single window, simplifying your workflows and paving way to better health investigations. Ezovion PACS captures images/videos from various equipment in real-time, tag them into patient’s EMR.  You can Measure, mark, type text on the images for easy references, comparison, and deep-dive investigations. The Image compare toolkit helps you to view 2 images in one screen for faster, efficient diagnosis of the problem. 

Key Features

Physiotherapy Management Solutions

Ezovion offers comprehensive software solution that streamlines your entire workflow seamlessly integrated with appointment scheduling, clinical therapy planning, patient engagement, invoices, and billing and refund.

Ezovion Physiotherapy Management is integrated with Orthopedic Management Software for streamless patient engagement.

Key Features

Dialysis Center Management Solutions

Ezovion Dialysis Management Software helps nephrology departments and standalone dialysis centers to manage and treat patients seamlessly and helps with documentation and paperwork.

Manage your everyday tasks and actions that include defining dialysis cycles for each patient, recording dialysis history, generating bills, printing case sheets and generating reports.

Key Features

Ezovion IVF Solutions

Ezovion offers an easy-to-use IVF solutions that simplifies assisted reproductive technology (ART) process.

IVF clinicians can record and track their patient’s progress efficiently with robust, user friendly Electronic Health Records. Create templates, add favorite case sheets for record management.

Key Features

Electronic Health Record Management

Filling Electronic Medical Record for every outpatient or inpatient is a time consuming step of patient care, which often increases patient wait time, leading to decreased productivity and patient satisfaction.

Ezovion EHR system helps you and your patients’ by standardizing health records in a safe and secured manner, providing complete, accurate, and up-to-date information at the click of a button.

Ezovion EHR cloning algorithm, templates, and preloaded case sheets help fill the EHR faster. Ezovion EHR is ready for General, Ortho, Ob-Gyn, Pediatric, Dental and other practices.

Key Features

Ezovion HRMS & Payroll

HRMS is a human capital management suite of tools on a single, unified cloud platform that helps you manage the entire employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire.

Solutions for HR, recruiting, onboarding, time tracking, payroll, and additional features are easily accessed through a single intuitive interface. A software designed to fulfill the needs of both the administration and their employees.

Key Features


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