PACS Management

PACS Management

Ever wished you had a single, efficient solution to view and compare Radiology images/videos from different equipment? Is your hospital management consuming much of your time, instead of simplifying it? We understand how cumbersome it is when you are using your valuable time to deal with the interface instead of dealing with patient diagnosis. So we custom-built an easy-to-use, HIPAA compliant PACS software that offers an all-in-one integrated solution to view and compare patient data and radiology images/videos from various equipment into one single window.

With Ezovion PACS, you can avoid switching between HMS and PACS computers and view everything in one single window, simplifying your workflows and paving way to better health investigations. Ezovion PACS captures images/videos from various equipment in real-time, tag them into patient’s EMR. You can Measure, mark, type text on the images for easy references, comparison, and deep-dive investigations. The Image compare toolkit helps you to view 2 images in one screen for faster, efficient diagnosis of the problem.



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