Enhance Your Level of Excellence with Ezovion Teleconsulting Services

When resources are limited and stretched thin, it can be difficult to provide excellent patient care. By utilizing Ezovion Tele consultation Services, you can not only reach more patients, but you can also improve your services remotely.

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Telehealth consultation

The Teleconsultation Facility That Connects You with
Your Patients Regardless of Any Boundaries

Seamless Care Assurance

Customize Schedule

Increase Revenue

Regardless of Time

Facilitates Better Follow
up Visits

Increase Patients Satisfaction

Increase Patients

Boosts Patients Engagements

Boosts Patients

We Have the Potential to Deliver the Best of Your Needs

A surge in digitization has been accelerated by COVID-19, which forced healthcare organizations to redefine their business strategies. The medical facilities need constantly change as the physician population and patient visits also change. It is challenging to meet these rapidly changing needs, which is why Ezovion Tele-Consultation customizes physician services to suit your facility’s unique needs wherever and whenever they arise.

You can respond quickly to consultation requests, whether they come from nearby or far away. Instead of visiting patients at their homes, you can simply maintain a contactless virtual consultation as per your patients’ needs.

How It Works

Step 1 : Easy Patient Registration

The teleconsultation facility allows you to do a hassle-free patient
registration process which is convenient for both patients and for the

Step 2 : Take Appointments via
Mobile App

Step 2 : Take Appointments via Mobile App

Patients can either call the hospital or book an appointment through the Ezovion mobile app.
Patients can choose the hospital they want to book an appointment with through the mobile app.

Step 3 : Schedule your meetings as Per your Convenience

Step 3 : Schedule your meetings
as Per your Convenience

For teleconsultation, you can book the slots according to the patient’s needs and doctors’ availability. It is one of the most convenient methods to attend for elder patients.

Step 4 : Generate Notification for your Patients

Step 4 : Generate Notification
for your Patients

You can generate a notification for the confirmation of their teleconsultation booking via
message or can send the link directly through the mobile app.

Step 5 : Connect with your Patients Directly with Mobile app

Step 5 : Connect with your
Patients Directly with Mobile app

A third-party app is not needed, you can connect via the Ezovian mobile app with full security, a safe lobby, camera visibility settings, and much more.`

How Your Services Will Enhance When You Connect with Ezovion Tele Consultation

  • Teleconsultation solutions enable healthcare providers to offer their services online more easily.


  • A revolution is taking place in the delivery and viewing of healthcare through teleconsultation. It facilitates collaboration between physicians, nurses, administrators, and patients. 


  • To deliver medical services efficiently, teleconsultation solutions incorporate a wide range of care processes.


  • Accessing healthcare through a digital device such as a mobile phone or laptop can keep patients engaged proactively.


  • As a result of teleconsultation, healthcare costs are expected to be reduced. By extending their reach beyond their towns and cities, doctors can generate new revenue from telehealth.


  • The virtual services provided by teleconsultation can build a strong doctor-patient relationship.


  • Patients living in remote areas are more likely to benefit from teleconsultation. Better emergency services and access to high-quality healthcare facilities are among their benefits. 

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