Ezovion Systems Clinic Management Software

Experience an easy-to-use yet powerful clinic management system with fully loaded features for managing your different types of clinics with 100% functionality.

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Ezovion clinic management software in India

Key Features

Below mention are the key features of our Clinic Management Software.

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Ezovion clinic management software in India

Do You Want Personalized Software for Your Clinic? We can Help You!

We have over 35+ clinic management software modules that you can personalize according to you need depending on your clinic.
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Transform your pharmacy business with Ezovion pharmacy system management software that can be integrated with clinic management software.

  • Stock right with alerts on non-moving, expiry, low, and excess stock reports.
  • Manage Multi-Locations.
  • Robust and secure billing.
  • Communicate right with advanced SMS integration.
  • Gain transparency, control and insights.
  • Deep integrations with other HMS modules.
  • Pharmacy sales dashboard, reports and analytics

Why choose Ezovion?

We are a reputed clinic management software service in India with the potential of increasing your efficiency and results by 10x, a trusted platform from several clinicians all over India.

Other Solutions

Hospital OPD Queue Management System

Token Management

Ezovion Hospital Queue Management System is a simple and seamless solution that can be operated with minimal hardware requirements and standard conditions.

Inventory Management

Ezovion Hospital Inventory Management Software enables real-time tracking of your inventory, indents, purchase transactions, inventories needed for OT, supplier, payments, and other details.

Ezovion SMS Auto - Messaging Solutions

Patient Engagement

Communication solution that integrates SMS and WhatsApp for effective patient engagement and retention.

Telehealth consultation


By using Ezovion Tele-Consultation Services, you will not only be able to reach more patients, but you will also be able to improve your services remotely.

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With Clinic Management System, Deliver Your Best and Earn Patient Trust

  • Improve patient retention by 20%
  • Ward occupancy dashboard
  • Insurance processing
  • Real-time IP management for faster patient discharge
  • Make informed decisions with 200+reports
  • Insightful dashboard
  • Dynamic report with drill-down capabilities

End-to-end Integrated Clinic Management Software in India

Ezovion clinic management software in India is deeply integrated within every module, allowing providers to get complete information about every patient, one patient at a time and enhance healthcare delivery. Ezovion offers a continuum of care and simplifies the clinic management system.  

We have a proven reputation for increasing efficiency and results by 10x, and we are a trusted platform by several clinicians all over India.  

 We offer purpose-built modules for each department after analysing gaps and challenges in each department. With Ezovion, we empower providers with seamless management, leading them towards better business and care.

  • Full-Suite Clinic Solution
  • Outpatient Management
  • LIMS
  • Pharmacy
  • PACS
  • Tele-consulting


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