Hospital management software in india
In the healthcare industry, Ezovion HMS (Hospital Management Software in India) is a leading provider of healthcare solutions. We offer direct management of Daycare, IPD, OPD, Radiology, Lab, Pharmacy, and Tele-consulting services in India. A one-stop solution powered by AI/ML can transform hospital operations to the next level. 

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OPD Module

With our OPD Module, one login can manage clinics, hospitals, and clinic chains of any size across multiple geographical locations. Enhance transparency, streamline workflows, and increase patient engagement through communication management.

  • Patient Registration
  • Role-Based Access Management
  • Communication Management
  • Appointment
  • Templates
  • EHR (Electronic Health Record)
  • Integrated with Lab and Pharmacy
  • Queue Management
  • OP Billing
  • Report and Analytics
  • Multi-Location Management

IPD Module

Ezovion IP management is a leading platform in India for managing end-to-end IP operations (as opposed to other broken IP software) with flexibility, automation, intelligent tools, and a high degree of adaptability, allowing hospitals to experience a seamless management experience.

  • Inpatient Registration
  • Admission
  • Ward Management
  • Inpatient Case Sheet
  • OT Management
  • Discharge
  • IP Billing
  • Templates
  • LIMS Integration
  • Radiology Integration
  • Pharmacy Integration
  • Communication Management
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Multi-Location Management

EHR (Electronic Health Report)

Flexible EHR platform integrated with our Hospital Management Software in India to suit the needs of your practice and your speciality. Providers will find our platform efficient, flexible, and convenient, regardless of whether you practice general medicine, orthopaedics, dentistry, obstetrics, or paediatrics.

  • Demographics
  • Vitals
  • Prescriptions
  • Diagnostics and Advice
  • Visit History
  • Document management (attachment feature)
  • Billing
  • Medical History
  • OP Case Sheet
  • IP Case Sheet
  • Lab reports (Real-Time Report Integration)
  • Radiology Integration
  • Rehab


We offer full order management, smart notifications, a phlebotomy app, analytics, detailed reports, and credit settlement services. In India, our clinic management software can be used to take advantage of the clinic’s services.

  • Patient Registration
  • Billing
  • Queue Management
  • Sample Collection & Barcode
  • Report Entry
  • QC Approval
  • Dispatch
  • Multi-Location Management
  • Processing (Manual/Automation)
  • Analytics (TAT and Other Reports)
  • Sample Routing (Department Wise Routing)

Pharmaceutical & Billing Module

Ezovion Pharma Management solution assists pharmacies that want to improve the efficiency of billing prescriptions, revenue and customer satisfaction This module provides the best answer.

  • E-Prescription
  • Sales Dashboard
  • OP and IP Integration
  • Open Stock, Purchase, and Sales Entries The Open Stock, Purchase and Sales Entries
  • Supplier and Payment Management
  • security and user role management Security and User Role Management
  • Stocklist
  • Returns to Sales and Purchases Returns from Sales and Purchases
  • Multi-Location Management
  • SMS Integration, Share Prescription via SMS/Email
  • Low Stock, Overstock Expiry Reporting
  • security and user role management Security and User Role Management


Simple-to-use, HIPAA-compliant PACS software, integrated with DICOM viewer provides an all-in-one solution to display and compare the radiology images/videos and patient data across multiple devices within a single window.

  • Add Radiologist notes
  • View all images in EHR real-time
  • Tags for images, and indexing Indexing and Image Tagging
  • Add/Remove images
  • Radiologist/Technician Queue Management
  • Integrated with EHRs of patients is integrated with the patient’s EHR
  • Share images via email or SMS
  • DICOM Viewer
  • Backup PACS data using Our Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Inventory Management

Invoices, purchase transactions, inventory needed for operations, and supplier payments can be tracked in real-time using our hospital management software in India (HMS), as well as monitoring product utilization using a control dashboard.

  • Intend workflow
  • Purchase Management
  • Stock Management
  • Accounting
  • Quality Check and Maintenance
  • Product Utilization Management
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Multiple Dashboard Systems

Hospital Billing 

Ezovion Hospital billing software integrates with hospital facilities that include outpatient, inpatient consultant, ER, Cath Lab and OT. The most sophisticated characteristic of this system located in is its rapid implementation.

  • Digital Approvals
  • Automated Hospital OPD, IPD and many other Billing HTML
  • End-to-end Billing
  • Generate Reports and Analytics

Blood Bank Module

The Blood Bank Management System Software located in manages blood bank operations like inventory and donor information, as well as analysis of tests and billing, as well as reporting and more.

  • Blood Donor Information Management
  • Blood Donation Camp Management
  • Blood Bank Stock Management
  • Blood Collection
  • Blood Request
  • Analytics

Medical Camp Management Software

The process of organizing a medical camp comes with particular challenges and requires upfront planning in execution, as well as after-camp activities that include documentation. Ezovion Medical camp management software assists you in documenting Your camp patients and converts them to your patients. Reduce the number of duplicate entries and make it more effective for the staff.

  • Easy follow-up of a camp patient to a regular patient
  • Accurate data handling in both offline and online mode
  • Resource management
  • Effective pre-camp planning
  • Data import and management
  • Communication management
  • Software integrated with SMS and IVR services

Key Features

Why Choose Ezovion Hospital Management Software in India?

The Ezovion Online Hospital Management Software in  India is an extremely powerful and sophisticated platform that aids healthcare organizations to meet the challenges of today. It was designed in response to real-time situations faced by various specialties in healthcare institutions.

360° Approach

A complete HIS system comprising more than 20 modules to meet the need for efficient healthcare operations, and administration.


Ezovion Hospital Management Software in India was created keeping the needs of consumers in mind. The features of the software are designed to meet the needs of the majority of hospitals.

Superior Scalability

Ezovion Hospital Management Software in India meets most of the requirements of hospitals as well as chains of clinics. Our solution is able to adapt to the expansion of your business.


Digital technology has made communication between healthcare providers and patients very easy. Email, smartphones, text messaging, and other technologies allow healthcare workers to stay in touch. Patients no longer need to receive letters reminding them of their appointments and tests.

Hospital Management System follows an INCREMENTAL MODEL because initially software requirements are reasonably well defined but the overall scope of development effort is a purely linear process.

These are the features of a hospital management system you should look for…
  • Outpatient Payment Alerts and Process Management.
  • Digital Imaging and Diagnostics Management.
  • Intuitive And Useful Patient Portal.
  • Staff Interaction and Collaboration.
  • Claims Management.
  • Workforce management.
  • Lab management.
There are many features incorporated in the software which helps hospital and doctor as given below
  • Our OP and IP patient care modules allow doctors to view all historical information from the system so that the hospital does not need to maintain physical case files.
  • When pathology laboratories are part of hospitals, doctors and nurses can view lab reports directly from their consulting rooms, thereby avoiding the use of paper reports.
  • The system generates alerts to nurses based on the timelines set for any action or medication to be given to patients.

Ezovion Hospital Management software has proven functionality for revenue sharing. It is possible to assign a patient to a specific doctor or doctors, or even a specific service, based on which a doctor-by-doctor report can be generated for a selected period. When standard norms are followed, revenue sharing is calculated directly by the system. As a result, there is complete transparency and accuracy.

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