Hospital Queue Management System

Get ahead of the issues of queue Management with our hospital queue Management system

hospital queue management system

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hospital queue management system

Department-wise token management

Screencast real-time data into a larger display

Efficient Patient Flow to avoid delays and inefficiencies in the process

Manage overcrowding and hindered patient flow

Shift to integrated queue management to improve patient engagement

Ezovion Hospital Queue Management System is a simple and seamless solution that can be operated with minimal hardware requirements and standard conditions. You can manage your OPDs patient flow and reduce waiting time with a robust end-to-end integrated OPD queue management system. The software facilitates real-time screencast, notification management and an advanced digital token management system for hospital services.

Control Panel

Generate tokens in advance or in real time. We can customize our own token numbers and set up the monitors. Intuitive token management system for hospitals that supports the automated queue organization with 100% efficiency.  

Smooth Process

The overall process of appointment booking and hospital queue management system for clinic and hospital booking is simple and hassle-free from both ends.

Real-Time Info

Immediately after the token generation, the information will redirect to the queue manager, front desk, doctors, patients through the screen cast.

Data Transparency

A token management system creates transparency between all the stakeholders including patients.

Information Visibility Control

You can have control over what information needs to be displayed or you can hide the personal information of the patients.

Screencast Facility

Screencast feature helps to display real-time token queue information and booking status with either audio announcements or with display functions.

Clarity of Information

The patient as well as the management can see the queue status of the patients and doctors displayed on the screen.

Information Visibility Control

You can have control over what information needs to be displayed or you can hide the personal information of the patients.

Multiple Display Settings

You can set up multiple screen systems based on the departments where you need to display the queue information.

Appointment Dashboard

The front desk can manage all the scheduled appointments for the day along with other details like appointment status, appointment management, patients’ current status, new registrations, walk-in patient queue management, and much more. Once the appointment is scheduled it will be reflected and updated on the doctor’s dashboard as well.

Doctor’s Dashboard

With a doctor’s dashboard, doctors will be able to see their patient’s appointments and can manage their schedules accordingly.

Patient Priority Management

Depending upon the urgency of the case the receptionist can manage the patient’s queue by adding priority tags as urgent.

Dashboard Management System

The patient check-in and check-out details for all handles and displays can be easily managed and updated with the single dashboard system.


The hospital queue management system serves to optimize the flow of patients through hospitals and clinics. By enabling patients to join the queue virtually from anywhere through SMS, social media, a smartphone app, or a website booking system, the system aims to minimize waiting times and ensure a smoother patient experience. 

The Queue number is the token given to the patients for their appointment serial numbers via hospital queue management system. 

The patient queue software has been specifically designed to achieve the crucial objective of keeping doctors and hospital staff informed about the influx of patients entering the facility. Additionally, the Hospital Queue Management System in India provides real-time updates on the number of patients awaiting their consultations with doctors, along with the corresponding wait durations. 

The patient queue management systemin hospital queue management system is an automated solution that assists healthcare organizations in efficiently and effectively monitoring and organizing their patient flow, this queue management system is called patient queuing.  

A hospital queue management software is primarily a system that ensures customers get served in the right order. Still, according to our renewed definition of Queue Management (above), a Queue Management System is a system that manages the customer’s waiting experience throughout their entire journey, from pre-service to post-service. 

Utilizing these technologies helps you to automate appointment scheduling which effectively manages queues in hospitals. By leveraging these technologies, Hospital queue management software solutions can minimize customer wait times and enhance the overall customer experience. 

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