Operation Theatre Management System

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Operation Theater Management System

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Operation Theater Management System

One solution from OT booking to procedure completion

OT resource and inventory planning, including custom built check-list

Categorize surgeries by type and configure service charges for accurate billing

Automated OT billing system allows to send categorized OT billing to IP billing

Obtain consents and approvals from stakeholders digitally for an error-free OT process

Ezovion Hospital Management System has a complete Operation Theatre Module that can handle the needs of several Operating Rooms (OR) at the same time. The operation theatre management software permits the construction of any number of OR units, as well as the specialty-based requirements of the surgery. 

Master Set-up

Customize the operation theatre to meet the needs of the surgery. Ezovion operation theatre management software provides substantial specifics, paving the path for greater efficiency of operating theater performance. 

Surgery Types

Surgeries performed in the hospital are planned, from minor to major surgeries with configurable service charges.

Ease with Treatments

Specific features and designs are required depending on the type of operation to keep both the surgeon and the patient comfortable throughout the procedure. As a result, the proper Operation Theater tables are selected for the surgery, together with the nursing stations required to aid the procedure.

Error Free Medications

Pre-op , intraoperative, and post-operative medications prescribed by physicians are entered into the system to ensure that patients receive error-free care.

Booking & Scheduling

Once a patient is suggested to undergo a surgery, the Operation Theatre booking is done with date time, type of surgery and the Operation Theatre checklist. Ezovion OTManagement systemallows for the easy transmission of data between the Nursing Stations and the Operating Rooms. 

Efficient Scheduling

Consolidated View is used for surgery scheduling to allocate Operation Theater, chief Surgeon, Surgeon, Anaesthetist, nurses, Operation Theater Assistants, and slots.

Real-Time status & OT Units Availability

A surgery's status is updated as it proceeds, such as booked, scheduled, completed, or cancelled. Improve management efficiency by controlling Operation Theater units.

Shift Management

Shift Management allows you to allocate Operation Theater shifts, modify schedules, and cope with short-term scheduling changes. The gaps between predicted demand and scheduled shifts are effortlessly offered for staffs to fill.

Surgery Packages

The Surgery Package designer function in Ezovion OT Management Software is more flexible when it comes to creating surgery packages for different modalities.  


Create custom surgery packages for different sizes, including and excluding services based on hospital needs.

Rapid Package Designing

The surgical packages comprise pre-operative and post-operative services that can be made instantaneously for each modality.

Enable Automated Billing

Patients that choose surgery packages enable billing automation, saving both hospital staff and patients' time.

Inventory Management

Ezovion OT management software allows for real-time tracking of your inventory, indents, procurement transactions, and inventories required for the Operating Theater.


To aid in the smooth operation of the surgery, disposable supplies items are added to the checklist prior to the procedure.


CSSD items such as dressing sets, caps, gauze, disposable gowns, and disposable ventilator circuits are added to surgery requirements to facilitate the procedure


The discarded items and other items utilized in the surgery are counted, and any unused materials are listed and returned to the appropriate departments for restocking.

Implants and Prosthetics

Implant & Prosthetics surgery details are included like knee replacement, breast implant, dental implants and implant information provides digital accuracy and predictability prior to implant operation.

Shift Management

Efficiently organize and manage outpatient shifts with the help of Ezovion operation theatre management system. Simplify the process of scheduling and coordinating work schedules in an operation theater setting.

Shift Scheduling as per Appointments

The software allows operation theatre work managers to schedule and manage patients operations based on shifts.

Staff Scheduling

The shift management facility enables the management of staff schedules for services. It includes assigning doctors, nurses, technicians and much more.

Workflow Optimization

It allows managers to optimize workflow by aligning shifts with operation volumes and case demands. It helps distribute the workload evenly throughout the day.

Blood Bank Management:

A blood bank management system software for operation theatres has been designed and developed to assist blood bank-related requirements and their admin tasks. It provides the advantages of streamlined functions and manages your blood requirements on time. 

Blood Donor Management and Records

Align your blood donor details and manage records within the operation theatre to handle the planned or emergency case requirements.

Blood Request Management

We provide robust blood bank management systems such as indentation requests and approvals that can be accessed for operation theatre specifically.

Analytics for Blood Bank

Keep a record and details of everything by analysing it via the analytic section. Analyse the availability of a particular blood group and stock maintenance for operation theatre.

Connected care

Enhance Operation Theatre outcomes in your hospital at a large scale by implementing medical devices for contactless and contact based vital monitoring. Ezovion hospital management system is integrated with FDA CE, and ISO certified medical devices for continuous vital monitoring. 

Agile Care

The healthcare ecosystem may become more flexible in its ability to respond to patient requirements swiftly and effectively before and after a surgery.

Efficient Vital Capturing

Less nursing time spent on vitals capture and documentation saves time and money on hiring nursing personnel in hospitals.

Early Intervention

Contactless and contact-based vital monitoring aid in early intervention, lowering the risk of patient deterioration.

Vital Monitoring Command Center

View all of your inpatient vitals from our vital monitoring command center, toggle on or off patients who require continuous monitoring, and use our automated nurse alerting system to provide rapid patient care.

IP Integration

Ezovion Operation Theatre management system is integrated with Inpatient department for better healthcare insights of the scheduled operation.

hospital daycare admission module

Test results in a click

Lab orders, required for the Surgery can be processed directly from IP and extended to LIMS. Results are automatically updated in the EHR and are accessible for review by the surgeon.

Uninterrupted Integrations

Data from Radiology and Operation Theater are integrated and automatically made available to end users after updating

Record & Track Vitals

Surgeons and nurses can record vitals or annotate in the case sheet, and the patient's vitals can be tracked across all visits.

Quick Discharge

The copy-paste and speech-to-text features assist admins in include surgery data in the discharge summary and generating it in 15 minutes.

Surgery & Recovery

Ezovion Operation Theatre Management software is so carefully constructed that no vital information is overlooked. These efficient systems ensure the greatest quality clinical treatment and improve surgical process outcomes. 

Surgery & Recovery Module

Digitalizing the process

The digitization of the process provides so-called quality gates, which control the flow of information and certify completed steps and results.

Case Notes or Surgeon Observation

Surgeons' notes regarding patients, Pre-OT, intra-OT, Post-OT, and final notes are digitally captured for automated calculation based on the complexity and duration of the operating process.

Patients Recovery

Post-operative information such as investigations, recovery conditions, problems, and pain management are entered into the system. The patients' recovery is tracked digitally, and they have access to the medication and investigations of nurses and surgeons to aid in their full recovery.

OT Summary

The summary in Ezovion’s OT Management software is intended to be an integrated process that is linked with all activities conducted on a patient, from the time the patient is recommended for surgery to recovery.

Digital Authorization

Obtain consents and approvals from stakeholders digitally for an error-free operation summary.

Computerized OT Summary

With a single click, the OT department can generate an "Operation Theater Summary" in any format required.

Laborsaving Billing

Bill the patient automatically for all chargeable actions that occurred in the operating theater at the hospital.

OT Billing

Ezovion’s Operation Theatre management system offers a comprehensive, integrated, and secure billing system. Using our hospital billing software, we can make the experience easier for both admins and patients. 

Fully Automated

A fully automated system takes and calculates bills from every department, saving you the time and effort of going through each department to look for pending payments or scenarios.


By avoiding manual data entry and calculations, you can increase accuracy.

Bill Resource Utilization

On the fly, send approved and completed transactions to billing. As you send bills, they are added to the Operation Theater billing.

Reports & Analytics

With Ezovion Operation Theatre management systems, you may learn about your patients’ development over time by using easy reports and analytics that provide faster insights into vital data. 

Synchronized In-sights

Ezovion allows customers to gain real-time insights from all parts of operation management, including Operation Theater schedule, department integration, administration, billing, and more.

OT Reports

Ezovion allows customers to gain real-time insights from all parts of operation management, including Operation Theater schedule, department integration, administration, billing, and more.


The analytics and reports are easily shareable and downloaded in any format, including CSV, pdf, and more.


The bills for the surgeries performed will be included in the billing for the inpatient departments. 

Yes, Ezovion OT Management Software allows you to check the real-time status of surgery. As the procedure progresses, the status is updated, such as booked, scheduled, completed, or cancelled. You may also see who is assigned to which Operation Theatre, chief Surgeon, Surgeon, Anesthetist, nurses, Operation Theatre Assistants, and slots.  

Yes. Ezovion operation theatre management software may provide a variety of reports, including booking history, canceled list, operation-wise list, surgeon-wise list, nurses or related staff-wise list, and consolidated surgical reports.   

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