Blood Bank Management System

Smarter and safer blood management through our comprehensive platform.

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Ezovion Blood Bank Management System Software has been designed and developed for Blood Banks, keeping in mind the current day scenario so as to help the blood banks in managing their blood banks in a better way. This online blood bank management software replaces all paperwork providing the benefits of its streamlined functions, excellent patient care, effective cost control and very importantly enhanced and secured administration & control. 


Collect details of donors using a robust online blood bank management software that lists, searches and reaches out to donors on the go.  

Donor Registration

Collect every detail of the blood donor and store, access information in a few clicks.

Search Donor

Robust search filters that retrieve donor information quickly according to the filters. Instant search of required blood group and issue to patient.

Reach for Donors in an Emergency

Communicate to donors or broadcast using Email, SMS or Whatsapp and get to your requirements quickly.

Helps you maintain appropriate levels of blood product inventory and minimize wastage with an at-a-glance view of available stock.

Product Inventory

Color-coded charts within the blood bank information systems indicate product inventory status and provide a simple way to view the number of products within specific expiration date ranges.

Group-Wise Stock

Start your journey with blood groupwise open stock, current stock, low stock, excess stock, and expiry stock for efficient online blood bank management.

Increased Visibility

View all operations at a glance, while maintaining access to detailed patient-level information.

Certified Blood collection from the donor after the donor is certified as fit. 

Checklist and validations. 

Intelligent algorithm keeps track of expiry and collections.

Communication management

Manage Appointment, reminders and follow-ups to ensure faster collection and issuance of blood bags.

Blood Request

Requests for the required blood can be made to the blood banks and the request is shared with other hospitals.

Ezovion Hospital Management System’s Blood Bank Module seamlessly integrates laboratory Information Management system for complete functional efficiency, streamlined workflows and seamless information exchange and requisitions.

Quality Control

Integrated Ezovion LIMS and Blood Bank systems help speed up testing process.

Screening tests 

Collected blood is sent to labs for rigorous testing, where approximately 12 tests are performed to ensure it is safe for transfusion.

Track and Store

Accurate & reliable tracking, testing, storing, and accessing information for patient safety.

Ezovion medical camp management solution helps you organizing a voluntary blood donation camp from one single platform.


Plan a blood donation camp beforehand, organize team, documents and streamline the camp.

Camp Phase

Register donors and document medical exams, test and collect blood. Our Excel template would help document donors’ data if no internet connection at the camp site.


Complete the blood tests, update the donor database for future reference and update stock. Import the data captured in the Excel sheet into the system to sync up the donor’s data.

Keep a bird-eye view of all the processes in the blood bank, analyze performance and keep information readily available.


Dashboards display a wide variety of data you need to manage blood bank operations in a single view.


Ezovion Online blood bank software provides reports, utilization, inventory management, and donor and patient history reports to decrease waste and increase efficiency.

Detailed Information

Clinical, financial, and operations teams can quickly access the comprehensive data they need with our online blood bank information system. View all operations at a glance, while maintaining access to detailed patient-level information.

Quality and Compliance

We ensure Quality and Compliance with an easy-to-use, web-based solution that simplifies and automates document, compliance, and accreditation processes for hospital blood banks, blood centers, and testing centers.

Rehab and pediatric
Quality And Safety

Deep-dive Integration

End users have access to a strong platform that improves clinical workflow, optimizes back-end administrative and clerical activities, and unearths considerable savings for providers.


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