Ezovion Hospital Daycare Software

Ezovion integrated hospital daycare management software enables patients to have a single point of contact for admission, treatment, and discharge.

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Hospital Daycare Software

Key Features

Below mention are the key features of our Hospital Daycare Management Software.
hospital management software key features

Key Features

Below mention are the key features of our Hospital Daycare Management Software.

hospital management software key features

Patient Registration

Using Ezovion Hospital Daycare software, a rigorous registration process is used to document the patient’s information, which includes demographics, health insurance, identity, and other essential information.

Patient Registration

Agile Registration Process

The dynamic dashboard facilitates a quick and effective patient registration procedure.

Detailed Info

With thorough information, daycare facilities and doctors can access patient data at any time and from any location.

Unique Numbers

Customized UHID, document ABHA number and Aadhar card data.

Daycare Appointment

Using the powerful Hospital Daycare Software by Ezovion, you can schedule appointments for both registered and unregistered patients. One screen for creating, viewing, and managing appointments for your Daycare department. 

Daycare Appointment

Real-Time Metrics

A dashboard with precise patient information is available for effective appointment scheduling.

Queue Management

Tokens are generated ahead of time for daycare procedures, screen casting capability and audio announcements for seamless operation.

Effortless Communication

Patients and the daycare center receive SMS/Email/Push email, and push notifications about appointments.

Day care Billing

Our day care billing software helps Add and manage a department-wise unlimited number of services, and costs for day care billing. The platform records the entire billable information for reporting and analytics purposes. 

Day care Billing

Peak Hour

User-friendly interfaces and keyboard only for data entry to create bills faster.

End-to-end Billing

Day care billing, pending bills, hold bills, cancelled bills, and much more. Share bills via SMS, and WhatsApp.

Reports and Analytics

Day care revenue, referrals and consulting doctor revenue split, payment, and much more.

Electronic Health Record

Ezovion Day Care Hospital Software is integrated with the patients’ EHR, allowing both doctors and patients to view the information at any time and from any location.

Electronic Health Record

Case Sheet Update

You can keep track of all day care treatment activities, including prescriptions and retrieve the details in only a few clicks.

Tracking Clinical records

Lab reports, radiological images, and the overall diagnosis can be efficiently recorded and tracked during the treatment.

Record Doctor's Notes

Doctors and nurses can submit notes about the daycare procedure, which are instantly updated and accessible to anyone.

Patient Vital Tracking

A reliable source of accurate data is essential to making informed decisions. With Ezovion’s patient vital tracking solutions, you will be able to identify, predict, and treat patients’ needs at every stage of their healing 

Patient Vital Tracking

Improve patient Outcomes

Continuously assesses vital sign data, which enables early detection of the onset of clinical deterioration.

One Screen for Vitals 

With a nurse-calling system, the highest level of patient care is possible thanks to the ability to view patients' vital signs from various times and days on a single screen.

Simple Shareability

For seamless care, the vitals can be shared with medical professionals or hospital departments, and they may be added right away to the patient's EHR.

Daycare Summary

In Ezovion Hospital Daycare Software, the summary links all activities performed on a patient, starting with the daycare appointment, and continuing until discharge.

Daycare Summary

Integrated Day care Billing

Integration of daycare billing with inpatient billing reduces manual errors and saves time.

Ready-Made Templates

Utilizing our ready-made custom template simplifies and helps you capture critical information without effort.

List of Day Care Procedures

Manage ENT, Orthopaedic, Cosmetic, Oncology and other day care procedures.

Overview Analytics

Attain insight into the effectiveness of their services in terms of overall productivity, costs, and their performance with our Day care Management Software.

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Ezovion Hospital information management System

Why choose Ezovion?

We are a reputed clinic management software service in India with the potential of increasing your efficiency and results by 10x, a trusted platform from several clinicians all over India.

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Token Management

Ezovion Hospital Queue Management System is a simple and seamless solution that can be operated with minimal hardware requirements and standard conditions.

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Inventory Management

Ezovion Hospital Inventory Management Software enables real-time tracking of your inventory, indents, purchase transactions, inventories needed for OT, supplier, payments, and other details.

Ezovion SMS and Messaging Solutions

Patient Engagement

Communication solution that integrates SMS and WhatsApp for effective patient engagement and retention.

Telemedicine software


By using Ezovion Tele-Consultation Services, you will not only be able to reach more patients, but you will also be able to improve your services remotely.

With Day Care Management System, Deliver Your Best and Earn Patient Trust

  • Improve patient retention by 20% 
  • Ward occupancy dashboard 
  • Insurance processing 
  • Real-time day care management for faster patient discharge 
  • Make informed decisions with 200+reports 
  • Insightful dashboard 
  • Dynamic report with drill-down capabilities 

End-to-end Integrated Day care Management Software in India

Ezovion day care management software in India is deeply integrated within every module, allowing providers to get complete information about every patient, one patient at a time and enhance healthcare delivery. Ezovion offers a continuum of care and simplifies the clinic management system.   

We have a proven reputation for increasing efficiency and results by 10x, and we are a trusted platform by several clinicians all over India.   

 We offer purpose-built modules for each department after analysing gaps and challenges in each department. With Ezovion, we empower providers with seamless management, leading them towards better business and care. 

  • Full-Suite Day Care Solution 
  • Inpatient Management 
  • LIMS 
  • Pharmacy 
  • PACS 
  • Inventory  
  • Tele-consulting 

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