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Healthcare Analytics And Reporting

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Healthcare Analytics And Reporting

Ezovion Analytics and Reporting software, powered by AI/ML, enables users data visualization that bridge the gap between large volumes of data and decision-making. Designed for every healthcare provider, it empowers you with the right healthcare metrics that give you deeper insights into your healthcare to improve operations, optimize costs, and increase patients’ satisfaction levels.


Ezovion healthcare analytics dashboard is designed to show trends and snapshot views which are easily accessible to administration staff and key decision makers.  

Made for every healthcare provider

Ezovion Healthcare Analytics is a deeply integrated HMS platform that enables users to derive real-time insights from every aspect of hospital management be it Operations, Finance, patient Administration or more.

Drilldown Capabilities

Drilldown data to view interactively evaluate data and view charts for any custom date range.

Track KPIs

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) that analyze, manage, and assist healthcare organizations in adapting their performance based on accurate data and analytics-based insights.

Doctor OPD Dashboard

Ezovion doctor’s dashboards provide a real-time overview of appointments, patient consultations and the status happening with each patient. The dashboard provides easy access and information to patients that ensure streamlined consultations. 

Real-time dashboard

View patients registered, patients serviced and any tokens pending for the day. Token numbers for the currently serviced patient also will be displayed.

Track patient condition

Track what’s happening one patient at a time- Check in, check out, condition of the patient, complaint. View Patient appointments according to the time with the ability to check if the patient's time of consultation matches with the appointment time.

Personalized to each login

View real-time information about the count of patients waiting, serviced once you login, personalized to you. View patient vitals, patient condition and enter the EHR directly from the patient list.

Lab Order Dashboard

Ezovion Laboratory analytics enables an Improved understanding of the business, Timely identification of issues, Evaluation of laboratory performance and improves business processes.

Track orders real-time

Get a bird-eye view of all the new orders for the day, new samples collected, completed orders and count of lab orders waiting for the result.

Sample Tracking over lifecycle

View the entire lifecycle in the dashboard by entering each process. Active, real-time status of each order including lab orders sent another lab can be tracked till the end.

Holistic overview

The overall count of sample collected list, pending entries, waiting for approval, and approval list is also shown.

Radiology Dashboard

Streamline your radiology order management with our robust dashboard that gives you an overview of what’s done and needs to be done next. 

Active orders

View active orders, waiting list, no shows, new list, waiting list and completed list.

Payment status

List of patients waiting to be serviced in the radiology section is displayed to the right along with information of payment.

Current day orders

View orders day-to-day on what’s pending and completed and pave way for better patient experience.

Pharmacy Dashboard

Ezovion pharmacy analytics extracts key data from your pharmacy module and transforms it into a user-friendly interactive dashboard with at-a-glance views of key metrics and trends.

Sales dashboard

Gain an understanding of how much sales made, returns, count of patients that paid credit the particular day, the amount of invoice generated, and amount paid for the supplier.

Today’s history

At-a glance history of the day’s orders completed, the unbilled list and the prescriptions archived list.

Powerful Visualization of trends

Pharmacists can view the revenue generated in a particular time period, analyse trends with our powerful visualizations and leverage this data to optimize processes.

Inventory dashboard

Empower your team to make informed decisions by tracking inventory and assets lifecycle and by staying on top of purchases, contracts, and spending. 

Supplier Data

Gives a bird-eye view of amount paid to each supplier, supplier details, how many purchase orders were raised for the particular supplier, what are the orders purchased from this supplier along with information on purchase returns done for the supplier.


View detailed, neat, and insightful inventory reports with Ezovion Inventory so that your purchase and consumption decisions are always clear.


List Invoices of recent purchases, pending invoices, the details of the purchases and track them down the cycle.

Administrative Analytics

Ezovion Healthcare analytics collects data from various areas of the software and display data in a useful format for administration and clinical staff. Quality reporting aids decision-making in terms of staffing requirements, budget allocation, admissions made, and whether and by whom goals are met. 

Doctor’s Workload

Check completed Doctor and department-wise appointments with flexible to custom date range.


Track OPD, IPD, Lab, and all other department revenue, refunds or receipts made and the status of every billing process.

Revenue Breakdown

Track you overall, location wise, department wise, doctor wise, service wise revenue and leverage this data to optimize your operations using our powerful healthcare analytics software.

Clinical Analytics

Clinical analytics can help providers improve their patient care, manage the movement of patients and resources within the hospital, track progress, and identify opportunities for betterment of patient care. 

Clinical Data

Track patients visited for various chief complaint, patient condition and the different diagnosis pertaining to it.

Patient Data

Analyze new and existing outpatient patient data, admitted patient and their status.

Aggregated Data

The information of patients visited various departments such as lab, radiology, pharmacy, admitted according to diagnosis is aggregated automatically.


Assess your finances, revenue, expenses, cost savings with our robust Ezovion Analytics and reporting software and understand your next steps better. 

Wallet Data

Get a bird-eye view of the wallet amount present, deposits, withdrawals made and status.

Expenses Data

Track expenses from each source and department over custom date-range and leverage this data for cost optimization.

Payable and Receivable Data

Get a detailed breakdown of payments made according to different suppliers and payment modes, also the amount collected from each department and source.


Leverage our 300+ Reports such as Bill reports, referral reports, pharmacy report, lab report, collection report, EHR Report and several other advanced healthcare reports. We offer detailed user-generated reports that support decision-making capabilities, help gain insights regarding patient care and satisfaction, labor distribution, clinical operations, gaps analysis and more.

IP Reports

Get detailed reports on Ward List, Bed List, building list, Room list Floor List, Nursing Counter list, IP statistics that can be accessed in a click of a button.

Referral Report

Information like patient history, current illness, doctors involved, tests reports taken, Referral list and many more can be made visible to the user.

Pharmacy Reports

Understand your pharmacy performance in various verticals of purchase, sales, stock within a custom time-range. Detailed pharmacy reports give overview of profits, margins, breakdown of revenue, users and more- offering a deeper insight on where your pharmacy business is heading to.

CEA report

Create and submit clean and detailed reports such as CEA Lab register, Imaging Register, Admission discharge, Patient Register to government officials without any hassle of manual entries or separate re-work of organizing documents with our report software.

Lab Reporting

Ezovion Lab reporting software helps in creating smart reports of labs such as TAT report, Statistic report, lab resource, revenue, edit log and more- helping you keep track of accounts. Easily shareable and printable.

EHR reports

From reports on patient data and billing, Doctor notes, Nurse Notes, Instructions, Therapy Notes, and Vital Charts to physician-specific activities, EHR reports offer intelligent insight into patient reporting, physician's activities, and billing analytics with the click of your mouse.

Collection reports

Gain clear understanding on total collection for the day or particular period, bill and how much amount the patient has paid, discount, IP unbilled, service and more with collection reports.


You can adjust to a custom time frame, view accurate data with flexible- zoom out/in and user-friendly interface.


The reports are shareable and easily downloadable in any format be it csv, pdf or more.

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