Ezovion Clinic Management Software

Experience an easy-to-use yet powerful clinic management software with fully loaded features for managing your different types of clinical needs with 100% functionality.

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clinic management software
Personalized Practice Management

Personalized Practice Management for every practice

Appointments Token Management & SMS Reminders

Appointments Token Management & SMS Reminders improves patient retention

Encryption for Patient Data

Encryption for Patient Data and images

NABH quality indicators

Multi-location support for managing clinics in multiple locations

Video Consultation

Secured video consultation solution for remote care

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We have multiple hospital management software modules that you can personalize according to your needs depending on your hospital requirements.
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Key Features

Here are the key features of our Clinic Management Software.

hospital management software key features

Key Features

Below mention are the key features of our Clinic Management Software.
hospital management software key features

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We have over 35+ clinic management software modules that you can personalize according to you need depending on your clinic.
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What Does Ezovion Clinic Management Software Cover?

Pharmacy Management

Transform your pharmacy business with Ezovion pharmacy system management software that can be integrated with clinic management software.

  • Stock right with alerts on non-moving, expiry, low, and excess stock reports.
  • Manage Multi-Locations.
  • Robust and secure billing.
  • Communicate right with advanced SMS integration.
  • Gain transparency, control and insights.
  • Deep integrations with other HMS modules.
  • Pharmacy sales dashboard, reports and analytics

Improve your lab productivity, and efficiency, through data integrity and compliance with Ezovion’s full-suite clinic management system, for pathology laboratory management and automation solutions. 

  • Manage the complete work cycle of your lab 
  • Intelligence and automation in every process 
  • Purpose-built tools to simplify lab management 
  • Integrated with the EHR ecosystem 
  • TAT Reports and Analytics 

No more hassle in managing your daycare services. Choose our full-suite including day-care service clinic management system services, manage operations seamlessly, and improve your productivity 10x to the conventional day-care management systems. 

  • Add all your day-care services, including your pharmacy, lab, and radiology bills, in your specific day-care billing with a supported summary. 
  • Easy to prepare day-care summary by using custom templates. 
  • Communicate and interact with patients through SMS or WhatsApp. 
  • Share insightful reports for better patient care and engagement. 

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Ezovion Telemedicine software is a secured, potent and proprietary video consultation solution which enables doctors to provide remote patient care efficiently.  

  • Hassle-free patient registration, convenient for all. 
  • Book appointments via mobile app or patient portal. 
  • Schedule meetings according to patient and doctor availability. 
  • Confirm bookings with notifications via message or app link. 
  • Connect directly with patients through the secure Ezovion mobile app. 


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Other Solutions

hospital queue management system

Token Management

Ezovion Hospital Queue Management System is a simple and seamless solution that can be operated with minimal hardware requirements and standard conditions.

hospital Inventory management system

Inventory Management

Ezovion Hospital Inventory Management Software enables real-time tracking of your inventory, indents, purchase transactions, inventories needed for OT, supplier, payments, and other details.

Ezovion SMS and Messaging Solutions

Patient Engagement

Communication solution that integrates SMS and WhatsApp for effective patient engagement and retention.

Telemedicine software


By using Ezovion Tele-Consultation Services, you will not only be able to reach more patients, but you will also be able to improve your services remotely.

Overview of Our Clinical Management Software

Gain Your Patient's Confidence Through The Clinic Management System

  • Improve patient retention by 20%
  • Ward occupancy dashboard
  • Insurance processing details
  • Real-time clinic management for faster patient discharge 
  • Make informed decisions with 200+ reports.
  • Dashboard for Insightful details.
  • Dynamic report with drill-down capabilities

End-to-End Integrated Clinic Management Software

Ezovion clinic management software is firmly integrated within all the modules, allowing providers to get complete information about all the patients once at a time and can help you to enhance your healthcare service. Ezovion offers a continuum of care and simplifies your clinic management. 

With a track record of delivering 10x efficiency and results, our platform has established itself as a trusted solution embraced by clinicians worldwide. We offer purpose-built modules for each department after analysing gaps and challenges in each department. We empower providers with seamless management, leading them towards better growth and care.

Why choose Ezovion?

We are a reputed clinic management software service with the potential of increasing your efficiency and results by 10x, a trusted platform  by several clinicians all over the world.

  • Track and manage every phase of your hospital, right from patient registration to billing.
  • A clinic management system is fit for any healthcare practice or size of your clinic.
  • Manage stand-alone or chain of generalOBGYN, IVF, OrthopaedicPaediatric, and other clinical departments.
  • Reports and analytics management.
  • Manage multiple branches in one platform with our robust multi-location management.
Ezovion Hospital information management System


A Smart clinic management system improves the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Furthermore, a thorough understanding of the patient gives an understanding of the patient’s condition. Therefore, a well-designed hospital management system can support treatment that is based on evidence.

In addition, the flawless operation of the hospital can provide patients with a smooth and seamless experience. The clinic management system also ensures that everything is in for optimal outcomes. However, the departmental collaboration of an intelligent hospital management system allows for scalability and integrated patient treatment.

The system will provide multiple access to you so every person with proper credentials can access their dashboards according to their assigned access, such as admin, super admin, doctor access, and so on.

Yes, you can provide a proper and systematic output of every detail to your patients. Patients can access this information through our Ezovion clinic management system-based mobile app.

The fact is that not all clinics have identical budgets. In addition, the solution’s total cost will increase when you include more features and specifications in the software.

Based on your level of comfort, you will be able to decide the pricing method that is most suitable for your needs:

Monthly and Yearly Subscription Model

In this model, customers pay for the service each month or year. If you don’t make payments, then the solution is terminated. You will have access to your data and the services provided by the service provider during the subscription term.

One-Time Payment plus AMC Model

In this scenario, you pay for the clinic management software once and can use it for a lifetime. The term “lifetime” for software varies from Vendor to Vendor. Therefore, make sure you know this. The software is typically able to be used with no support or updates. If you need help or updates, you must pay the annual maintenance charge (AMC). This is referred to as a One-Time Payment and AMC model.

What you must know in this case is the total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to use this service. What amount do you plan to spend over 3 or 5 years to use this solution? Consider this along with other things and make a decision.

Yes, using the patient history analysis feature of our clinic management software, it is possible to spot patterns and trends in a patient’s health over time. Users of our clinic management software can download these reports in a number of file types, including PDF, Excel, or CSV, for later analysis or sharing with other medical professionals.

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