Connected Care

Ezovion Hospital Management System is integrated with medical grade multi-vital patient monitoring devices for connected care.  

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Our connected care focuses on improving patient health outcomes no matter where the patient is.   

For Hospitals and Clinics

For Patients and HomeCare

For TeleMedicine Platform

For Hospitals

Our FDA-approved continuous vital monitoring devices work in integration with the Ezovion Hospital Management System. Vital signs can be monitored from a command center, allowing for more efficient care. 


Step-down ICUs

VIP Rooms

Infection Wards

General Wards

Oncology Wards

Cardiology Special Wards

Post-Operative Wards

Continuous contactless and contact vital monitoring devices integrated with vital monitoring command center for timely intervention.  

80% Less nursing time in vitals capturing

₹2.7 Cr saved by 100 dozee beds per year

144 Lives saved yearly with timely alerts on 100 dozee beds

Automated vitals tracking to reduces Human Error

Early Intervention with minute-on-minute monitoring

Improves Patient Experience with continuous vitals monitoring.

Reduces Cost by reducing ALOS in ICU

Reimbursable Under Insurance

Continuous Care for Home Care and Tele-Medicine

CE and ISO-approved medical devices are connected to the Ezovion mobile app for vital monitoring, bridging the gap between patient location and the doctor’s office.   

The remote health monitor measures 6 vital health data, Including:  

  • Oximetry  
  • Heart rate 
  • Blood pressure 
  • Body temperature 
  • Blood glucose 
  • ECG features 
  • Integrated with Ezovion EHR 

Digital Stethoscope

Perform a professional heart and lung examination at the comfort of your home.  

A well-designed portable and intelligent device, the digital stethoscope allows users to conduct examinations and share historical information via Ezovion mobile App which is integrated with Ezovion EHR. 

Continuous Glucose Monitor

Smallest yet most user-friendly CGM for more freedom and convenience.  

All-in-one wearable continuous glucose monitor can instantly deliver real-time glucose results into Ezovion mobile app which is integrated with Ezovion EHR.

HealthyU delivers a 7-lead ECG to your doorstep

HealthyU is a pioneer in cardiovascular disease (CVD) detection and management. We are committed to achieving evidence-based patient diagnosis and treatment decisions at the point of care to improve outcomes and save lives. 

  • ECG 
  • PCG 
  • FDA Cleared Digital Stethoscope with PCG and ECG in a Single Device 
  • Patented Noise Cancellation and Smart Amplification High Fidelity Auscultation 
  • Real-time Visualization of Cardiac Waveforms Displayed on a Mobile App 
  • Collaborate with Specialists For Remote Diagnosis and Expert Opinion 
  • Integrated with Ezovion EHR 

OMRON Smart Elite+ HEM-7600T Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Tubeless bp monitor 
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Hypertension Indicator 
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection 
  • IntelliSense Technology 
  • Body Movement Detection 
  • Integrated with Ezovion EHR 

FreeStyle Libre measures glucose in interstitial fluid (ISF)

  • Get glucose readings without having to prick your finger with a quick, painless scan. 
  • Automatically measures and continuously stores glucose readings 

Philips Vital Sign Camera

Accurate contactless pulse and breathing rate measurement.  

The modern consumer is accustomed to having more control over all aspects of his or her life. This includes health, well-being, even emotional responses. Philips Biosensing (via rPPG) enables this in any environment by detecting heart and breathing rate with a Standard / IR Camera, sensing changes in skin colour, and sensing chest movement. 

  • Accurate contactless pulse and breathing rate measurement. 
  • Measuring heart and breathing rate with a Standard / IR Camera, sensing changes in skin color and body movement (chest). 
  • Uses remote PPG (PhotoPlethysmoGraphy)  
  • Camera tracks rise/fall of chest and abdomen to determine respiration rate 
  • Tiny changes in skin color caused by HR are detected (invisible micro-blushes) 


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