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Transform patient care with data driven solutions
Capture data in multiple touch points and easily access health histories of patients
Personalized Patient engagement and communication solutions
Automated Prescriptions helps saving time and increase patient flow
Modern, intuitive EHR solutions custom-built for every specialty
Increase revenue and patient flow

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Insight-driven, digitally integrated platform

Hospitals need to master a multitude of challenges at the same time- without compromising on delivering positive patient experience. To address extensive and point-of-care challenges of healthcare landscape, we’ve built an insight-driven, digitally integrated platform with end-to-end capabilities needed to deliver a better and coordinated patient experience.

Tools built with Real-world Outcomes research
Small details can make a big difference in healthcare outcomes. We’ve researched such delicate scenarios and built custom solutions that simplifies healthcare delivery and streamlines development of new treatments and services.

Patient Engagement based support
Ezovion’s healthcare platform is simple for patients and flexible for providers. It is intuitive, easy-to-use and offers easy sending of messages through different channels such as email and SMS. The actionable reminders allow patients to confirm, reschedule or cancel appointments thereby reducing no-shows, backfill cancellations with zero staff effort.

Video Visit With Your Patients

As the world transits to the new normal, providers and patients have new demands about healthcare delivery. Ezovion meets the demands of today with a secure video consultation that includes end-to-end tools for patient journey from pre-diagnosis through ongoing treatment. Experience a secure encrypted, compliant and high-quality virtual treatment sessions that almost feels like clinic, with Ezovion.

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