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EMR Software

Document initial clinical assessment for any medical practice

Comprehensive view on every patient’s clinical data

Enabling collaborative patient care

Patient data privacy and protection

Clinical decision making can be made more streamlined

Cloud-based Ezovion EMR Software is a real-time data-driven healthcare platform for standardizing and preserving patient health records in a secure, practice-friendly manner. Enables you to document from patient check-in to check-out all critical services starting from lab orders, radiology orders, prescription, and other services. 

Electronics Health Record

Easy to use EHR for General, OB-GYN, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Dental and other practices


View vitals captured from any end of the platform by any stakeholders.

Real-time Information

View vitals captured from any end of the platform by any stakeholders.

Last Visit

View vitals captured from any end of the platform by any stakeholders.

Electronics Health Record​

Ezovion electronic medical record software is an easy-to-use EHR for General practice, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Dental and other practices. 

Clinical and Non-clinical Data

Ezovion EHR organize and provides all the crucial data real-time. 

Critical Data

Ezovion EHR header displays all critical demographics data for accurate patient care.  


Real-time Information

Populated with real-time patient information and readily available for all stakeholders to review.  

Last visit

Automatically updated with last visit patient encounter notes, medication for quick insights.  


Leverage a convenient way to access your patients’ vital real-time. 


Document and view patient’s most basic vital functions such as body temperature, bp, pulse, spo2 and etc real-time.


Vitals and structured lab results populate into your datasets automatically - no need for double-entry.  


Vitals in Chart

A single snapshot effectively allows providers to obtain a holistic view of their patient's key data graph over time and analyse progress.

Single Snapshot Dashboard

Single snapshot dashboard effectively allows providers to get a holistic view of their patient’s key data over time and allow them to analyze progress.


Vitals are captured with timestamp for better documentation, analyse the trend and accurate patient care.  

Updated on Any End

Doctors/ providers/ phlebotomists can update information on their end seamlessly and it gets automatically updated on the dashboard.  



Build localized paperless prescription with Ezovion EMR Software. Ezovion pharmacy software is integrated with outpatient and inpatient prescription app. 


Medications will be loaded based on patient’s chief complaints for faster prescription. Create multilingual prescriptions in English or regional language.

Share Prescriptions

Prescription will be electronically sent to the pharmacy. Options to share the prescription via SMS, WhatsApp or email.

Easy Prescription Renewals.

In case of renewals of prescription medication, you can easily in one click- saving time and eliminating errors.

Diagnostics and Advice

Diagnostics and physician notes for each patient are critical for improved and accurate clinical outcomes. Before beginning patient care, use electronic medical record software to gain access to your patient’s previous visit diagnostics and other relevant data. 

Last Visit Data

Miss no detail. Note every detail of your patient's medication, attach documents, advice, notes and more for every patient and every visit.

One Patient at a Time

Access patient’s visits and the entire journey in a few clicks.

Diagnostics Summary

View summary of your or other department physicians' diagnostics in one view.

Visit History

Your patients may not recall your last visit or medication. View your treatment course over time with detailed visit history with Ezovion EMR software and improve the accuracy of your healthcare delivery. 

Evidence-Based treatment

Optimize decision-making by emphasizing the use of evidence from your clinical data saved at one single place.

Store easily, retrieve easily

Every episode of the patient OP, and IP case sheets, Lab, and Radiology departments visits are saved for easy access.

Summary View

Just tap on the patient’s name on the EHR and view the entire history.  

Clinical Assessment

To understand the intrinsic elements of medical history, jot down the patient’s comprehensive medical history, allergies, and other medical details. This feature of our electronic medical record software enables the provider to quickly identify areas of concern and make necessary changes to the patient’s treatment plan. 

Comprehensive Note-taking

Enter details such as Allergies, Social habits, Family medical history, Current medication, Obstetric & menstrual history (only for female patients) and more.

Easy to Use

Quickly enter patient data, upload documents, and collect the entire medical history one patient at a time.  


Track medications prescribed to your patients, have information available at your fingertips with the medication-tracking feature as part of EHR solutions.  

Clinical Assessment forms

Provides a holistic view of the patient's health status, incorporating medical history, current symptoms, and relevant lifestyle factors.

OP Case Sheet

Speciality wise EHR and Visual Case sheet for different healthcare practices. Ezovion EMR Software has option to create follow up visits while retaining the previous visit data. 

Manage Data

Capture symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment, chief complaints, vitals, examination, day care summary and more.

Easy to Use

Auto fills to add commonly used case sheet data. Saves time and eliminates paper.

Standardized Templates for each speciality

Specialized case sheets customized for General practice, Gyno, Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Dental to gather critical patient data of each module.

IP Case Sheet

Seamless integration of inpatient record management process with Electronic Medical Record software ensures your inpatient’s data such as Doctor’s and nurse notes, vitals, patient intake, room rent, utility, services charges, billing and much more.   

Capture doctor and nurse notes

Doctors and Nurses can record vitals or add notes in the case sheet and it will be instantly updated for anyone to review.

Easy Shareability

Share inpatient health records like Discharge summary, IP via email, SMS or WhatsApp secured and efficient record management.  

IP Billing

Calculate Room rents and other charges involved. Auto-Create billing during every phase of IP.

IP Discharge

Ezovion's speech-to-text feature simplifies the process of generating discharge summaries for an inpatient in less than 15 minutes.

Connected Care

Ezovion Hospital Management System is integrated with FDA, CE and ISO certified medical devices for continuous & contactless or contact based vitals monitoring.  Patients’ vitals can be captured automatically and saved at patient’s electronic health record (EHR).  Vitals like- 

  • Respiration rate  
  • SPO2  
  • Blood Sugar (pre, post, Random) 
  • Height & Weight 
  • BMI 
  • Blood Pressure (NcBP) & (NiBP)   
  • Temperature  

Better Care

The healthcare ecosystem may become more flexible in its ability to respond to patient requirements swiftly and effectively.

Early Intervention

Contactless and contact-based vital monitoring aid in early intervention, lowering the risk of patient deterioration.

Ambulatory Monitoring

Wireless wearables can continually monitor even when the patient is out of bed using a simple "Tap and Pair" procedure.

Lab Reports

Ezovion EMR Software is integrated with LIMS for real-time report sync-up. Consists of cohesive inbuilt modules for Lab management that integrates with other modules of EHR. 

Lab Orders

In case of lab requirements, lab orders can directly be processed from IP and extended to LIMS.

Complete the Loop

No need to rely on a separate software or module. Cross integrations empower providers to complete the healthcare loop seamlessly.

Data Automatically Updated

Details and Results from LIMS are automatically updated in the EHR and it's readily available to the doctor for review.


You can view lab reports or radiology images real-time on the same system. Fosters faster patient care and revenue.

Inbuilt DICOM Viewer

View radiology images with DICOM viewer. Compare radiology images in one screen.

Edit on the go

Mark, measure and edit radiology images in the same system without having to rely on a second system.

Notifications and Alerts

Get notification when the reports are ready to be reviewed. View/print/share lab reports or radiology images.


Document resident’s details such as disability ratio, stipend amount dispensed by the government, mobility details, place of birth, etc for easy reference for physicians using Ezovion electronic medical software.

Rehab Case Sheet

Add critical details pertaining to patients, track everyday status of the holistic health of the patient and take the right decisions at the right time. Add and manage various therapies offered for the residents.

Real-time Billing

Reflect real-time billing pertaining to stipends, sponsorships and have a clarity on the billing status. Zero billing options; transaction audit for admins. 

Rehab-Specific Feature

Manage the entire stay of your patients over days/weeks/months. with our software. Update details such as disability ratio, stipend amount dispensed by government, mobility details, place of birth etc for easy-reference for physicians.

Document Management

Attach any type of documents, download and view on the go. Pave way for evidence-based care with Ezovion EMR Software. 

Supports any types of documents

Add any type of documents, radiology images, pdfs and more.

Scan and Upload

Scan and upload patient critical clinical and non-clinical records at one place.

Easy Management and Shareability

Set categories of various document types, download, view, share and delete documents.

Outpatient and Inpatient Billing

Manage your billing with a robust EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software solution that provides a comprehensive view of patient’s paid and unpaid bills at Ezovion EHR. You can Search, view, download, share bills via email, SMS, WhatsApp for better patient engagement.  

Real-time billing

Reflect real-time billing pertaining to stipends, sponsorships and have a clarity on the billing status.  

Track Resource utilization and send them to billing on the go

Send approved and completed transactions to billing on the go. All the bills are added to the IP billing as you send them.

Insurance Billing

Intelligent algorithm tracks billing from every department and scenario, calculates insurance based on approval and simplifies the workflow.  


An Electronic Health Record (EHR or EMR) comprises a compilation of diverse medical records stemming from clinical interactions or occurrences. In the current landscape, the proliferation of self-care and homecare devices and systems results in the continuous generation of significant healthcare data, offering round-the-clock insights with enduring clinical significance.

Due to doubts about the system’s data security, patients might withhold information, potentially jeopardizing their treatment. Furthermore, errors or theft could inadvertently expose the health data of numerous patients. 

Interoperability within EMR is indispensable for comprehending a patient’s holistic health history; nevertheless, it persists as a prominent obstacle in seamless data transfer within electronic health records. 

Ezovion offers a secure EMR software service, coupled with advanced maintenance, ensuring utmost safety for patient data. 

Benefits of Electronic Medical Records include: 

– Furnishing precise, current, and comprehensive patient information during care delivery. 

– Facilitating rapid retrieval of patient records to enhance coordinated and efficient healthcare. 

– Safely exchanging electronic data with patients and fellow clinicians.

EHR systems are poised to evolve into comprehensive digital health platforms, offering customizable user experiences. The integration of language processing and voice assistance will further enhance the efficiency of record entry and searches. 

These systems will increasingly integrate with various healthcare technologies such as telehealth, intelligent health systems, and artificial intelligence (AI). The incorporation of AI into EMR/EHR systems will empower healthcare providers to make more precise diagnoses and treatment choices.

An electronic health record (EHR) serves as a digital rendition of a patient’s traditional paper chart. EHRs function in real-time, placing patients at the center of their records and providing authorized users instant and secure access to information. While EHRs do encompass patients’ medical and treatment histories, they surpass conventional clinical data confined to a provider’s office, encompassing a more comprehensive scope of patient care. 

EHRs constitute a vital component of health information technology, capable of: 

– Encompassing a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment strategies, immunization schedules, allergies, radiology imagery, and laboratory and test outcomes. 

– Granting access to evidence-based tools that enable providers to render informed decisions about patient care. 

– Automating and streamlining the workflow of healthcare providers. 

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) play a crucial role in healthcare by offering a comprehensive and well-organized synopsis of a patient’s medical journey. This compilation encompasses past diagnoses, treatments, medication regimens, laboratory findings, and more. EHRs foster enhanced care coordination, facilitate clinical decision-making, and contribute to heightened patient outcomes. 

EMR and EHR are terms frequently interchanged, yet they bear distinct implications. While closely related, their meanings diverge. EHR signifies electronic health records, whereas EMR represents electronic medical records. The former encompasses a wider and more comprehensive purview compared to the latter. 

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