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Redefining Access and Convenience with Ezovion Healthcare KIOSK
An Innovation in Patient Engagement

Experience the difference in the quality of care by implementing a patient check-in KIOSKs system for your hospital.

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Automate your patient engagement by adding the advanced potential of healthcare KIOSK

Paperless patient registration to optimize your chaotic front office.

Secured patient self-registration and self-check-in.

Optimize front desk time and cost.

Auto-generated token number for checked-in patients.

Improve patient flow with an automated kiosk system.

Why Choose Ezovion Healthcare KIOSK?

By choosing Ezovion Healthcare KIOSK, enhance the efficiency of your busy hospital reception area by implementing an automated KIOSK system combined with an automated patient call system that utilizes distinctive token numbers.

Digital Patients registration Forms

Ezovion Healthcare KIOSK have digital forms that allow patients to do registrations and fill in consent forms to reduce paperwork for staff and ease maintenance.

Check-in for Patients

We offer a self-check-in facility for preregistered patients that helps provide self-service for patients and reduces staff attendance stress.

Workflow for Ezovion Healthcare KIOSK

Easy Check-In and Registrations:

Patients can do their check-in for their pre-existing appointments easily. Check-in and OTP verifications via the Patient check-in KIOSKs can be validated and verified. 

Feedback Forms:

Get instant feedback from your patients for their experience. 

Patient Details and Verification:

Simple and effective details verification via OTP, and self-check-in for appointments that can be accessed by the patients easily.

Benefit your Service with the advanced technology of Ezovion Healthcare KIOSK

Enhances Efficiency

KIOSKs help manage tasks like patient check-ins, and appointment scheduling, reducing waiting times and improving the overall patient experience.

Reduces Workload

Patient check-in KIOSKs can handle routine administrative tasks, allowing healthcare staff to focus on patient care.

Enhances Accessibility

KIOSK make healthcare services more accessible by providing self-service options and information for patients.

Saves Time

Patients can complete tasks quickly through KIOSK, such as updating personal information, without waiting in long lines.

Facilitates Self-Scheduling

Patients can use patient check-in KIOSKs to schedule appointments, improving the efficiency of the scheduling process.

Enhances Patient Privacy

KIOSKs ensure that sensitive patient information is not overheard by others during check-in or information updates.

Reduces Costs

Patient check-in KIOSKs can help healthcare providers cut down on administrative expenses.


A healthcare patient check-in kiosk is a self-service station located in hospitals and medical facilities that allows patients to complete various check-in tasks, such as verifying personal information, insurance details, and medical history, without the need for direct interaction with hospital staff. 

Using a patient check-in kiosk is simple. You can start by touching the screen and following the on-screen instructions. Typically, you’ll be prompted to verify your identity, update personal information, and provide insurance details. In some cases, you may also be able to pay copays or outstanding balances. 

Yes, patient check-in KIOSK are designed with security in mind. They often use encryption and follow strict privacy regulations to protect your personal and medical information. Your data is secure and only accessible by authorized healthcare staff. 

Patient check-in KIOSK offers several advantages, including faster check-in times, reduced wait times, increased accuracy of patient information, and the convenience of completing tasks independently. 

Yes, most patient check-in kiosks allow you to update your medical history, allergies, medications, and other relevant information, ensuring your healthcare providers have the most current data for your treatment.

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