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Are you spending hours on clinical documentation?

Not Anymore! Use Ezovion AI-powered Medical Speech-to-Text Software anAutomatic Medical Speech Recognition (AMSR).

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Medical Speech To Text Software

Stop typing, start dictating to minimize paperwork.

5X faster documentation helps improve patient flow and, patient experience.

Build discharge summary in 15 minutes or less.

Developed for clinical documentations; can recognize medical terms.

Improve productivity, enhance document turnaround time.

Revolutionize clinical documentation using AI-driven Medical Speech-to-Text Software, providing physicians, radiologists, and pathologists with a rapid, precise, and seamless speech recognition experience.

Why Ezovion Medical Speech-to-Text Software?

Ezovion Medical Speech-to-Text Software offers efficiency, accuracy, and convenience, ultimately improving the quality of healthcare services while reducing administrative burdens for healthcare professionals. You can operate this function on different documents such as multiple notes, and discharge summaries or even for marking a pivotal advancement in the healthcare documentation landscape.

Enable or disable as per your convenience

Providers can conveniently enable or disable the speech-to-text feature with a button ensuring that voice commands are not registered unintentionally.

Simple to vocalize

Doctors can effortlessly dictate their notes, diagnoses, and treatment plans, converting spoken words into accurate and detailed documentation.

Quality And Safety

We ensure 100% safety protocols with data encryption, electronic signatures, and ensure that your patient data is protected and enable continuity of patient care. 


Speech recognition software in healthcare is a technology that converts spoken language into text or data. It allows healthcare professionals to verbally dictate notes, diagnoses, treatment plans, and other medical information, which are then transcribed into electronic records, reducing the need for manual typing and paperwork. It’s a valuable tool for improving efficiency and accuracy in healthcare documentation.

A speech-to-text converter for doctors is a specific type of speech recognition software tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals, especially doctors. It enables doctors to dictate their medical notes and patient information verbally, which is then converted into written text or electronic health records.

By enabling faster documentation, the software helps healthcare professionals complete tasks more efficiently, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall patient experience.

Yes, the software is developed for clinical documentation and can accurately recognize and transcribe medical terms.

By allowing healthcare professionals to dictate notes, diagnoses, and treatment plans quickly and accurately, the software streamlines documentation, leading to improved productivity and faster document turnaround times.

AI-based speech recognition software is a technology that utilizes artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing, to convert spoken language into written text. AI-driven speech recognition utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance accuracy and recognition, making it a cutting-edge solution for clinical documentation.

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