Rehabilitation Software

Real-time Rehabilitation software for tracking holistic health of patients

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Rehabilitation Software

Multiple therapy management under one software for better patient care.

Manage appointments, therapy sessions, and activities smartly.

Handle patient records, treatment plans, progress notes, and billing electronically.

Analytics for keeping track of your patient's real-time health.

Ezovion Rehabilitation software helps manage the clinical, regulatory, and financial needs of your rehab patients. Driven with AI/ML intelligence, Ezovion rehab software connects andfacilitates communication between venues of care, and allows for better coordination of treatments- enabling you to stay compliant and seamlessly manage your rehabilitation initiatives. We’re a trusted name by 70+ providers all over India.

Resident Registration

Add extensive details of the patients such as name, demographics, disability ID, district, stipend etc. according to the government’s convention. The patient registration module has all the ready-reference details for healthcare providers to apply benefits and take it to effect immediately.

Quick and Easy Registration

Intuitive interface for quick and detailed patient registration done in a few clicks.

Disability Details

Capture patient disability details, wheelchair, government issued disability numbers and other critical data

All the data that matters

Capture end-to-end patient details including family data, search and retrieve patient data in few clicks.  


Resident admission for short and long-term care, align primary physician or therapist based on patient profile and manage other admissions related administrative tasks.

Fully Loaded Features

Capture admission details, Initial assessment, Insurance, accident, and other administrative tasks including MLC.

Ward Occupancy Dashboard

Ward occupancy dashboard helps identify the right room for the residents during the admission process.

Reports and Analytics

Click a button to get admitted residents list, services rendered, cost, residents at various stages of patient care etc.

Rehab Clinical assessment form

Aggregate and anonymized data from clinical assessment forms contribute to research studies aimed at improving rehabilitation protocols.

Ward Management

A Hierarchical structure of the ward is critical for any hospital. Our ward management enables efficient and highest quality nursing care for your patients.

Ward Setup

Building, floor, room, beds, nursing counter, facilities, ICU, NICU, OT, Recovery room, tariff and more. 

Ward Occupancy Dashboard

Shows your real time progress of patients you can depend anytime.

Facility Management

Integrate with laundry management, mark the room under maintenance.  

Rehab Case Sheet

Add critical details pertaining to patients, track everyday status of the holistic health of the patient and take the right decisions at the right time. Add and manage various therapies offered for the residents.

Assess therapy improvements

Assess patient’s progress, therapy improvements on a day-to-day basis and track their readiness for discharge.  



Manage patient stay in the hospitals

Manage the entire stay of your patients over days/weeks/months. with our software. Update details such as disability ratio, stipend amount dispensed by government, mobility details, place of birth etc for easy-reference for physicians.

Vocational training details

Track patient’s vocational training status from time to time for updates and improvements.  




Experience the easiest way to prescribe for rehab patients. Intuitive and easy to use exercise prescription software designed by leading physiotherapists.

Treatment Notes & Patient Forms

Flexible treatment note templates and sharable client forms, customizable to your needs.

Generate Exercise plan PDF & more

Generate fully customizable exercise plan PDFs and email them to your patient, download or print them!

Favorite prescription

No need to create prescriptions over and again. Save your favorites and edit it on the go, whenever needed.  

Multi-Lingual prescriptions

Change the language of prescription to regional language to making understanding easier for patients.

Share to Pharmacy

Share prescriptions to pharmacies from within the software directly and complete the healthcare loop.

Resident Services

Leverage the advantage of integrations with IP and experience seamless patient management.

Resident Service Management

Add various types of inpatient services, track, and build IP billing either with cost or zero cost.  


Extended to IP Management

Experience high end extended features such as Operation Theater Management, Prescription and Lab order Management, Bed Transfer Management, EMR etc


Leverage our master set-up to clone your hospital in digital and pave way for increased efficiency.  



Automate and streamline the billing process, save time and be efficient with our robust hospital billing software 

Real-time billing

Reflect real-time billing pertaining to stipends, sponsorships and have a clarity on the billing status. Zero billing options; transaction audit for admins.  

For all types of billing processes

Cash Credit Billing, Packages, Rate/Discount Management, Credit Notes, Deposits, Claim Submissions /Reconciliation and Remittance Advice.

Printed Bills and Receipts

Instantly provides printed bills and receipts customized with your clinic logo and details.  



Simplify your discharge process with a fully functional discharge platform.

Comprehensive Summary

Make most of your discharge with easy-to-use discharge modules.

Prebuilt Templates

Waste no time in preparing summaries.  Our prebuilt custom discharge template helps you capture critical information without effort.

Multi-language Support

Help your patients understand their healthcare journey better. We offer multi-language support so that healthcare providers communicate in the language their patients are comfortable with.

Rapid Discharge Summary

You can save time by generating a discharge summary in 15 minutes using our speech-to-text capability.

Communication Management

Bridge the gap between providers and patients, improve retention rate and patient satisfaction with our robust communication management.

Communicate with patients from the software

No need to rely on separate systems to communicate with patients. Inbuilt communication modules help providers stay in touch with patients and keep them engaged.

Flexible communication management with best features

Send messages/ Schedule to patients via any channel SMS, Whatsapp or email. Leverage integrations with EMR to create patient lists.


Put no effort in engaging your patients. Leverage our Auto-messaging feature to keep your patients engaged and informed time-to-time on scenarios and make way for patient retention.

Reports and Analytics

Get to know the progress of your patients over time with easy-to-view reports and analytics that give faster insights to critical data.

Seamless UI/UX

Track what’s happening with a bird-view snapshot of all the processes on a single screen.  


Analyse your progress

Flexible interface lets you analyze data and progress over several parameters over time- helping providers get a better perspective on patients. 

Multiple Therapies

Multiple Therapies for Rehab Centre 

Multiple therapies such as Flexibility and Strength, Motion, General Health and others are an important and integral part of rehabilitation centres. Ezovion Rehabilitation software helps you to connect your rehab activities with your HIMS which will avail you to manage the booking and details of your therapies in a more manageable way.

Manage Multiple Therapies in one place

With Ezovion HIMS integrated rehab software, manage all your entries for therapy from one place.

Appointment Management at the Centre

You can create, view, and manage therapies and their appointments with just a few clicks on one screen.


Access examination records of the patient and patient information, developmental history and prescriptions records with detailed management.

Transparent Communication

Registration, updates, billing, appointments, appointment changes, and mass SMS to patients are all made possible with the Ezovion Physiotherapy software.


Rehabilitation software is a specialized tool designed to assist rehabilitation centers in managing patient data, treatment plans, scheduling, and billing efficiently. It streamlines administrative tasks, enhances patient care coordination, and ensures compliance with regulations.

Common and key features of rehabilitation software include patient records management, appointment scheduling, treatment planning, progress tracking, billing and invoicing, reporting, and secure data storage. Our systems also offer communication management and physiotherapy trackers.

Yes,  Ezovion rehabilitation software can capture all the disability related details while registering the patients like disability id no, UDID, government stipend no and more.  

Yes. In the case sheet, Ezovion rehabilitation software allows you to capture and track the progress of patients undergoing rehab treatments. Doctors can make notes about the therapy that their patients are receiving. 

Yes, with Ezovion rehabilitation software, you can track vocational training given to rehab patients from time to time and update improvements.  

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