Ezovion Vaccine Administration Management System

The vaccination management system is already tricky to deal with it smartly, Ezovion HIMS is integrated with a valuable “Vaccine Administration Management System” feature for paediatric to obstetric practitioners   

– Easy to track vaccination history and upcoming immunizations 

–  Schedule and set SMS reminders for pharmacists, doctors and patients. 

– Setup up paediatric and obstetrics vaccination charts.  

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Our Vaccination Management Features

Paediatric Vaccination Management System

Vaccination chart based on growth

Vaccination planning from newborn to 18 years old.

Scheduling system for vaccination

Track vaccination reports, schedule, and set reminders for the vaccinations.

Brand list management for combo vaccines

Brand list for multiple disease vaccinations in one pane.

Obstetric Patient Vaccination Administration Management System

Special vaccination chart for obstetrics

Maintain the records specifically for obstetric patient care.

Planning of vaccination

Plan your patient’s vaccination with date, type of medicines, and vaccination brand.

Integrated with pharmacy

Add medicine details directly from master setup.

Visual Representation of Our Vaccination Administration Management System

How vaccination management system will going to help you?

Integrated System of a chart with HIMS:

Combined technology and chart support for vaccination administration management system, proactive outreach and follow-up post-appointment. 

Brand Vaccination Details:

Vaccination administration management system enables hospitals to record vaccination content directly through the pharmacy.  

Inventory Tracking:

Visibility and integration with data points along the cold chain to support efficient supply/demand balance. 

Integration Framework:

Methodology and suggested platform to manage multiple integration points from one place.

Paediatric Association and Government-Approval-Based Vaccination Charts Formats:

Preinstalled charts with editing options make official management and analysis easier.


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