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PACS and Radiology Software

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PACS and Radiology Software

Pre-built customized radiology report templates tailored for various modalities

Speech-to-text for radiologists and doctors clinical documentation

All-in-one solution to store, view, measure, mark, annotate, and compare digital medical images

Tag, index to archive medical images

Medical image encryption to avoid cyberattacks

Ezovion PACS Software is a high-tech medical image management solution that is ideal for private practices and hospitals and diagnostic centers. All medical images produced by digital X-ray, CT, MRI, and ultrasound machines are saved and easily accessible to doctors and patients from anywhere. 

Master Set-up

Optimize the radiology software’s substantial specifics to make it more efficient. Ezovion Radiology Software is a digital version of the previously typical paper and film-based archiving.  

Radiology Software Master Setup

Secured integration

Integrate all your digital radiology equipment securely.


Manage all types of modalities in a single screen

Outside Lab Details

Manage radiology orders that are sent to third-party scan centers.


Pre-build custom radiology report templates to capture critical information and prepare summaries from the findings. Radiology report templates can be customized based on the modality.

Radiology Order

With Ezovion Radiology Software, we receive and manage radiology orders from OPD and IPD with simplified workflow. Orders of different modalities like CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Doppelganger, Mammogram, PET Scan can be viewed. 

Radiology Dashboard

View modality wise active orders, waiting list, completed list, payment status and more.

Radiology Order

Orders can be viewed and amended for improved patient care based on urgency.

Attach Images

The DICOM images are attached to radiology report. Image tagging and indexing, adding & removing images and much more

Add & View Dr. Notes

Add radiologists' notes and doctor notes in an easy-to-use editor. Enabled with speech-to-text capabilities.

Print Reports and Images

Print lab and radiology reports and images in custom templates.

Role Based Access Management

A role-based access management system protects your radiology data. Ezovion radiology software develops a controlled approach to improve user access management efficiency.   

Improved Security

Modality based access that aids in securing PACS & radiology data and in patients' confidentiality.

Better Adaptability

Create unlimited users like, radiologist, X-ray technician, sonologist’s, radiology head, consultant Doctor and grant access as per the role.

Efficient facility Administration

Hospital admins can easily view and change the roles and access controls from the cloud-based platform.


Updating patient EHR with the radiology reports, diagnosis, observation for better patient care with Ezovion Radiology Software.  

Inbuilt DICOM Viewer

View and compare radiology images in DICOM viewer on both web and mobile app

Real-Time Data Viewing

Viewing radiology reports and images in real-time

Notifications & Alerts

The auto message feature facilitates to send remainder for the radiology order and share radiology images with the patients.

Easy-to-Use Interface

View, annotate, measure, compare radiology reports and images for better patient care.


Centralized billing option with Ezovion PACS Software. Radiology billing can be integrated with OP or IP depending on the patient’s status.  

Real-Time Billing

Get a clear picture on the status of the radiology test taken by a patient. Pending payment, completed payment and more.

Payment Mode

Mode of payment such as cash, card or insurance can be easily tracked with our hospital billing software.

Easy Shareability

Share the radiology bill through SMS or WhatsApp to the patient.

Back-up & Security

The extremely sensitive process of securing and recovering medical images is made easy with Ezovion Radiology Software.  

Back up and Analysis

Single Window Operation

HIPPA Complaint PACS Software offers all in one solution to store, view and compare medical images in a single window.

No Data Loss

Robust backup and recovery implementation to avoid data loss.

Safe & Secure Data Transfer

Radiology reports and images from third-party scan centers can be shared with doctors safely and securely.


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