Ezovion Medical Camp Management Software

Tackle the biggest challenges  of your health camps with an All-in-one integrated Software. 

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Medical Camp Management Software

Multi-camp Management that enables to create/ edit camps in a click of a button

Offline Data Entry at campsite with excel template

Centralized way to add patients dynamically to the registration list

Integrated with SMS and WhatsApp to reach out to potential camp participants

Categorize past and present camps, and track their visit history for effective medical camp

Organizing a medical camp has its own challenges, and needs upfront planning, execution, and post-camp activities including documentation.  Ezovion medical campaign management software helps you document your camp patients to convert them into your patients- offloading the burden of keeping a line of records by creating a robust database and giving providers a complete provider solution.

Master Set up

Customize Medcamp to suit your camp requirements. Medcamp offers extensive details that paves way for increased customization of camp details.


Document camp scope, purpose, sponsors, organizing committee, volunteers, camp purpose, location, staff, resource management, and other critical data in your planning phase.

Create/ Edit camp

Hospitals can create any number of camps on their own and edit it in the later phase of time in a click of a button.

Easy to use, yet Detailed

Add camp details such as camp start date, camp type, camp medicines, district, guest, location. Address, transportation details and the status of the camp- whether new, postponed, canceled etc.


Manage camp participants registrations, add/ edit patient data dynamically and experience a smoother patient registration. In case of low internet or offline conditions, you can download our sample template, enter data and upload it directly into the system. 

Participant/ Patient Registration

Add your camp patient demographics data along with chief complaints and other clinical data and access any patient data in a few clicks. Add patient details under which doctor the data and details such as camp location, camp type, blood group and more.

Offline Data Entry

Do you have internet access issues at the campsite? No issues, our offline data entry form will help you document patient data. We provide ready-made Excel Sample templates to update and upload directly into the system after validation.

Minimize duplicate data

Effortlessly minimize duplicate data entry while making the process more efficient for your team.

Dynamically add patients

Medcamp offers a centralized way to add patients dynamically to the registration list avoiding a lot of tedious data entry.

Communication Management

Integrated SMS communication management helps you in seamless communication between camp organizers, doctors, and patients for effective engagement, thereby boosting the quality of camp patient care, and improves patient footfall at the campsite. 

Integrated with SMS and IVR

Ezovion camp management software is integrated with SMS and IVR to reach out to potential camp participants. 

Build Engagement

Keep your camp participants informed, reach out to camp participants. You can directly send SMS messages and WhatsApp texts to your patients via our auto-messaging system

Campaign Management Software Integrations

Take full advantage of the power of Ezovion Hospital Management Software, converting a camp patient into a registered patient with just one click.

Schedule/ organize Camps

Plan camps ahead or in the future, streamline camp functions, add details and let it work for you.

Manage and Convert Camp Patients 

Communicate with camp patients for post camp care, click a button to convert camp patients to patients.

Multi-camp Management

Add and manage as many camps in the pre-camp planning. We enable easy editing so that the camp managers can dynamically add patient data. 

Import Data

Medcamp offers the ability to import patient data into the camp management system for reference and to communicate further.

Build database

View past camps, present camps, add patients and check if they have previously visited. Build a database of patient list for marketing


Not essential. You may customize the Ezovion medical camp management software and create templates for each camp. Patients’ data can be kept on paper or in an excel spreadsheet, and they may be imported into the system once the camp is over.   

 There is no limit to the number of medical camps that can be developed, and the templates can be tailored to any type of camp.   

 There is no need for double data entry because the Ezovion medical camp management software is integrated with the Ezovion hospital management software. The system will automatically update the patients’ data. 

Yes, using our Ezovion medical camp management software, you can track which patients come from which camp based on their unique ID, phone number, and camp type.   

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