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HR management software

Ezovion offers Human Resource management Solution (HRMS) with simple yet powerful talent acquisition, onboarding, training, payroll processing, attendance monitoring workflows integrated with Hospital Information management Solution (HIMS). 

Recruitment & Onboarding

Dynamic recruiting software and an effective applicant tracking system that optimizes your healthcare recruitment process – Ezovion HR Management System  

Talent Requisition

Identifying hospital talent requirements and making a request


Vacancies listing in various job portals

Centralized Interview process

Shortlisting candidates, setting interview panels, scheduling interviews, seamless interview process & performance-based candidates' ratings

Manage Offers

Issue offer letter & pre-onboarding checklist

Smooth On-Boarding Experience

Document checklist & upload and induction program planning

Employee Management

Integrate all of your employee information into our HR management software. HR data can be accessed anywhere, at any time to make workforce or organizational decisions.  

Profile and History

Employee verification and profile creation & history of Employment, Transfer, Promotion, Compensation.

Exit Management

Handles the entire exit cycle & makes employee offboarding straightforward and easy.

Performance Management

Thorough process of evaluation of employees, gain knowledge of their skill, challenges faced and how to resolve it

Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service (ESS) is a method for employees to gain direct access to HR-related information and software via a company’s intranet or web portal. Employee self-service portals are an Ezovion HR management system feature that allows workers to do job-related tasks that were previously handled by HR Manager. 

Paperless Onboarding

New recruits to onboard with no paperwork, considerably reducing the effort and time

Attendance Report View

Status of daily attendance, checking in and checking out early or late, employee status (present or absent), the break-up of presence hours, Attendance data for payroll and more

Role Delegations

The delegation of responsibilities or authority from a superior to a subordinate is automated.


Ezovion Payroll Management Software ensures that you can handle your payroll in just a few clicks and pay precise salaries to all of healthcare and allied healthcare professionals. 

Basic Info

Payroll inputs & approval procedures, multi-pay periods are created for an efficient and precise salary payment.

Payroll Configuration

Allows you to specify the many types of payout elements for an employee like compliance & regulatory, tax, tax exemption etc.

Payroll Automation

Automate your payroll process with integrated details of salary-on-hand, Arrears Estimation, Manual Loss of Pay, Part Time Salary & Hourly wages, Overtime and more

Payroll Off-Cycle

Manages the payment outside the payroll process, bonus, increment of a hospital staff.

Leave Salary Processing

Manage your payroll processes in accordance with the hospital leave policy.

Pay Slip

the tedious task of generating manual pay slips, scheduling and distributing of pay slips are done on the fly


Ezovion’s on-premise and cloud-based HR management software provides excellent attendance management of all healthcare staff, regardless of size. 

Policy Setup

Develop tailored policies for all healthcare professionals and allied professionals to ensure a flexible weekday and weekend workflow.

OD & Permissions

Under a centralized system, on-duty requests and work permissions are seamlessly monitored and authorized.

Holiday Calendar

Make a precise list of annual leaves and communicate it to employees.

Shift Management

Ezovion HR Management software is an efficient way to manage multiple shift patterns in your hospital. Manage and dynamically allocate shifts to all staff. 

Shift Configurations

Creating and uploading role-based and shifts schedule for all employees.

Shifts Notification & Alerts

Mobile & Email notifications are sent to for the shifts schedule, schedule change etc.

Shift Control & Approvals

Manage, control and approve shift of all the healthcare professionals for undisturbed workflow.

Leave Management

Ezovion Leave Management System provides several settings for diverse leave policies for various departments and demographic groups, as well as an endless number of leave categories such as casual, sick, and so on. 

Leave Policy

Create leave policy for each leave type for effective leave management.

Leave Plan

Creating a healthy leave plan for each employee that does not disrupt the hospital's workflow.

Leave monitoring

Monitoring the leave taken, leave balance, leave lapse & leave carry-forward.

Reports & Analytics

Know the employee’s status at work and performance, etc., with simple reports and built-in dashboards that provide improved insights into your HR processes.

Easy Process Tracking

Track the whole HR process from job posting to on boarding of all healthcare professionals seamlessly with Ezovion HR reports and Analytics

Custom Dashboards

Ezovion HR dashboards are customizable as per the hospital's needs and aiding tracking attendance, performance, shift management and more.  

Detailed HR metrics

Detailed metrics of the hospital HR operations that help in making well informed decisions for the management terms of hiring, salary, appraisals, etc.  


Gold Platinum
Employee Management Employee Management
Leave Management Leave Management
Payroll Payroll
Attendance Management Attendance Management
Shift Management Shift Management
Training Training
Emp Self-service Emp Self-service
Separation Separation
Recruitment & Onboarding
Timesheet Management


Employee Management
Leave Management
Attendance Management
Shift Management
Emp Self-service
Employee Management
Leave Management
Attendance Management
Shift Management
Emp Self-service
Recruitment & Onboarding
Timesheet Management


Yes, Doctors can directly prescribe medicine by using our Send to pharmacy option , which will automatically get reflected in the pharmacy sales dashboard.

A pharmacy management system can keep your stock in line. The Pharmacy Management software should ensure that the prescriptions must be correct and distributed in precise amounts. Additionally, this can increase quality and satisfaction ratings.  

Also, you can control or manage the expiry of medicines properly. You can manage medications using records of previous transactions. Analyse medications by finding which ones are frequently purchased. In terms of seasonality, you can stock popular medicines in a given season or month based on system data. Furthermore, you can purchase the amounts based on your records to minimize waste and keep up with demand. 

Yes, along with the purchased items you can keep a record of free quantities of your pharmacy kinds of stuff. So that the price will be mentioned only for purchased items and free material will be entered separately. 

One can do changes directly from the pharmacy management system. The error adjustment and precision correction require access for this particular action or to make adjustments in the stocks of the pharmacy, accordingly you can monitor who made those increments or decrement changes.  

Yes, you can generate reports. The data gathered by a Pharmacy Management System can find what medicines are more potent or more effective. It gives insights on what to order from suppliers. They can also find out how best to store medications for longer shelf life based on spoilage rates. The software is capable of helping pharmaceutical staff handle their inventory better.  

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