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Patient Relation Management System

Patient relationship management (PRM) software or Healthcare Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provides you with complete visibility starting from patient enquiry, engagement, and patient care pathways, capturing patient feedback, retention and improving revenue realization.

Ezovion Patient Relationship Management software PRM helps to manage your lead conversion into a patient with ease, reduces appointment no-shows, improves patient footfall and elevates your healthcare process as a patient-centric service organization.

New Inquiry

The software captures lead from multiple sources such as social media channels, Google searches, references, your website visitors, medical camps, and other lead sources.

Enquiry master

Create, edit or delete a lead profile in well-structured lead information by leveraging the enquiry management system.

All-round patient profiling

Aggregate holistic lead data, including name, location, other contact details, personal and health information in one place for easy tracking of lead stages.

Service information

Note your lead’s interested services information, service charge estimates, date of their enquiry and enquiry creation date.

Lead Stage

Our PRM software helps you to define your lead stages, track initiatives, plan the steps of your patient-care service processes and manage the steps you need to follow for the conversion of leads.

Capture Lead information

Categorize leads based on sources, demographics, and inquiries, to help target your efforts more effectively.

Lead nurturing 

Lead engagement executives can track the nurture campaigns of leads and their response to the campaign in a consolidated data to understand the next initiatives to be taken in lead nurturing.

Lead Inquiry status tracking

Completely customized status tracking from a new lead to conversion, with a range of statuses with detailed notes that match your needs - whether it's a phone call or any interaction.

Estimate Stage

Track the process after the lead has responded to the campaign, capture follow ups, engage, send estimates, convert and more.

Generate Estimates

Your patient engagement executives can generate and send estimates to patients through the PRM.

Estimate stage follow-up

Executives can engage and follow-up leads through different channels and record their responses.

Service Package

Ezovion service package management can be used to create relevant package for the lead for efficient lead conversion.

Patient Stage

Upon successful response to follow-ups and engagements, the lead is converted to the patient stage where providers can map patient journeys for a clear lead to patient conversion.

Quick Patient Mapping

To quickly map your patients, click through and move your converted leads into a patient within few steps.

Entire Journey

Get a complete view of a lead’s journey with your lead engagement team and understand the next targeting options better.

Auto Patient Registration

PRM allows you to get relevant data to complete patient registration automatically.

Integrations After Onboarding

The PRM patient data can be seamlessly integrated with the Ezovion EHR and HIMS empowering providers with ways to patient engagement.

EHR/EMR software

Exchange real time health information, treatment plan, and communication history to help foster treatment adherence.

Communication Management

Send follow up reminders to patients, engage them with information via SMS, WhatsApp and Email.

Hospital Management System

Data can be automatically added to the HMS ecosystem empowering providers to deliver complete care journey.

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