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Optimize your purchase for better inventory control.

Integration with OT, Lab and other Departments for seamless inventory dataflow

Indent and Approval Process for managing effective purchase management.

Accounting, Reports and Dashboard for better supplier management, payment and stocks reports.

Centralized Purchase and Distribution for internal and patient order fulfilment, shipping and Tracking

Ezovion Inventory Management for Hospitals or SCM (Supply Chain Management), enables real-time tracking of your inventory, indents, purchase transactions, inventories needed for OT, supplier, payments, and other details.

Indent Workflow

It is a feature to track all your indents in one place. You can manage your indented requests, approvals, and granted assets well with specific Indent management options.

Indent Requests and Approvals

Individual departments of the hospital can generate requests for selected supplies and an authorized person can approve them with the help of our software. It will allow your management to control supply requests and approvals evenly.

Indent for Goods Receive

You will be able to see and keep track of indents that are sanctioned and received by the internal departments here to manage the product details required and accepted here.

Multiple Indent Management

It is beneficial for certified and multi-speciality hospitals as they can manage, and track records of every minute detail based on different departments.

Purchase Management

Organize your purchase details with the different purchase management options to keep an eye on the other quotations, analysis, and transaction details. Get complete stock flow in real-time based on past consumption and orders. 

Purchase Quotation Analysis

Under purchase quotation analysis, you can manage and compare prices as per different quotations given by suppliers to choose from the best quote.

Purchase Optimization

You can track your purchase here by maintaining it under purchase return, Purchase order and analysis.

Purchase Analysis

Analysing purchase management approvals provides the ability to expedite order placement and approvals for timely inventory receipts.

Stock Management

Our stock report provides, real-time current stock. Automated stock updates for every purchased product received, rejected, discarded, shipped, returns and other stock movements.

Hospital Supplies Management

Real-time inventory management for hospital supplies to keep track of every small detail and keen maintenance with low stock and excess stock alerts and indications, storage, and warehouse-wise stocks.

Internal Department Wise Stock

Hospital goods can be intended according to the internal departments separately, so managing the intends and approvals for department-specific goods becomes more accessible.

Stock Adjustment

The stock adjustment option allows you to check over the required stock and the availability of stock to do adjustments accordingly.


One can maintain inventory transactions and access the accounting with separate accounts section.  

Accounts for Purchase

Keep track of all your purchase and transaction details with a separate inventory accounts section.

Billing and Non-Billing Items Facility

Maintain billing and non-billing items in order to reflect the details on the main sales page.

Assets Information

Manage your data with asset details such as serial numbering, warranty expiration, last service date, AMC, etc.

Shipping Management

By utilizing Ezovion HIMS software for shipping and tracking management of inventory, facilities can streamline their shipping operations, and enhance overall efficiency in managing inventory shipments.

Inventory Tracking

It integrates with the Inventory Management for Healthcare to track stock levels, ensuring that sufficient inventory is available for shipping.

Real-time Tracking and Notifications

It offers real-time package tracking capabilities, allowing facilities to monitor the status and location of inventory shipments.

Efficient Fulfilment Processes

The software streamlines fulfilment workflows by automating tasks such as picking, packing, and shipping verification, and efficient order fulfilment.

Quality Check and Maintenance

Your inventory management for hospital will succeed if you maintain the product utilization and needs appropriately with inventory QC management that ensures the right product is always available to satisfy your department’s needs. 

Effective Quality Control Process

Record quality control passes, quality control failures, lost-in-transit items, damaged items, and expired items.

QC Throughout the Process

Each step of your product fulfilment process is checked for quality control.

Computerized Systems

The QC pass products will be automatically added to stock and will be moved directly to the shipping department.

Product Utilization Management

The Ezovion Inventory Management for hospital will help you to know about your product utilization and consumption rate to avoid the wastage and over-usage of the products. 

Product Consumption Details

The details of products used, damaged, or unused can be seen under this section to maintain the expenditure on product purchase and quality.

Product Wastage Tracking

The management can maintain the product's quality from here and can do product quality management from here as one can add the details regarding the quality and wastage of the product and usable products here with the separate scribe entry section.

Different Bills Visibility Options

You can analyse the details regarding the products can explore the products based on OP and IP billing systems. So, one can track the records of product utilization with accurate billing information.

Analytics and Reports

Get the analytical data of your overall inventory here to track the stock details with visual representations and reports.

Stock Management Reports

Analyse your stock management and maintenance with relevant data-driven reports.

Dashboard with Analytic Navigations

Easily access and consume critical information from an intuitive dashboard - make better decisions and act more quickly.

Identify your progress

Analysing data over several parameters and a flexible interface helps providers track inventory smoothly over time.

Multiple Dashboards System

Smooth the process with specific and multiple dashboard systems to keep things separate and particular to the proper admin system with respective analytical data. 

Indent Dashboard

Here you can find the details regarding the intended approvals, requests, whether it is closed or not, etc.

Supplier Dashboard

All the details regarding the suppliers and goods supplied can be seen here under the supplier dashboard.

Item Dashboard

Supplies received, quantity, and tracking product utilization details with OP and IP bill visibility systems can be managed under the Item dashboard which is more beneficial in case of critical items.


Inventory Management for Healthcare: It is required for Efficient Solutions for Optimal Control. A healthcare inventory management system refers to specialized software designed to empower medical personnel in effectively overseeing and supervising all the goods and medications within a healthcare organization.

Embracing Automated Inventory Management Solutions 

A busy hospital necessitates the implementation of automated inventory management systems to enhance the efficiency of its supply chain. These systems encompass advanced technologies to monitor and trace the inventory and devices utilized daily within the healthcare setting. 

With computerized inventory management for hospitals, companies can effectively monitor their inventory levels in real-time throughout the day. Referred to as inventory management software, this technology allows businesses to stay constantly updated on inventory orders, counts, and sales. 

Efficient inventory management for hospitals plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of medical facilities. By implementing inventory management systems, hospitals and medical organizations can optimize their operations, saving both time and money while ensuring top-notch patient care. 

An optimized inventory management system facilitates seamless tracking of equipment and supplies, fostering better communication across departments, curbing theft, boosting productivity, ensuring compliance, and expediting the process of signing equipment in and out for use by medical personnel. Enhancing hospital inventory management leads to significant improvements in various organizational processes. 

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