Physiotherapy Practice Management Software

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Physiotherapy Practice Management Software

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Physiotherapy Practice Management Software

A simple-to-use, incredibly helpful physiotherapy practice management tool for physiotherapists, It’s perfect for managing your practice and keeping your schedule organized, giving you more time to concentrate on offering clients the finest therapy possible. Additionally, it enables you to compile all the relevant information on procedures, patients, and funds in one location. 

Physiotherapy Management

Integrate Your physiotherapy centre with Ezovion HIMS for Physiotherapy management and excellence. Stay connected and efficiently manage physiotherapy bookings and consultant details on the go.

Appointment Management at Your Fingertips

Effortlessly create, view, and manage therapy appointments from a single screen, simplifying your scheduling process.

Streamlined Electronic Health Records

Access comprehensive patient information, including examination records, prescription details, developmental history, and efficient management of patient data.

Communication and Management Ease

Elevate your practice with Ezovion Physiotherapy software, enabling transparent communication for patient registration and updates.

Physio-Specific Clinical Assessment Form

Advanced Information collection from past treatments, therapies, and any complications is documented to provide a comprehensive patient understanding.

Patient Registration

Experience a quick and detailed registration process to document patient’s information; includes demographics, health insurance, identity, and other relevant information.  The healthcare facilities and doctors can access the patient data anytime and anywhere.  

Outpatient Patient Registration

Quick and Easy Process

Interactive front desk dashboard makes it for a fast and efficient patient registration process. 

Comprehensive Patient List

Detailed list of patients is available for easy reach and communication.

Unique Numbers

Customized UHID, document ABHA number and Aadhar card data.  

Appointment Management

Create therapy appointments for either registered or unregistered patients with an interactive appointment booking system. One screen to create, view, manage therapy appointments and other relevant data with one or two clicks.

Appointment management module

Plan sessions

Manage your therapy sessions or sittings with an easy-to-use interface backed up with an integrated billing and notification system.

Smooth Communication

Personalize, customize, automate SMS/WhatsApp push notifications to patients and the clinic/hospital to keep them updated about appointments or send them any update in bulk.


Real-time data on appointments made, cancelled, no show, real-time data patient care cycle and more would help on better patient engagement.

Appointment Booking Made Easy

Multiple options available for booking appointments. Mobile app, patient portal and Ezovion Calander plugin.

Queue Management

Leverage Ezovion queue management to effectively manage long waiting lines in your Physiotherapy Management. With this feature, you can handle long queues efficiently and limit in-person queues- helping hospitals manage the patient flow.

Enhanced Employee Efficiency

Easily manage registration, eradicate the hassles of handling a queue without having to bother about long patient queues.

Better Patient Engagement

Virtual queues enable patients to schedule and book appointments on the go. This improves patient communication and association.  

Higher Satisfaction

No queue means less frustrated people. Virtual queues help limit patient wait times contributing to patient retention.    


Service Packages

Users of the Ezovion Physiotherapy Management Software have a great deal of flexibility when creating user-friendly physio Packages thanks to the Service Package module.  

Service Packages

Personalized Packages

Allows a hospital to create any type of inpatient package and set factors such as validity, particular pricing, features, exclusions, and so on.

Simple to construct

The packages may be designed quickly and easily, allowing the hospital to generate a variety of packages with various features such as room rent, medications, and so on.

Facilitates Patient Retention

Coordination between doctors therapists and patients is possible and allows for improved patient treatment, which aids in patient retention.


Ezovion offers a powerful hospital billing software that enables Physiotherapist’s create invoices and receipts that are not only customizable and configurable but can also be integrated with other payment platforms.   

billing physiotherapy


Patients can top-up amounts in wallets, and it automatically gets deducted for each session.

Record Full/Partial payments

Maintain up-to-date paperwork by recording full or partial payments. Furthermore, record bulk payments from a client or third party and apply them to outstanding invoices and access them in a click.

Customize your invoices

All your invoices are brandable; meaning you can customize them with your own logo and preferences.


Issue medical certificates, consent forms, fitness certificate, day care summary and other health certificates in different templates and formats with our Physiotherapy management software based on your requirements. 

Easy Customization

The certificates can be issued on customized templates including the custom details and the department for which they are issued.

Instant Use

The templates are easy load, patient data will be loaded automatically into the template.  

Multi-language support

Our Physiotherapy management software offers multi-language support so that healthcare providers communicate in the language their patients are comfortable with.

Electronic Health Records

Keep a track of patient details, sessions, improvements over time, prescribed medication, notes and more.

Electronic Health Records

Assess therapy improvements

Assess patient’s progress, therapy improvements on a day-to-day basis and analyze performance.

Track all Sessions

Keep track of all the sessions, appointment dates, therapy issued, billing and more.

Diagnostics and Notes

Diagnostics and physician’s notes for every patient is critical for better clinical outcomes. Access to your patient’s previous visit diagnostics and other relevant data before initiating patient care.

Exercise Instructions

Detail every exercise, offer instructions with Ezovion Physiotherapy software that helps you create stunning exercise plans.

Pre-built Templates

Have any prescription or note template that can be repeated? Save them and modify them to meet your requirements.


Integration with Orthopedic Practice Management Solution.

Role Based Access Management

Secure your data with our robust Role Based Access Management! Requesting and granting access requests for different roles is a tiring process. Ezovion online Physiotherapy management innovates a guided framework to enhance the user access management efficiency. 

User Role Management

Better Flexibility

Create unlimited number of users, user roles and grant access as per the user role.  

Better Security

Ezovion online Physiotherapy management platform enhances the security of a hospital in every form- be it compliance, privacy, or confidentiality.

Better Access

Super administrators can easily view the roles and functionalities across a cloud-based platform.

Communication Management

Seamless Communication between providers and patients for effective engagement, thereby boosting the quality of patient care and improves patient retention. Ezovion Physiotherapy software enables Registration, updates, billing, appointments, change in appointments, bulk SMS to all or part of your patients. 

Bulk Message Scheduling

Hospitals can in advance easily schedule for bulk auto-messaging using custom SMS templates.  

End-to-end Messaging

Registration, updates, billing, appointments, change in appointments and more.  


Multi-channel Communication

Our Online Physiotherapy management software enables providers to send texts, emails, and calls, or even a combination of all the three forms to patients.

Reports and Analytics

Get to know the progress of your patients over time with easy-to-view reports and analytics that give faster insights to critical data. 

Seamless UI/UX

Track what’s happening with a bird-view snapshot of all the processes on a single screen.

Intuitive Dashboard

Consume Critical information from an intuitive dashboard. Derive insights, take faster decisions and act faster.

Analyze progress

Flexible interface lets you analyze data and progress over several parameters over time- helping providers get a better perspective on patients.


A Physiotherapy Practice Management System is a software designed to assist physiotherapy practices in handling physiotherapy management and administrative responsibilities. It is capable of appointment scheduling, patient record management, and services packages and other practice-related functions.

Physiotherapy practice management software has the potential to greatly boost your service towards your patients. You can efficiently automate functionalities for your patients by planning their sessions and communicating with them like scheduling appointments, documenting patient information, managing billing, and end-to-end messaging  Moreover, it enhances patient interaction and communication. The system simplify the billing and invoicing procedures, and their Electronic Health Records (EHR) components guarantee the security and availability of patient records. The software can also aid in staff scheduling, payroll management, and performance monitoring, simplifying HR responsibilities.

Yes, Ezovion Physiotherapy practice management software has a customizable treatment plan for patients who require regular physiotherapy treatments.

Yes. In the case sheet, Ezovion physiotherapy practice management software allows you to capture and track the progress of patients undergoing physiography treatments. Doctors can make notes about the therapy that their patients are receiving. 

Yes, you can send appointment remainders to patients via SMS or WhatsApp with Ezovion physiotherapy practice management software.  

Yes, if a doctor provides a free consultation to a specific patient who visits on a regular basis, you can record the specifics of the visit for free. You can customize it, for example, the third visit within a month is free

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