Laboratory Information Management System

Fully Automated Lab Management System Designed to Meet All of Your Laboratory Needs

laboratory information management system

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laboratory information management system

Simplified workflow from receive orders, to report dispatch

Multi-location support & Lab order management with outside labs

TAT reports to finetune lab process

Custom Reporting

Lab Equipment Interfacing

Unlock enhanced productivity, efficiency, and compliance in your lab with Ezovion’s intelligent software suite. Automate operations, reduce inaccuracies, and empower staff to focus on quality patient care.

Patient Registration

Make either quick registration with minimum details or detailed patient registration; an UHID has been assigned to the patients automatically in the Ezovion laboratory information system.

Referral Details

Easy referral management and referral report for easy settlement.

Real-time Dashboard

Received lab orders real-time from front desk or doctor. 

Comprehensive Details

Easily include comprehensive patient registration details, such as ABHA, Aadhar and other necessary information. 

Lab Billing

Lab tests, groups, and package wise billing with custom lab billing software to assist you for accurate revenue tracking. 

Payer Billing

Incorporate payer-related data effortlessly, facilitating streamlined insurance processing for lab billing.

Digital and print formats

Print bills or share via email, WhatsApp or SMS according to your convenience.

Customized Bills

Customize bills to meet the unique needs of your lab facility effortlessly.

Shift Management

Shift management facility via Ezovion laboratory information management system for laboratory management refers to the capability of using a software system to efficiently manage and organize shifts or work schedules.

Shift Scheduling

LIMS allows laboratory managers to create and manage shift schedules for different staff members by defining shift timings, assigning personnel shifts and much more.

Staff Tracking

The software enables tracking of staff members during their shifts. It provides real-time information on who is currently on duty, who is scheduled for the next shift.

Performance Monitoring

LIMS can provide performance metrics and reports based on shift data. These insights help laboratory managers assess productivity, efficiency, and workload distribution.

Queue Management

No more demand overflows. Manage workflows, maintain queues, and fulfill lab orders faster with Ezovion laboratory information system. It can be integrated with both OPD and IPD. 

Meet demand at scale

Phlebotomists can deploy a streamlined Al approach to sample management, fulfill demands on the go and pave the way for 100% efficiency with LIMS software.

Manage in-house and outside labs

Empowered with geo-location that lets you manage multiple lab centers in different locations on a single platform.

Real-time snapshot

Track current status of each order real-time effortlessly through its entire lab order lifecycle.

Sample Collection

With the Ezovion laboratory information management system, you can deploy a systematic strategy for organized sample collection management, with integrated labelling, printing, and sorting functions, as well as custom templates based on order and sample matching for simpler backend processing.

Batch your samples at your convenience

Phlebotomists can collect samples in part or for all the tests and track them on the go LIMS software.

Digital tracking

Generate and print barcode with patient and lab order data. Get timely notifications and send to patients via SMS/WhatsApp.

Report Tracking

Lab technicians can efficiently track report statuses by providing an approximate report generation time.

Department Wise Sample Routing

Ezovion Laboratory Information System incorporates a map to track which samples go to which departments, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual sample routing. 

Get Notifications

Department technicians receive confirmation post-sample collection and at all stages of sample collection.

Real-time analytics and status

Lab order status is updated in real-time as it progresses into the life cycle, You can rely on analytics anytime to get insights on your order.

External Lab Reporting

Samples that have been collected can also be sent to external laboratories. Once the report from these labs is received, it can be uploaded directly or the resulting values can be entered into the report entry.

Lab Machine Interfacing

Organize and automate the testing process with the assistance of a laboratory information management system with connected lab machines and pave the way for faster and more accurate testing in a cost-effective way or without additional other operational costs

Ready to implement

The LIMS software is ready to implement on major laboratory machine brands and models.


Laboratory information system supports any unidirectional and bidirectional analysers.

Real-time status updates

Lab test result QC and Lab Director get real-time status updates.

Centralised Controls

Get to know the active and inactive lab device with centralised monitoring and controls for better lab management.

Reagent Tracking

Tracking reagent or testing agent’s availability, consumption and expiry dates on the fly.

Automated test Results

With the lab device interface, test results are generated automatically in single click without human interventions

Report Entry

With an easy-to-use lab reporting system, you may automate your report entry process by connecting lab machines to LIMS software. Just a few clicks, you may quickly and easily find out all details about the patients and the test.

Outside lab orders

Consolidated reporting view from various departments, including outside labs in one place.

Auto reporting and Manual reporting

Configure reporting as desired and get custom-analytics, data insights that matter the most to your business.

Show all history

Access report history for returning patients; view test-specific reports by clicking 'show all'.

QC Approval

Pathologists can leverage the digital route of multiple authorization levels and approvals and eliminate inaccuracies down the route. Our laboratory information management system is Simplified, efficient and quick. 

Configure Digital auto-approvals

No more hassle in approvals from desk to desk. Configure digital approvals for simplified processing.

Multi-Level Approval

Get approvals from Lab QC and Lab directors from the software itself. Stakeholders get a detailed view at any point of lab order/reports. 

Communicate with all stakeholders

Real-time communications management across all the stakeholders to ensure transparency and connectivity.


Go paperless with Ezovion LIMS software, and deliver lab reports to patients via SMS/ WhatsApp with ease. Print lab reports in custom templates if needed.

Digital and print-friendly 

Send reports to patients easily via SMS/WhatsApp/Mail or print on-demand.

Improve Post-analytical TAT

Digital lab Reports streamlines dispatch processes, makes reports instantly available to patients and improves post-analytical TAT.

Custom Print Option

Sort, Arrange your data as per your requirements and print.

Lab Inventory Management

Ezovion Laboratory Information System allows you to manage lab inventories such as reagents and other consumables. Increase efficiency, streamline operations for Phlebotomists and lab technicians, and understand the state of your lab with the comfort of a single dashboard.

Lab Inventory Indent

Manage indent request, approvals, received for all modalities in a single interface.

Lab Consumable purchase management

Systematically procuring necessary supplies, comparing prices, negotiating terms, placing orders, verifying received items, and maintaining documentation for budgeting and auditing purposes.

Track Inventory

Track all the labs inventory from active/inactive lab machines, reagent and consumables, their expiry dates and more with robust LIMS Software.

Laboratory Groups and Packages

Ezovion LIMS Software includes service groups and package features that allow users to create an unlimited number of test packages to attract patients. 


All medical tests required for a certain diagnosis or treatment can be bundled into a single custom-designed package, allowing patients and clinicians to get uninterrupted care.

Easy Billing

Billing is made simple by choosing one service package for all completed tests rather of having to select each test individually.

User Friendly

The packages may be built on the fly with little effort and knowledge, allowing the lab to develop a variety of promotional packages to attract patients.

Analytics (TAT and Other Reports)

Gain visibility of all your finances and keep track of your reports on the go. Ezovion LIMS software gives you real-time insights to help you make decisions.

Detailed TAT Report

Keep 100% accurate records of samples collected, report generated, and all other processes for ready reference. Optimize Costs.

Customizable Report Formats

Fully customizable report formats such as IP, OP Lab Revenue, Doctor investigation revenue reports, Lab Statistics Reports and more for a deeper view into reporting.

CEA Lab Register Report

Generate your customizable CEA Lab reports for submitting them to the government directly through the laboratory information system.


Yes, we have the option to customize your own barcodes as per your needs which comes under LIMS master setup.   

The integration process of lab machines is a simple process all you need is to have interface slots in your lab machines. In your machines, unidirectional and bidirectional slots should be there to integrate with our laboratory information management system  

The laboratory information management system is a complete lab management system software so, if you want that software feature integrated additionally into your Hospital Management System package you will be charged separately.   

To know more about the pricing and additional package cost you can reach out to us or can book a demo for LIMS software and hospital management system software-related queries. 

Yes, the outsourced lab results and data can be fed into the Ezovion laboratory information management system. Our Robotic Process Automation allows you to regenerate third-party lab reports, saving you hours of work.   

Yes, you not only customize your lab result sheets but also can manage the data which will be going to added as a result as per your needs according to their design and data availability.   

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