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Maintaining a healthy body composition is crucial for overall well-being. While body weight is a commonly discussed metric, it’s important to recognize that not all weight is created equal. Body fat percentage is a more insightful measure that helps assess your fitness and health more accurately.

What is Body Fat Percentage?

Body fat percentage calculated with a body fat calculator is the proportion of your total body weight that consists of fat tissue. It includes essential fat, which is necessary for various bodily functions, and stored fat, which can vary in quantity. Understanding your body fat percentage provides a more comprehensive picture of your health than just tracking your weight alone. 


Why is Body Fat Percentage Important? 

High body fat percentage is associated with an increased risk of various health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Monitoring your body fat percentage can help you take proactive steps to reduce these risks. 

Whether you’re an athlete or someone looking to improve their fitness, knowing your body fat percentage can help you set realistic goals and track your progress more effectively than just using weight as a measure.  

You can consider the following points to assess its importance. 

  1. Health Assessment
  2. Fitness Evaluation 
  3. Weight Loss Tracking

How to use our Body Fat calculator?

You can estimate your body composition using our body fat calculator. It’s important to note that no matter how advanced the calculator, it cannot replace a visit to a doctor’s office. Consider the result as a rough estimate; it can only indicate whether your body fat percentage significantly deviates from the recommended value. There’s no need to be overly concerned if the result varies slightly from the recommended range. 

To calculate your body fat percentage, you’ll need the following information: 

  1. Age and gender.
  2. Weight: Weigh yourself preferably in the morning, before eating, and without clothing for the most accurate result.
  3. Height: Stand upright and measure the distance from the floor to the top of your head, without wearing shoes.

Once you’ve collected this data, you can input it into the
body fat calculator 

BMI Method of Body Fat Calculation:  

We used the BMI method for our Body Fat Calculator and used the following formulas for body fat percentage calculation in males and females.  

For Male: 

 = (1.20 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) – 16.2  

For Female: 

= (1.20 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) – 5.4 

This formula is confirmed and validated by the World Health Organization’s obesity body mass index criteria however, it’s essential to keep in mind that because of the diverse range of body types within the population, the estimation may not achieve absolute precision. For instance, an individual with exceptionally high muscle mass may show higher weight and BMI values, but this does not necessarily imply that the person is obese. 

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