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Ezovion offers you a new connected care approach towards timely diabetes care in collaboration with Jio Things and PTS Diagnostics.

Ezovion and JioThings

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Bridge the Gap: Connect with Your Doctor for Diabetes Wellness

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Connect and Access

Install the app and access the Ezovion Diabetes care to manage your blood glucose updates.


Measure and Monitor

Monitor your accurate immediate blood glucose updates.


Doctor Reviews

Data syncs with the app, offering physicians instant access to blood glucose information for monitoring. 


Consult with Doctor

Convenient to help you stay connected with your doctor for better treatment and consultation. 

Linking Lives for Better Diabetes Care

Mobile App Integration with Blood Glucose Meter Integration

Diabetic EHR support for Easy Data Access Support

Dietary Management Under Professionals

Activity Monitoring and Recommendations

Connected and Collaborative Diabetes Care

Accurate and Real-time Data Reporting

Regular Diabetes Monitoring and Blood Glucose Monitoring are Crucial

Ezovion Diabetes Care helps you to provide continuous monitoring and guidance that facilitates making fruitful adjustments in treatment plans for optimal diabetes management under expert guidance.  

Regular monitoring helps maintain treatment plans to the specific needs of the patient, ensuring a more personalized and effective approach to diabetes management.

Regular monitoring ensures treatment plans align with the patient’s specific needs.

Personalized approach for effective diabetes management.

Tailored adjustments based on ongoing assessments.

Enhanced precision in addressing individual patient requirements.

Safe AQ Smart Blood Glucose Monitoring System from PTS Diagnostic

Ezovion provides Smart Blood Glucose Monitoring System, to track blood glucose levels at home conveniently.

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The Connected Device is a tool that helps you monitor your blood glucose levels and overall health in real-time. It works hand-in-hand with the Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) to provide personalized care.

The device simplifies the process by continuously tracking your blood glucose, physical activity, and more. This information is shared with your healthcare team through the HIMS, allowing them to tailor your treatment plan for better outcomes.

Yes, you have secure access to your data. This empowers you to actively participate in your health journey, understand your progress, and work collaboratively with your healthcare team for effective management.

Absolutely. Your privacy is a top priority. The system adheres to strict security standards and complies with healthcare regulations, ensuring the confidentiality of your health information.

The system keeps a close eye on your health trends, allowing your healthcare team to identify and address potential issues early. This proactive approach supports your overall well-being.

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