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You Will Get a Complete Package for Your Advanced Diabetes Care Management

This kit includes a Sinocare blood glucose monitor Safe AQ Voice, along with strips, lancets, a pain-free lancing device, a case, and a user manual.

The addition of a voice function makes the blood glucose meter more user-friendly and accessible.

The lancing device offers nine depth settings and utilizes Sinocare's upgraded low-pain needle, ensuring quick and minimally painful blood collection and rapid wound healing.

Concerns about inaccurate test results stemming from blood oxygen variations are alleviated.

Measure, Monitor, Manage: Glucometers for Better Health

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25 Kit (mg/dL or mmol/L)

The Package Includes

1 x Lancing Device
1 x Glucometer-mg/dL (No Battery) OR
1 x Glucometer-mmol/L (No Battery)
1 x PU Bag
25 x Bottled Test Strips
25 x Lancets
1 x Manual

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