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Full-Suite Purpose- Built OB-GYN Software to Handle Your Obstetrics and Gynaecology Complexities

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Ezovion OB-GYN is a cloud-based, end-to-end integrated OB-GYN medical practitioner solution, full-suite software for your OB-GYN practice. Having understood the complexities in obstetrics and gynecology, we’ve built purpose-built to help healthcare providers handle their practice with 10x more efficiency. 

Patient Registration

Make way for smooth registration and a smoother treatment process.  

The patient quick and detailed registration process to document your patients with demographics, health insurance, identity and other relevant information. The OB-GYN doctors can access the registered patient data anytime and anywhere with our powerful search engine.

OB-GYN Patient Registration

Quick and Easy Process

Interactive front desk dashboard makes it for a fast and efficient outpatient or inpatient registration process.

Comprehensive Patient List

Detailed list of patients is available for easy reach and communication.

Unique Numbers

Customized UHID, document Ayushman Bharat Health Account number and Aadhar card data.

Clinic appointment booking system

Booking an appointment have never been so easy!  Make appointment for either registered or unregistered or follow-up patients with interactive appointment booking system. One screen to create, view, manage appointments and other relevant data with one or two clicks.  

OB-GYN appointment

Easy Appointment Management

Real-time appointment front desk dashboard for efficient patient appointment booking management system.

Smooth Communication

SMS//WhatsApp push notifications to patients and the clinic/hospital to keep them updated about appointments.

Appointment List

Powerful search to list booked appointment data for easy appointment management, and patient flow.

Queue Management

Using  Ezovion queue management is an effective way to manage long waiting lines in your OB-GYN clinic! Queue management enables the hospital to handle a patient in an effective, safe, and limit in-person queues. It also helps clinics to manage the patient flow. 

Queue Management

Enhanced Employee Efficiency

Hospital staffs no longer have to bother about long patient queues. They can easily manage registration and eradicate the hassles of handling a queue.


Ezovion queue management solutions have rea-time indicators to illustrate patients' current status, vitals taken or not and much more.

Patient Retention

Better queue management means less frustrated patients, helps both staff and patient to engage and interact happily.

OP Billing

Add and manage unlimited number of OB-GYN outpatient or inpatient services with categories, sub-categories, and cost for easy billing.  The platform records the entire billable information for reporting and analytics purposes.

op billing

Peak Hour

User-friendly interfaces and keyboard only data entry to create bills faster.

Billing and Accounting

Reports on OB-GYN billing, pending bills, hold bills, cancelled bills and much more. Share bills via SMS, and WhatsApp. Patients will get a secured link to view their bills.

Reports and Analytics

Outpatient, Inpatient revenue, referrals and consulting doctor revenue split, payment and much more.

EHR (Electronic Health Record)

Ezovion Electronic Health Record management solution is a modern-day solution for storing patient OB-GYN records including menstrual data UPT, LMP, PICME, EDD, Adjusted EDD, GPLA, ultrasound images in a secure, practice-friendly manner in an intuitive user interface. 

Case Sheet

Comprehensive OB-GYN case sheet with chief complaints, mother and foetus vitals, diagnosis, investigations, OB-GYN procedures, treatment plans, prescriptions and more.

Build Prescription

Build Prescription in less than a minute! The platform facilitates multi-lingual prescription wherein doctors can create prescriptions in any regional language to patients. Easy to use user interface, with frequently used prescriptions.

Documentation and Attachments

Laboratory reports, radiology images, and other health record can be added via attachments.


Switch to a smart way of prescription that  saves you time, while offering you all that you need to create a comprehensive prescription.

Prescription Software

Detailed, yet simple

Capture all the patient details needed in gynecology quickly.

Favorite prescription

Have a prescription that repeats? Save it as a  favorite prescription and edit whenever needed.

Share to Pharmacy within the software

Skip the hassle of visiting the pharmacy for medicines. Doctors or lab technicians can share Prescriptions directly to pharmacies using the software.

Share via WhatsApp

We offer an easy-sharing interface- which enables providers Share prescriptions easily via SMS/WhatsApp/email from the software/app. 

Note-taking/ Instructions

Have additional details to be noted? Make it possible with Ezovion Prescribing feature that allows you to jot down as much notes as needed.

Multi-Lingual prescriptions

Create prescriptions in local languages and make healthcare easier to understand for patients.

Role Based Access Management

Secure your data with our robust Role Based Access Management!  

Requesting and granting access requests for different roles is a tiring process. Role based access management innovates a guided framework to enhance the user access management efficiency and its effectiveness.  

role bsed obgyn

Better Flexibility

Create unlimited number of users, user roles and grant access as per the user role.

Better Security

RBAC enhances the security of a hospital in every form- be it compliance, privacy or confidentiality.

Better Access

Super administrators can easily view the roles and functionalities across a cloud-based platform.

Pharmacy Integration

Integrated Pharmacy management to IP to make medication an integral part of practice and complete the healthcare loop efficiently.

Pharmacy Orders

Inpatient management is integrated with Pharmacy for efficient prescription management, tracking and billing.

Easy access to patient medication history

No risk of loss of data. Both Provider and Pharmacists have ready and relevant information of the patient’s past medication history- thereby improving healthcare accuracy and quality.

Pharmacy Billing

Automated billing is enabled for easy inpatient billing and adjustments.

Communication Management

Seamless Communication between you and your patients for effective engagement, thereby boosting the quality of patient care and improves patient retention. Registration, updates, billing, appointments, change in appointments, bulk SMS to all the or part of your patients. 

obgyn communication management

Bulk Message Scheduling

Hospitals can in advance easily schedule for bulk auto-messaging using custom SMS templates

End-to-end Messaging

Registration, updates, billing, appointments, change in appointments and more.

Multi-Channel Communication

Communication is extensive across different platforms like texts, emails, and calls, or even a combination of all the three forms.

Reports & Analytics

Over 50 OB-GYN outpatient related reports, and analytics are available. All the critical reports are listed handy, also visualize the data in charts form for easy inferences.

Feedback and Queries

Can easily analyze data and offer proactive solutions for efficient outpatient department performance.

Improved Performance

Improve performance by working on discrepancies and boosting its positive traits.

Overview Analytics

Attain an insight into the effectiveness of their services in terms of overall productivity, costs, and their performance.

End-to-end Integrated Clinic Software

Ezovion online clinic software is deeply integrated within every module allowing you to get complete information of every patient, one patient at a time and enhance healthcare delivery.  We offer purpose-built modules for each department after analyzing gaps and challenges in each department. With Ezovion, we empower providers with seamless management – leading them towards better business as well as better care.

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Quality And Safety

Quality and Safety

We ensure 100% safety protocols with data encryption, electronic signatures, HIPAA compliance, and ensure that your patient data is protected.

Benefits of OB-GYN Management

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