Enhance Your Level of Excellence with Ezovion Telemedicine Software Services

When resources are limited and stretched thin, it can be difficult to provide excellent patient care. By utilizing Ezovion Telemedicine Software Services, you can not only reach more patients, but you can also improve your services remotely.

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Telemedicine software

Advanced Video Conferencing enables virtual care that mimic in-person visits

Send e-prescription, approve refill requests

Picture-in-picture mode to be with the patient and access medical records

Process payments and generate invoices for virtual care services

Medical device integration for remote patient care services

The Telemedicine Software Facility That Connects You with
Your Patients Regardless of Any Boundaries

Seamless Care Assurance

Customize Schedule

Increase Revenue

Regardless of Time

Facilitates Better Follow
up Visits

Increase Patients Satisfaction

Increase Patients

Boosts Patients Engagements

Boosts Patients

How It Works

Step 1 : Easy Patient Registration

The telemedicine software facility allows you to do a hassle-free patient  registration process which is convenient for both patients and for the hospitals.

Step 2 : Take Appointments via
Mobile App

Step 2 : Take Appointments via Mobile App

Patients can either call the hospital or book an appointment through the Ezovion mobile app or patient portal or calendar plugin. Patients can choose the hospital they want to book an appointment with through the mobile app.

Step 3 : Schedule your meetings as Per your Convenience

Step 3 : Schedule your meetings
as Per your Convenience

With telemedicine software, you can book the slots according to the patients needs and doctorsavailability. It is one of the most convenient methods to attend for elder patients. 

Step 4 : Generate Notification for your Patients

Step 4 : Generate Notification
for your Patients

You can generate a notification for the confirmation of their telemedicine software based booking via message or can send the link directly through the mobile app. 

Step 5 : Connect with your Patients Directly with Mobile app

Step 5 : Connect with your
Patients Directly with Mobile app

A third-party app is not needed for telemedicine software based consultation, you can connect via the Ezovion mobile app with full security, a safe lobby, camera visibility settings, and much more. 

How Your Services Will Enhance When You Connect with Ezovion Tele Consultation

  • Teleconsultation solutions enable healthcare providers to offer their services online more easily.


  • A revolution is taking place in the delivery and viewing of healthcare through teleconsultation. It facilitates collaboration between physicians, nurses, administrators, and patients. 


  • To deliver medical services efficiently, teleconsultation solutions incorporate a wide range of care processes.


  • Accessing healthcare through a digital device such as a mobile phone or laptop can keep patients engaged proactively.


  • As a result of teleconsultation, healthcare costs are expected to be reduced. By extending their reach beyond their towns and cities, doctors can generate new revenue from telehealth.


  • The virtual services provided by teleconsultation can build a strong doctor-patient relationship.


  • Patients living in remote areas are more likely to benefit from teleconsultation. Better emergency services and access to high-quality healthcare facilities are among their benefits. 
Telemedicine Software

Why is Telemedicine Software Beneficial for You?

Comfort and Convenience: 

The convenience of telemedicine software allows you to avoid driving to the doctor or sitting in a waiting room when you’re sick and unable to visit.  

Easy Access to Specialists: 

All kinds of specialists can be accessed online round-the-clock through online medical networks. 

Medical Access for People in Rural Areas: 

Telemedicine software enables people living far from medical facilities to consult doctors quickly. 

Reduced Medical Overhead Costs: 

By reducing the need for front desk staff, telemedicine software can help doctors reduce office costs. 

Strong Doctor-Patient Relationship 

The virtual services provided by telemedicine software based consultation can build a strong doctor-patient relationship. 

Telemedicine Software

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Telemedicine software is a digital platform or application that enables healthcare providers to conduct remote medical consultations with patients through video calls, messaging, or other communication methods.

Telemedicine software offers comfort and convenience by allowing patients to skip the commute and waiting room, while providing easy access to specialists, serving those in rural areas, cutting medical overhead costs, and fostering a strong doctor-patient relationship through virtual consultations. 

No, you don’t need any third-party app The video consultation is the integrated part of our tele-medicine software where doctors can directly consult and can prescribe medicines and guide their patients for proper health instructions. Patients and doctors can directly join video consultation sessions via mobile app or patients can log in via the patient portal to avail of the consultation as per their need.  

Yes definitely, your nurse or any other person can consult on your behalf if you record your consent with the practitioner for the same during telemedicine software-based consultation. A nurse or that person can conduct the routine clinical examination and provide the requisite information, and then the doctor can provide health care advice and prescriptions. This feature is best for elderly patients.  

Tele-consultation based on telemedicine software may be the only way to provide timely care if alternative care is not immediately feasible. According to the doctors best judgment, first aid, life-saving measures, counselling, and referral advice might be included in such services. However, telemedicine for emergency care should be avoided to the maximum extent possible, especially when in-person care is available. 

As outlined in the guidelines, doctors are not allowed to violate patients’ privacy in any way. As we are also not using any third-party app for the consultation session, it is very secure and end-to-end encrypted. The patient and doctors’ details can only be accessed by the given credentials, so there is no chance of losing data and privacy issues occurring.   

Telemedicine consultation is done with proper appointment. During the meeting, they will get the exact timing and credentials to log in and attend the session. And in some unavoidable circumstances, doctors also have the authority to choose whether to participate in the call or not. Privacy and security are again considered concerning patients and doctors. 

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