Ezovion On-Prem Hospital Management Solutions (Offline)

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Ezovion On-Prem Hospital Management Solutions

Ezovion hospital management software will be implemented on your IT infrastructure.

Challenges of an on-premises HIMS (Offline)

Cloud Hospital Management, Realtime Productivity.

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Cloud Hospital Management
Experience Ezovion HIMS developed with a special focus on Security, affordability, scalability, and ease-of-use. For healthcare providers who want to leverage the digital advantage to make healthcare simpler- Ezovion HIMS on cloud is a clear choice.
Cloud Hospital Management

Are you still using legacy Offline HIMS?

We can help you to migrateto cloud HIMS!

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It is common for customers to believe that switching HMS systems is more painful than the benefits they will gain. In Ezovion, the onboarding team is committed to eliminating that notion and simplifying data migration and adoption. 

Our Data Migration Services

We often hear that customers think that the pain of switching HMS systems outweighs the benefits to be gained by the switch.  

At Ezovion it’s the mission of the onboarding team to eliminate that notion and make it easy to migrate your data and adopt our HMS.  

Our team consistently moves customers from many different HMS systems to Ezovion HMS, with minimal disruption to their businesses.  

on-premise vs hims cloud

You can rest assured that our team of experts and proven model for migrating your HMS data into Ezovion HMS will work for you regardless of your data size or current tool. 

Our HIMS Data Migration Approach

Is your data too complex to fit into a .csv file and you don’t have the expertise or bandwidth on your team to do the work? Don’t worry, we offer a service in which we will migrate your data for you.

We follow a 4 step process to successfully migrate your data into Ezovion HMS.


Audit your current HMS system and data

We will review your current HMS systems and data, identify the data that needs to be migrated, and help recommend any clean up that needs to be done.


Design import strategy

We will design the approach to migrate your data into Ezovion HMS including – map your data to your new Ezovion HMS process, determine the technical approach for migrating, define the timing.


Perform test migration​

Before we move all your data, we will perform a test so we can validate, in Ezovion, that we have everything complete and correct.


Perform full migration​

Once we are ready, we will execute the migration and you will be ready to use your data in Ezovion HMS!

How can Ezovion SaaS cloud migration help?

Ezovion can benefit you with a thorough understanding of the planning challenges and costs associated with moving. As soon as a company migrates to the cloud, it will see benefits in operations and workflow. 

Do You Want Personalized Software for Your Hospital or Clinic? We can Help You!

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