Mobile App Access for Doctors

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A Trusted Resource for Health and Care professionals Elevating Their Operations via Mobile App

Monitor and assess your hospital's performance for informed decision-making, also analysing trends and patterns

The convenience of accessing your patient's health record from anywhere

Operate your OPD with the Ezovion mobile or tablet app

Access your inpatient details to analyse issues, prescriptions and note insertion

Effortlessly review and approve lab reports through our user-friendly mobile app

Mobile App Access for Doctors

Doctor’s Dashboard

A dashboard interface that is easy to access and offers one-stop data availability to ease your patient’s data management.

  • Keep track of your analytics and revenues.
  • Pharmacy sales and purchase data.
  • Manage your OP and IP details under separate tabs


Appointment details of new and existing patients can be handled smoothly with the doctor’s mobile app at any time anywhere.

  • Manage your appointments on the go.
  • Get real-time appointment data.
  • Calendar view to assess your workload

Admission List and Discharge Summary

Here you can access separate admission detail lists and discharge summaries along with the doctor and nurse notes.

  • Keep track of discharge summary and admission details on the go.
  • Maintain nurse and doctor notes for important details regarding discharge and admission.
  • Allowing you to analyse inpatient medical records for better clarity.

Patient Vitals

Crucial information regarding every patient’s vital detail can be managed here with proper numeric and graphical demonstrations to keep an eye on every minute detail.

  • Monitor patients’ vital details such as blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, respiration rate, etc.   
  • Analyse vitals in a graphical format  
  • Filter data here according to time date and days of visits. 

EHR (Electronic Health Record)

Ezovion EHR in hospital mobile app offers a user-friendly interface to standardize and store patient health records in a secure, practice-friendly manner. 
Checkout our EHR Software 

  • Access patient’s medical history, current and previous case sheets, lab reports, radiology images, payments and more 
  • Build a prescription in English or your regional language in less than a minute 
  • practice-specific case sheets. include- General, Dental, OBGYN, Paediatrics, and others. 

CRM Enquiry Master

You can manage CRM enquiry by adding different filters and report fields for your effective follow-ups and lead management.  

Patient Relation Management System – Ezovion

  • Access enquires data; visualize the current status of each enquiry 
  • Click a button to call a prospect lead or patient from your mobile app. 
  • Create an estimate, and click a button to convert lead to patient.  

Lab Reports

Lab reports and images can be attached here to analyse the data as needed.  
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  • Order and get real-time access to lab reports 
  • View patient’s lab reports and test-wise results for better diagnosis.  
  • View a patient’s view and past lab reports in one place 


Integrate Radiology and inpatient software to get the most out of the data, combine insights, and make healthcare seamless. 
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  • Order OP or IP radiology orders 
  • Manage radiology images and reports from the mobile app.  
  • Digital radiology images with the Mobile-DICOM viewer.

OP Billing

The outpatient billing option helps you add unlimited services and manage outpatient billing costs department-wise.   
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  • Generate OP bills. 
  • View OP revenue report and analytics on-the-go 
  • Access OP day-book transactions.

Service Packages

Keep track of your patient service packages, current status, and next steps for better patient engagement and care

  • Track planned visits, completed visits and pending visits.  
  • Track transaction summary and receipts. 
  • Engage the right health and care professional based on the planned services.  


Patient care beyond hospital walls; use our virtual care platform with our mobile app.   
Checkout our Outpatient Management Software 

  • Stay connected with patients with a click of a button 
  • Access the patient’s medical record while on the video call with the patient.  
  • Helps you better patient engagement and retention. 

Management of the patient on an overall basis

It is possible to track and monitor patients using mobile devices, tablets, and wearables. Both patients and healthcare professionals benefit from the right diagnosis at the right time.

patient health record
efficiency enhancement

Efficiency Enhancement for Physicians

Doctors, physicians, and healthcare professionals make up the core of the healthcare system, which requires them to work long hours and maintain hectic schedules. There are many benefits to using hospital mobile apps in healthcare. It is possible to automate paperwork effectively with these apps.

How Ezovion Hospital Mobile App Will Add Value to Your Healthcare?


Yes, if he/she is a first-time patient, they must complete a brief one-time registration process. Then they can arrange an appointment with the selected doctor on the available days and times Registered patients can directly schedule appointments.  

Yes, both clinic and video consulting appointments can be booked with Ezovion Mobile App.  

Yes, if a doctor is unable to attend a scheduled appointment, they can use the Ezovion Mobile App to notify their patients of the cancellation. This allows people to reschedule appointments with the doctor or, in the event of an emergency, book appointments with other doctors who are available.   

Yes, both doctors and patients can view the lab results with Ezovion Mobile App. You need not wait for paper-based lab reports for treating your patients. This saves time and improves patients care.  

Yes, E-prescription option is available in Ezovion Mobile App for doctors and the patients can collect the prescribed medicines in the pharmacy directly. 

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