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Choose Ezovion which could help you to bring in more innovative methods for your diabetes patients and can retain them while maintain your valuable time with our end-to-end integrated diabetes solutions.

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Diabetes Patient? Take control of your diabetes journey under doctor's guidance.

Simplified end-to-end diabetes care from the comfort of your home- Measure, Share, consult doctors and get treatment in one app!

Clinic management software

Diabetes assessment forms

EHR for Diabetes care

Stay connected with patient with mobile or tablet app

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Ezovion Diabetes Practice Solutions

Ezovion collaborates with Reliance JioThings to provide effective diabetes care for your patients.

Ezovion and JioThings

How it Works?

Ezovion Diabetes Care Solutions you can start using today!

Clinic Management Software (CMS)

Modernize your clinic business with Ezovion OPD Management Software that transforms your clinical operations with futuristic patient engagement, queue management, billing, EHR software, and more.

Diabetes Electronic Health Record (EHR)

EMR Software

Ezovion Diabetes Electronic Health Record (Diabetes EHR) is a digital system designed to store, manage, and retrieve comprehensive disease-specific health data specifically related to diabetes care for patient health tracking.

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Doctors Mobile and Tablet friendly App for Video Consultation

Extend patient care beyond hospital boundaries with our virtual care platform for video consulting. Enhance patient engagement and retention through this integrated approach.

Connect Glucometer with
Ezovion Mobile App

Advanced apparatus for better patient care, Ezovion offers a Glucose Monitoring System, enabling patients to effortlessly monitor blood glucose levels at home.

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Online scheduling from your website

Online Appointment Booking

Your patients can make appointment booking via your website itself. The system facilitates the booking process, reduces wait times, and enhances overall patient experience.

Ezovion Digital Healthcare Marketplace

Connecting patients and doctors for appointment scheduling, offering real-time visibility, multi-channel booking, and with a secure payment gateway.

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The Diabetes Management Connected Device is a sophisticated system that utilizes advanced technology to monitor and manage diabetes in real-time. It includes a connected device for patients and integrates with the Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) for comprehensive care.

The device continuously monitors blood glucose levels, physical activity, and other relevant data. It transmits this information to the HIMS, providing healthcare professionals with real-time insights to customize treatment plans.

The HIMS system centralizes patient data, facilitating efficient management and analysis. It enables healthcare providers to access comprehensive patient records, aiding in personalized diabetes care, and improving overall treatment outcomes.

Yes, our Diabetes Management system adheres to strict security standards and complies with healthcare regulations, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of patient information.

The system provides healthcare professionals with real-time alerts, trend analyses, and comprehensive reports, aiding in prompt decision-making for effective diabetes management.

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Including Diabetes Care Management

Convenient and user-friendly diabetes care mobile app!

Ezovion hospital management software mobile app

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