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Insightful analytics to improve your care process and performance

Insightful analytics to improve your care process and performance

Practice-specific customizable case sheets

Practice-specific customizable case sheets

Integrated with pharmacy, lab, and radiology departments

Integrated with pharmacy, lab, and radiology departments

OP billing, reporting and analytics for better account receivables

OP billing, reporting and analytics for better account receivables

Improve patient retention via reminders, patient mobile app portal

Improve patient retention via reminders, patient mobile app/portal

Modernize your hospital business with robust OPD Management Software that transforms your hospital operations with a futuristic patient information management system, queue management, billing, EHR software, Role-based access system, communication management, and more.  

Patient Registration

Experience a quick and detailed registration process to document patient information; including demographics, health insurance, identity, and other relevant information.  Healthcare facilities and doctors can access patient data anytime and anywhere.   

Patient Registration

Quick and Easy Process

Interactive front desk dashboard makes it for a fast and efficient patient registration process.

Comprehensive Patient List

Detailed list of patients is available for easy reach and communication.

Unique Numbers

Customized UHID, document ABHA number and Aadhar card data.


Booking an appointment has Never Been So Easy!  Make appointments for either registered or unregistered patients with robust OPD Management Software. One screen to create, view and manage appointments for various departments of your hospital.   

Detailed Metrics

Real-time appointment front desk dashboard for efficient patient appointment management.

Grace Period Record

Patients’ grace period information can be tracked by using outpatient software for easy payment record management.

Easy Booking & Scheduling

Patients can book appointments via patient portal or mobile app or calendar plugin. Quick scheduling and rescheduling with SMS/ What's App push notifications.

OPD Slips

You can now generate customizable OPD slips from the dashboard directly. This feature is helpful for those who want to write case sheets as hardcopy.

Appointment reminders

Send appointment reminders to your patients as per preference and better patient engagement.

Queue Management

Leverage Ezovion token management to effectively manage long waiting lines in your outpatient management. Ezovion token management facilitates real-time screencast, notification management, and token generation. 

Token Generation

Generate tokens in advance or in real-time. Customize your own token numbers and set up the monitors. Immediately after the token generation, the information will be redirected to the queue manager, front desk, doctors, and patients through the screencast.

Screencast Facility

Screencast feature helps to display real-time token queue information and booking status with either audio announcements or with display functions in multiple displays. Information Visibility Control helps you control what you want to show.

Appointment Dashboard

The front desk can manage all the scheduled appointments for the day along with patient priority management. Doctor dashboard helps see their patient's appointments and can manage their schedules accordingly.

Service Packages

The Package Designer feature in Ezovion OPD Management Software provides customers with considerable flexibility in designing any form of Healthcare Services Packages in an easy-to-use manner. 


Allows a hospital to create any type of package and provide criteria like validity, special price, inclusions, exclusions, and so on.

Easy to Build

The packages may be created on the fly with minimal effort, allowing the hospital to create different promotional packages throughout the year.

Aid in Patients Retention

Coordination between doctors and patients is possible and allows for improved patient treatment, which aids in patient retention

Shift Management

The hospital shift management feature within HIMS software for outpatient (OP) department is instrumental in promoting smooth operations and optimal management for your hospital of all 2 or 3 shifts 

Efficient Shift Management

Streamline and optimize various aspects of the shift scheduling process.

Proper Staffing Levels

It allows hospital admin to manage their work shifts efficiently and ensures proper staffing levels to meet patient needs.

Multiple Tasks for Shift Management

The hospital shift management software enables features such as shift planning, automated shift allocation, shift swapping, and real-time visibility of schedules.

OP Billing

Ezovion Hospital Billing Software allows you to add and manage an unlimited number of services and costs for outpatient billing by department. The platform stores all billable data for reporting and analytics purposes.  

Peak Hour

User-friendly interfaces and keyboard only for data entry to create bills faster.

End-to-end Billing

OP billing, pending bills, hold bills, canceled bills, and much more. Share bills via SMS, and WhatsApp.

Reports and Analytics

OP revenue, referrals and consulting doctor revenue split, payment, and much more.

Bill Summary

Know the billing history and credit, debit details of your perticular patient for smooth billing management.


Issue medical certificates, consent forms, fitness certificates, daycare summaries, and other health certificates using the templates in our OPD Management Software.

OPD Templates

Easy Customization

The certificates can be issued on customized templates including the custom details and the department for which they are issued.

Instant Use

The templates are easy to load, and patient data will be automatically loaded.

Multi-language support

Our OPD Management Software offers multi-language support so that healthcare providers can communicate in their respective local languages.

EHR (Electronic Health Record)

Ezovion EHR is a modern-day solution for standardizing and storing of patient health records in a secure, practice-friendly manner with an intuitive user interface at the click of a button. 

Case Sheet

Ezovion EHR has practice-specific standardized case sheets. General, Dental, OBGYC, IVF, Pediatric, and other major healthcare practices.


The platform facilitates multi-lingual prescriptions wherein doctors can assign prescriptions in English or in a regional language to patients. Build a prescription in less than a minute!

Documentation and Attachments

Lab reports, radiology images, and other health records can be added via attachments.

Multiple Language Support

Create EHR in multiple language language or in your regional language for effective communication with patients.

Visit Summary

Track visit history of your patients and check the previous visit details under visit summary tab.

Clinical or Medical History

Know your patients more by tracking their current and previous medical conditions by using medical history details.

Customisable case sheets

Edit your patient's case sheet as per your needs with our customised case sheet feature that helps to manage patient details effectively.

Role Based Access Management

Secure your data with our robust Role Based Access Management! Requesting and granting access requests for different roles is a tiring process. Ezovion online Outpatient management innovates a guided framework to enhance the efficiency of user access management.

Better Flexibility

Create an unlimited number of users, and user roles and grant access as per the user role.

Better Security

Ezovion’s online outpatient management platform enhances the security of a hospital in every form- be it compliance, privacy, or confidentiality.

Better Access

Super administrators can easily view the roles and functionalities across a cloud-based platform.

Communication Management

Seamless Communication between providers and patients for effective engagement, thereby boosting the quality of patient care and improving patient retention. Ezovion outpatient software enables Registration, updates, billing, appointments, changes in appointments, and bulk SMS to all or selected patients. 

Communication Management

Bulk Message Scheduling

Hospitals can schedule bulk auto-messaging in advance easily using custom SMS templates.

End-to-end Messaging

Registration, updates, billing, appointments, changes in appointments, and send appointment reminders to the patients.

Multi-channel Communication

Our Online OPD Management Software enables providers to send texts, emails, Whatsapp, or even a combination of all three forms to patients.

Reports and Analytics

Over 50 outpatient-related reports and analytics are available. All the critical reports are listed handy, one can visualize the data in chart form for easy inferences.

Feedback and Queries

Can easily analyze data and offer proactive solutions for efficient outpatient department performance.

CEA Patient Register Report

Generate your standardized Clinical Establishment Act reports for submitting them to the govt.

Overview Analytics

Attain insight into the effectiveness of their services in terms of overall productivity, costs, and their performance. with our OPD Management Software


Outpatient management software helps providers in optimizing and improving the functioning of outpatient healthcare establishments, including clinics, medical practices, and hospital. Its purpose is to facilitate the management of patient appointments, medical records, billing, scheduling, and various administrative responsibilities.

Ezovion Outpatient management software is an intelligence-based HMS designed to streamline outpatient functions and manage hospital effectively.

Common features of outpatient management software include appointment scheduling, patient registration, electronic health records (EHR) management, billing and invoicing, prescription management, reporting and analytics, patient communication tools, and integration with other healthcare systems.

Ezovion’s outpatient management software is powered by AI/ML and is deeply integrated to HMS platform offering seamless functioning of your hospital with 100% efficiency.

Benefits include improved appointment scheduling efficiency, enhanced patient data management, reduced administrative workload, accurate billing and claims processing, better patient engagement through communication tools, and overall streamlined operations leading to improved patient care.

Ezovion Outpatient management software offers research-driven features that are specific to your challenges- making your OP management 10X more efficient.

Ezovion outpatient management software prioritize security and compliance with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This ensures that patient data is stored, transmitted, and accessed in a secure and compliant manner.

Consider factors such as your practice’s size, specific needs, budget, user-friendliness, security features, integration capabilities, and the provider’s reputation and customer support. Requesting demos and feedback from other healthcare professionals can help in making an informed decision.

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