Geofencing and Idle Session Timeout

Ezovion Geofencing and Idle Session Timeout: Utmost Data Security Reliable Care

Integrate levels of security into your HIMS system with Ezovion Geofencing and Idle session time-out features.  

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Geofencing And Idle Session Timeout

Ezovion Geo-fencing for Your HIMS Software

Now your data is in your control make it more secure by adding layers of security that help you manage unwanted data breaches. You can also manage access via a unique IP address to maintain data security inside the premises. Only limited individuals can control the accessibility within the premises for safe and secure control management.  

Ezovion Geo-Fencing for your HIMS Software

Integrating Geo-Fencing Features into a Health Information Management System (HIMS) Product for Service Providers Can Offer Several Benefits

Manageable Secured Workflow

By security based on geographic location, service providers can manage workflows with utmost control over data handling. The geo-fencing allows users to access the system only with the registered IP address to maintain next-level data security.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Geo-fencing adds an additional layer of security to HIMS, restricting access to patient data based on the user's location specified with the unique IP address. This helps service providers comply with privacy regulations and ensures data security.

Adherence to Location-Specific Protocols

Geo-fencing allows service providers to enforce and adhere to location-specific healthcare protocols, ensuring that healthcare services are delivered in compliance with regional regulations.

Secure Collaboration in Unified Communications

In the realm of unified communications within HIMS, geo-fencing contributes to secure collaboration. It allows healthcare professionals to securely share information within defined geographic boundaries, ensuring that sensitive patient data is accessible only to authorized individuals. This feature promotes efficient communication while upholding strict security standards.

Ezovion Idle Time Out for Your HIMS Software

Ezovion Idle Time Out For Your HIMS Software

Implement an idle session timeout feature to control unauthorized interruptions in your software setup and data management. This measure safeguards sensitive company data and enhances security for end users operating on other than your hospital or shared devices. When a user approaches the set idle timeout session, a notification will prompt them, giving them the option to either remain signed in or face automatic sign-out from their respective access.

Setting an Idle Timeout for Health Information Management Systems (HIMS) Devices Offers Several Advantages

Security Enhancement

An idle timeout adds an extra layer of security by automatically logging out users after a period of inactivity. Automatic logout through idle timeout helps protect sensitive patient data and other confidential information. This helps prevent unauthorized access if a user forgets to log out manually.

User Accountability

Idle timeout encourages users to be more vigilant about logging out when they are not actively using the system. This promotes a culture of security awareness and accountability among users.

Prevention of Unauthorized Access on Shared Devices

In environments where HIMS devices are shared, idle timeout ensures that sensitive information is not accessible to the next user who may approach the device. This is crucial for maintaining data integrity and privacy.

Prevention of Unauthorized Data Modification

Idle timeout reduces the risk of unauthorized data modification or manipulation by automatically terminating sessions when users are not actively engaged with the HIMS. This is especially important in preventing accidental or intentional data tampering.

Why did Ezovion add These New Features?

Idle Time Out for Better Safeguard

Setting an idle timeout for HIMS devices contributes to a more secure, accountable, and compliant healthcare information management environment, safeguarding patient data and upholding the integrity of the system.

Idle Time Out For Better Safeguard
Geo-Fencing For Level-Up Security

Geo-fencing for Level-Up Security

Incorporating geo-fencing into a HIMS product enhances overall operational efficiency, improves patient care, and positions service providers at the forefront of technological advancements in the healthcare industry. 

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