Ezovion SMS and Messaging Solutions

Communication is critical for patient engagement!

Are you looking for a seamless communication solution between providers and patients for effective engagement? So here is the solution to all your communication problems. We can help you to boost the quality of patient care and improve your patient retention.

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Ezovion SMS Auto - Messaging Solutions

Our Ezovion hospital management software has communication means added for better clarity management with your patients. You can directly send SMS messages and WhatsApp texts to your patients via our auto-messaging system. Wherever patient engagement is essential for better transparency you can use your Ezovion auto-messaging solution.  

  • Put no effort into engaging your patients.  
  • Leverage our Auto-messaging feature to keep your patients engaged time-to-time  
  • Creates a better way for patient retention.

Where One Can Use Ezovion SMS Auto Messaging Solution?

Connect Easily With Your Patients via Ezovion Mobile app

Make voice calls to communicate effectively via the Ezovion mobile app to stay in touch with your patients from anywhere.

Hospital management system app
Bulk Messaging

Bulk Messaging

Cancelling all your appointments or running a medical camp  or events or conference ?

You have Ezovion bulk SMS  functionality.
Create department wise patient groups or by age or gender or any other demographic parameters for bulk messaging.
Send bulk messages to your patients easily with a few clicks for efficient communication and patient engagement.

Why is a Communication Solution Required?

You can send easy reminders for pending appointments, changes in appointments, bills and confirmations of billing done, notifications for insurance claims and processing, prescriptions and medical history details, and other information on your patient’s mobile phones through text messages.

Communication Solution

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