Enhance patient Care through The Ezovion Mobile Application

  • Advanced Data security 

         Enhance your healthcare practice with
         advanced patient data privacy and security. 

  • Smooth Processing 

          Improve patient tracking management smartly. 

  • Access from anywhere anytime 

          Manage your practice on the go! 

Ezovion hospital management app

A Trusted Resource for Health and Care professionals Elevating Their Operations via Mobile App

End-to-End Transparency

Transparency between patients and doctors for better communication. 

Smooth Handling

One spot data availability for a smooth process. 

User Friendly

Portable and handy hospital management app regardless of boundary bindings. 

On-spot appointment bookings

Easy to book and maintain appointments with just one app.

E-Record Maintenance

Keep track of every minute detail. 

Handy Lab Reports

Examine lab reports from anywhere at any time.

Easy Teleconsultation

One app facility for teleconsultation sessions no need for third-party software.

Analysis with Analytics

Smart analysis options with numeric and graphical data.

Mobile App Access for Doctors

A dashboard interface that is easy to access and offers one-stop data availability to ease your patient’s data management.  

  • Analytics on overall revenue and daybook maintenance. 
  • Graphical representation and numeric patient data are available on the dashboard. 
  • Pharmacy based on departments and doctors can be handled with ease.

Appointment details of new and existing patients can be handled smoothly with Ezovion hospital mobile app at any time anywhere.  

  • Filter appointments accordingly to manage your time wisely. 
  • Handle EHR patient’s history and other visit details without any hassle.  
  • One Spot Detail Availability of all your patients with specific doctor tabs. 

Crucial information regarding every patient’s vital detail can be managed here with proper numeric and graphical demonstrations to keep eye on every minute detail. 

  • Multi vital details such as blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, respiration rate, etc.  
  • Vitals details can be analysed in graphical format here to keep track of every minute detail. 
  • Vital Data can be filtered here according to time date and days of visits. 

Ezovion EHR in hospital mobile app offers a user-friendly interface to standardize and store patient health records in a secure, practice-friendly manner. 

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  • The EHR from Ezovion has practice-specific standardized case sheets. Healthcare practices include general, dental, obstetrics, IVF, paediatrics, and others.  
  • Doctors can assign prescriptions to patients in English or regional languages via the mobile app. You can build a prescription in less than a minute! 
  • As an attachment, you can add lab results, radiology images, and other health records.  

Lab reports and images can be attached here to analyse the data as per the need.  

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  • All the lab reports can be analysed under one tab.  
  • Details of lab packages to the patients with detailed information. –  
  • A doctor can readily review lab reports and details in the EHR since the information is automatically updated.

Integrate Radiology and inpatient software to get the most out of the data, combine insights, and make healthcare seamless.

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  • Direct orders can be placed by doctors from IP and can be processed within the system. 
  • Radiology documents can be uploaded to the mobile app and attached to the patient’s record. 
  • Digital radiology images with the DICOM viewer facility are available here for transparent examination maintenance. 

The outpatient billing option helps you add unlimited services and manage outpatient billing costs department-wise.  

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  • Bills can be created more quickly with user-friendly interfaces and keyboard-only data entry.   
  • A variety of billing options are available, including open billing, pending bills, hold bills, and cancelled bills.  
  • You can share bills Via SMS & WhatsApp. Patients will get secure link to view their bills with our hospital billing software. 
  • Doctors can add discount type, and % discount, or can add or remove discounts accordingly.

The most beneficial USP of the Ezovion mobile app is teleconsultation management Ezovion’s virtual treatment sessions are secure, encrypted, compliant, and high-quality, almost as if you were in a clinic.  

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  • Booking and managing teleconsultations with proper scheduling methods. 
  • End-to-end transparency in communication and management.  
  • Patients and doctors can check teleconsultation appointments and registration details in a few simple steps.  
  • The data of patients and doctors can be smartly managed without the need for a third-party application or service.
Doctor’s Dashboard

Mobile App Access for Patients

Patient’s Dashboard

Similar to the doctor’s dashboard patients can also access their hospital visit details via a systematic dashboard system with essential details displayed on it. 

  • Examined details of vitals like blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, and respiration rate with proper graphical representation. 
  • Patients can also check records of their visit history such as… 
  • The name of the doctor 
  • Date and day of the visit 
  • Personal case sheet details. 
  • The medical records of allergies, medical issues, social history, family history, and current medication will be displayed here.

Now making appointments and keeping track of them is very easy by using Ezovion mobile app. Patients can check appointment details via the mobile app anytime. 

  • Patients can access their current and previous appointment details here and can also book and cancel appointments on their own by using the mobile app. 
  • Patients can check the slot availability by using the mobile app. 
  • Booking and sessions of teleconsultation can also be done directly by using the app in a few easy steps.  

As with the doctors, patients can also check their lab reports and radiology reports through their mobile app. This creates a degree of transparency between the doctor and the patient. 

  • Like doctors, patients can also check the reports and radiology DICOM images in the lab and radiology section. 
  • With colour indicators, patients can get better clarity of the values of the report analysis.  
  • With the mobile app two-way, transparency can be generated between the patient and management. 

The patients can access the billing details here and also maintain the records according to date and time.

  • Patients can pay bills without any difficulty by using mobile apps anytime.  
  • Keeping track of pending bills and payment of pending bills can be done easily. 
  • Patients can access their previous bills and current bills in a few easy steps. 

Management of the patient on an overall basis

It is possible to track and monitor patients using mobile devices, tablets, and wearables. Both patients and healthcare professionals benefit from the right diagnosis at the right time.

patient health record
efficiency enhancement

Efficiency Enhancement for Physicians

Doctors, physicians, and healthcare professionals make up the core of the healthcare system, which requires them to work long hours and maintain hectic schedules. There are many benefits to using hospital mobile apps in healthcare. It is possible to automate paperwork effectively with these apps. 

How Ezovion Hospital Mobile App Will Add Value to Your Healthcare?


Yes, if he/she is a first-time patient, they must complete a brief one-time registration process. Then they can arrange an appointment with the selected doctor on the available days and times Registered patients can directly schedule appointments.  

Yes, both clinic and video consulting appointments can be booked with Ezovion Mobile App.  

Yes, if a doctor is unable to attend a scheduled appointment, they can use the Ezovion Mobile App to notify their patients of the cancellation. This allows people to reschedule appointments with the doctor or, in the event of an emergency, book appointments with other doctors who are available.   

Yes, both doctors and patients can view the lab results with Ezovion Mobile App. You need not wait for paper-based lab reports for treating your patients. This saves time and improves patients care.  

Yes, E-prescription option is available in Ezovion Mobile App for doctors and the patients can collect the prescribed medicines in the pharmacy directly. 

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