Investing in hospital management system (HMS) is now critical for streamlining administration, increasing profitability, and providing better care to patients.

Let us give the answers to key questions that may arise when selecting a hospital management software. 


These are the features of a hospital management system you should look for…  

  • Intuitive And Useful Patient Portal.   
  • Outpatient Management System 
  • Inpatient Management System 
  • Electronic Health Record Management (EHR) 
  • Tele-Medicine 
  • Queue & Token Management System 
  • Lab Information Management System (LIMS) 
  • PACS 
  • Pharmacy Management System 
  • Inventory & Asset Management System 
  • Blood Bank Management System 
  • Mobile App with DICOM Viewer 
  • Speech to Text 
  • Cath Lab Management  
  • Causality Management System 
  • Dietary Management System 
  • Storage and Documentation Management System 
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Write to Text  
  • TPA Integration 
  • Financial Analytics & Forecasting 
  • Medical Camp Management System 
  • SMS/Email Communication 
  • Patient Portal & Mobile App 

Ezovion hospital management system has over 45 modules; you can purchase the modules that are necessary for a clinic or hospital and based on the type practices and services you offer. The cost of the software is based on the number of computers you would use. 

Ezovion Hospital Information Management System is an end-to-end integrated solution for seamless dataflow across all the departments for faster data access.  

Our Electronic Health Record Management is connected to vital monitoring medical devices for continuous connected care.  

Our robotic process automation could save you 50+ hours for a small hospital.  

Ezovion hospital management system benefits the administrator, who can control all users, specify their roles, and assign necessary system access. It will also give you access to all data and reports, such as login log files and MIS reports. 

Yes, to assist your patients to connect and understand you better, our hospital Management System can generate prescriptions in your native language. 

Ezovion hospital management system does not require any prerequisites. As the application is designed in a user-friendly manner, even beginners can operate it easily.  

We also provide remote training, give access to help documentation and training videos.  

Ezovion hospital management system backups your database on a regular basis, ensuring. 100% availability of our system.  

Doctors have access to all patient visit history through our EHR system, so the hospital doesn’t need to maintain physical records.   

 Pathology laboratories in hospitals enable doctors and nurses to view laboratory reports directly from their consultation rooms.   

Our robotic process automation helps reduce data entry operations such as pharmacy purchase entries.   

The Hospital Management System follows an INCREMENTAL MODEL because initially software requirements are reasonably well defined, but the overall scope of development effort is a purely linear process. 


Our intuitive patient registration form helps you with quick or detailed patient registration. Hospital booking appointment software is flexible, you can book an appointment in 30 seconds. Automated token management helps streamline your outpatient flow; helps improve patient experience.  

Yes, with our outpatient billing software, you can add unlimited services and manage them departmentwise. Many outpatients (OP) billing options, including pending bills, hold bills, cancelled bills, revenue splits, referrals, consulting doctors, payments methods, and much more. Patients can view bills at patient portal or patient mobile app; you can also share bills via SMS and WhatsApp through a secured link. 

OPD Management Software is beneficial in maintaining patient appointment and registration data as it helps keep the records of all patients. You can access the same registration information (UHID) with systematic recent and previous patient history. You can also allow your staff members priorly take your patients’ vitals directly into the system that can be accessed by the doctor. 

Yes, you can calculate and keep track of the patient’s grace period to manage the billing and charges effectively. 

OPD Management Software allows sending patient appointment reminders to your patient according to the doctor’s availability, which makes clear communication between the hospital staff, doctors and patients. It helps maintain privacy by using end-to-end encryption of text messages.  


Yes, after inpatients have completed the admissions process, our Inpatient management software enables users to track patient locations, schedule surgeries, and oversee emergency responses and more. 

Users of the Ezovion inpatient management software can break down the services provided and the daily expense of a patient. Users have the option to view unpaid services with admission number and, upon request, share them with the patient’s family. 

If an inpatient is not satisfied with the hospital services or if they think the cost of the treatment is out of their budget they can get discharged with no bill. Ezovion Inpatient management software enables this option. 

Inpatient prescriptions are shared with pharmacies automatically. Even lab or radiology test requests to the lab and radiology departments can be automated from the IP department, and the test results can be shared with the respected doctor or the IP department using Ezovion inpatient management software. 

A bill that is generated incorrectly due to oversight or human error can be cancelled. We can also set up role-based access for bill cancellation. 

Ezovion Inpatient management software has an option of automatic room calculation in master setting which helps in auto room rent calculations when moved from one ward to other. If you specifically want to do it manually, we have that option as well. 


Yes, patients’ regular medications consumed month after month can be refilled by simply clicking on the repeat prescription option from Ezovion Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software. The prescription will be sent directly to the pharmacy, where the patients can pick it up.

Yes, any diagnosis, new observation, or new development in a patient’s health can be updated on the fly to the Ezovion EMR Software by the doctors or serving nurses, assisting in overall patient care. 

Yes, we have the option of attaching paper records where the medical history from other hospitals can be added to the patient’s EMR. 

Ezovion Electronic Medical Record software supports a history option that allows us to view and print a patient’s entire visit history. 

Ezovion Electronic Medical Record Systems allows you to add a digital signature to your case sheet and prescription, which is automatically updated. 

Yes, can get the prescription in their native languages for better patients understanding and engagement. 

General Practice

Yes, with a few clicks, you can send bulk messages with your general practise management system, which is useful for effective communication and patient engagement. You can send SMS notifications regarding free health check-ups in hospitals or medical facilities. Also, via SMS Survey forms, obtain feedback on hospitals/clinics and labsUsing bulk SMS marketing, promote various offers or discounts on certain treatments/check-ups and wish them on special occasions. 

Ezovion practice management software includes an easy-to-use mobile app to help you with your practiceYou may schedule appointments, monitor patients’ vital signs, access electronic medical records, lab and radiology reports, and conduct teleconsultation.   

Tele-medicine solutions is an integrated solution with general practice management software, enabling general practitioners to offer their services online more quickly. Tele-medicine provides solutions for collaboration with patients, physicians, nurses, and administrators. 

Yes, using our Electronic Health Record software, you can generate an E-prescription. With a single click, you can access the patient’s previous prescription records. System alerts notify prescribers about allergies, possible drug interactions, pregnancy, and other conditions that signal drug use is inappropriate for therapy. With a drug monitoring system, you can keep track of the number of controlled substance prescriptions.   

Yes, indeed, you can generate medical certificates and required documents by using our practice management system. You can also customise the size of documents and the text material of your documents as per your need and add your hospital’s logo on the document file.  

Yes, you can set your printer settings as per your need; you can set the size of the paper and paper orientation and layout depending on your need. 


Yes, you can create treatment plan for a dental procedure and share the same with patients with Ezovion Dental Clinic Management Software.

All the dental problems, dental procedures, dental treatment plan and tooth history can be captured in the patient case sheet that can viewed by the doctor for better care. 

Yes, the case sheet can be customized according to the need and requirements of the doctor.  

Yes, there is option to send the appointment remainders to patients in our dental clinic management software prior to the appointment via SMS or WhatsApp.  


Yes, Ezovion Physiotherapy practice management software has a customizable treatment plan for patients who require regular physiotherapy treatments.

Yes. In the case sheet, Ezovion physiotherapy practice management software allows you to capture and track the progress of patients undergoing physiography treatments. Doctors can make notes about the therapy that their patients are receiving. 

Yes, you can send appointment remainders to patients via SMS or WhatsApp with Ezovion physiotherapy practice management software.  

Yes, if a doctor provides a free consultation to a specific patient who visits on a regular basis, you can record the specifics of the visit for free. You can customize it, for example, the third visit within a month is free


Yes, the Ezovion orthopedic practice management system has a DICOM viewer that allows clinicians to view and compare X-Ray images that are integrated patients’ Electronic medical records. 

Yes, a case sheet can be customized to meet the needs of the doctor. With Ezovion orthopedic practice management system doctors can have a favorite case sheet for some specific problems and refer to it for patients who have similar issues.   

The Ezovion orthopedic practice management system allows you to view the patient’s visit history, which includes details such as diagnosis, treatment taken, the status of the treatment, and the medications prescribed.   

Yes, with Ezovion orthopedic practice management system, the third-party lab reports can be added as attachments in patients case sheet and can be viewed and compared by the doctors.   

Yes, with the Ezovion orthopedic practice management system, general instructions and exercises may be included in case sheet and shared with patients. Specific exercises for treatments can also be drafted and shared with patients.  


Yes,  Ezovion rehabilitation software can capture all the disability related details while registering the patients like disability id no, UDID, government stipend no and more.  

Yes. In the case sheet, Ezovion rehabilitation software allows you to capture and track the progress of patients undergoing rehab treatments. Doctors can make notes about the therapy that their patients are receiving. 

Yes, with Ezovion rehabilitation software, you can track vocational training given to rehab patients from time to time and update improvements.  


A vaccine administration management system enables public healthcare administrators or healthcare providers to streamline the workflow of the vaccination process including scheduling, vaccination guidelines, vaccine inventory management, eligibility screening, payment processing, and vaccine distribution record management. 

Below are some common features of the vaccine administration management system that you should watch for: 

  • Medical record management. 
  • Vaccine information for patients. 
  • Eligibility screening through growth chart and vaccine chart. 
  • Follow-up details. 
  • Integrated with pharmacy. 

Vaccinations are primary for pediatic patients and obstetrics patients. Ezovion vaccination management system is designed for paediatricians and obstetricians.  


Yes, we have the option to customize your own barcodes as per your needs which comes under LIMS master setup.   

The integration process of lab machines is a simple process all you need is to have interface slots in your lab machines. In your machines, unidirectional and bidirectional slots should be there to integrate with our laboratory information management system  

The laboratory information management system is a complete lab management system software so, if you want that software feature integrated additionally into your Hospital Management System package you will be charged separately.   

To know more about the pricing and additional package cost you can reach out to us or can book a demo for LIMS software and hospital management system software-related queries. 

Yes, the outsourced lab results and data can be fed into the Ezovion laboratory information management system. Our Robotic Process Automation allows you to regenerate third-party lab reports, saving you hours of work.   

Yes, you not only customize your lab result sheets but also can manage the data which will be going to added as a result as per your needs according to their design and data availability.   

PACS & Radiology

DICOM standards are used to view radiology images. Ezovion Radiology Software comes within built DICOM Viewer. 

An unlimited number of radiology images can be added to the patient case sheet, with each image having a maximum size of 1MB. 

All modalities are supported by Ezovion Radiology Software, including Ultrasound, CT, MRI, X-Ray, Mammogram, and PET Scan.   

Paper-based radiology images can be added to the patient case sheet as attachment. And DICOM standards images can be downloaded and viewed with DICOM Extension. 

Absolutely, radiologists and doctors can use the Ezovion Mobile App to view and compare radiological images. If the hospital grants access, even patients can see their radiology images.

Ezovion PACS Software includes custom templates for radiology reports that can be modified to the doctor’s needs.

Yes, Ezovion radiology software develops a controlled approach to improve the efficiency of user access managementYou can create an unlimited number of users, such as radiologists, X-ray technicians, sonologists, the radiology department head, and consulting doctors, and allow them access according to their respective roles. 


Yes, the Ezovion pharmacy management system is an integrated software that allows doctors to send prescribe medications straight to pharmacies if necessary. 

One can do changes directly from the pharmacy management system. The error adjustment and precision correction require access for this particular action or to adjust in the stocks of the pharmacy.  

Ezovion pharmacy management system includes a stock adjustment history report that allows you to see who made the increments or decrement changes.    

Yes, you can generate reports. The data gathered by a Pharmacy Management System can find what medicines are more potent or more effective. It gives insights on what to order from suppliers. They can also find out how best to store medications for longer shelf life based on spoilage rates. 

Yes, the Ezovion pharmacy management system has robotic process automation, which automates purchase data entry (bulk or small) in the software when invoices are provided in a certain format.   

There are over 50 reports available, below are some of the critical reports including Pharmacy Sale Profit and Loss Report.  

  • Purchase List 
  • Purchase Return List  
  • Sales List 
  • Sales Return List 
  • Sales Tax List 
  • Consolidated Sales List 
  • Consolidated Purchase List 
  • Closing Stock List 
  • Stock Update History 
  • Product Wise Sales 
  • Schedule Report 
  • Purchase Abstract 
  • Stock Transaction 
  • Sales Collection List 
  • Stock Valuation Report 
  • Purchase Tax Report 
  • Sales Profit and Loss Report 


No, you don’t need any third-party app The video consultation is the integrated part of our tele-medicine software where doctors can directly consult and can prescribe medicines and guide their patients for proper health instructions. Patients and doctors can directly join video consultation sessions via mobile app or patients can log in via the patient portal to avail of the consultation as per their need.  

Yes definitely, your nurse or any other person can consult on your behalf if you record your consent with the practitioner for the same during telemedicine software-based consultation. A nurse or that person can conduct the routine clinical examination and provide the requisite information, and then the doctor can provide health care advice and prescriptions. This feature is best for elderly patients.  

Tele-consultation based on telemedicine software may be the only way to provide timely care if alternative care is not immediately feasible. According to the doctors best judgment, first aid, life-saving measures, counselling, and referral advice might be included in such services. However, telemedicine for emergency care should be avoided to the maximum extent possible, especially when in-person care is available. 

As outlined in the guidelines, doctors are not allowed to violate patients’ privacy in any way. As we are also not using any third-party app for the consultation session, it is very secure and end-to-end encrypted. The patient and doctors’ details can only be accessed by the given credentials, so there is no chance of losing data and privacy issues occurring.   

Telemedicine consultation is done with proper appointment. During the meeting, they will get the exact timing and credentials to log in and attend the session. And in some unavoidable circumstances, doctors also have the authority to choose whether to participate in the call or not. Privacy and security are again considered concerning patients and doctors. 


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software platform that makes it simple to design, deploy, and manage software robots that replicate human gestures while interacting with hospital management systems and applications. 

By streamlining procedures with Robotic Process Automation, hospitals may become more viable, versatile, and flexible.  

Employee shift lengths are reduced, which improves work performance, involvement, and effectiveness. 

Any investigation can be advised directly to billing, and administrators can raise lab or radiology orders on a unified platform. 

Ezovion hospital management system leverages a calendar plugin feature to your website. With this option, patients may easily book an appointment with their trusted doctors. 

In addition, hospitals/clinics can have a streamlined queue management system for scheduled appointments. 

Stock update and invoice generation can be completed in minutes using Ezovion robotic process automation, with the option of replicating the purchase order. This facilitates error-free, time-saving data entry for hospital inventory and pharmacy. 

Ezovion hospital management system software has robotic process automation that enables to generate discharge summary in 15 minutes.  

Relevant Reports, diagnosis, observations, treatment can be easily drag down from patient’s case sheet and discharge summery can be done effortlessly.  

Absolutely, Ezovion hospital Management software can generate prescriptions in your local language to help your patients interact with and understand you better. 

 Furthermore, with our robotic process automation, appointment, lab order, and pending payment remainders may be communicated via SMS/WhatsApp.  

The ROI can be calculated using data generation and deep insights, both generally and per department. Ezovion Hospital Management System aids in the hospital’s future planning, eliminating errors and increasing ROI 

Patient Portal

The patient portal facilitates tasks like prescription refills and referrals, leading to improved patient compliance and clinical outcomes.

Ezovion offers a patient portal that requires a computer and an internet connection. Follow the instructions to register for an account. Once you are in your patient portal, you can click the links to perform basic tasks. Patients can access their own accounts as well as the accounts of their family members with the help of appropriate credentials. 

Using the portal, you can also contact providers. You may receive alerts and reminders. You will receive an email asking you to log in to your patient portal for a message.

The patient portal allows patients to complete tasks electronically that would otherwise require assistance from staff. Staff can free up their time by allowing patients to access appointments online, fill out refill requests, and ask questions about referrals. Taking messages for physicians and reporting lab results are also included. Providers can utilize the time they once spent on these tasks to perform other duties, making their lives easier.

Queue & Token Management

Yes, we can customize the token numbers as per the need by using Ezovion token management software.  

You can give access to your receptionist or the OPD person who will attend to the patient’s management.  

The token management software not only helps you manage your patients effectively but also can help you increase your quality services and make your management hassle-free.  

Once we are done with the demo and finalization, we will give you a proper list of requirements and hardware configurations.  

Besides managing patient inflow efficiently, hospital token systems software performs many other functions. Additionally, it shows your concern for the patient’s experience.   

The deployment of this solution allows you to create a systematic approach to organizing operational tasks. This will enrich the patient experience while creating a positive brand image.


All the medical history can be added with the attachment option in the EHR with our Obstetrics and Gynaecology software.

Yes, there is a separate section where all of the vaccines provided to patients are updated with the vaccine kind, date, and time. 

Yes, there is a section available on the Ezovion OB GYN software where menstrual details such as date, bleeding flow, frequency, and duration can be and tr updated acked by the gynecologist to provide suitable treatment. 

  • The lab reports and radiological images are saved chronologically so that the baby’s progress can be tracked. 
  •  Our Obstetrics and Gynaecology software includes a customized diet, exercise, and therapy plan for a pregnant woman that can be prescribed to patients. 

Inventory Management

Yes, the stock in the warehouse/storage will be reduced and added to the departments where the indent was requested. 

For example, the ICU requested three ventilators. Following approval and transfer of the indent, the warehouse stock will be decreased while the ICU inventory will be increased. 

Yes, you can add your hospital fixed assets in our fixed assets category seamlessly and track its consumption in a single platform.  

Some items such as glucometer and nebulizer can be added to the billable items category and can be billed and sold to the patients.  

Inventory and stock management are not one-time events. It is an ongoing process that takes place throughout the year. 

There is no more room for error with the implementation of the Ezovion inventory management system. Data is being meticulously recorded and tracked. In addition, almost all of your indents can be synchronized, and stock levels are adjusted whenever you transfer. 

Operation Theater

The bills for the surgeries performed will be included in the billing for the inpatient departments. 

Yes, Ezovion OT Management Software allows you to check the real-time status of surgery. As the procedure progresses, the status is updated, such as booked, scheduled, completed, or cancelled. You may also see who is assigned to which Operation Theatre, chief Surgeon, Surgeon, Anesthetist, nurses, Operation Theatre Assistants, and slots.  

Yes. Ezovion operation theatre management software may provide a variety of reports, including booking history, canceled list, operation-wise list, surgeon-wise list, nurses or related staff-wise list, and consolidated surgical reports.   

Medical Camp

Not essential. You may customize the Ezovion medical camp management software and create templates for each camp. Patients’ data can be kept on paper or in an excel spreadsheet, and they may be imported into the system once the camp is over.   

 There is no limit to the number of medical camps that can be developed, and the templates can be tailored to any type of camp.   

 There is no need for double data entry because the Ezovion medical camp management software is integrated with the Ezovion hospital management software. The system will automatically update the patients’ data. 

Yes, using our Ezovion medical camp management software, you can track which patients come from which camp based on their unique ID, phone number, and camp type.   

Blood Bank

Yes, with Ezovion Blood Management System you can document and store the excess blood supplied by a donor during an emergency or a request from an operating room that is not used by the hospital. You can use it for your next blood request.   

 In the Ezovion Blood bank management system allows us to view the blood collected list. This list will include all of the information about the blood taken, such as the date of collection, the kind of blood, the donor’s information, the amount of blood collected, and the expiry date. If a blood bag is about to expire, the system will notify you to dispose of it. You can also check the details of the discarded blood on the discarded list.  

Yes, the Ezovion Blood Bank management system has a donor dashboard that allows you to trace a donor by blood group or name. This dashboard will provide you with all of the information you need to contact a donor, such as their name, blood type, last donation details, phone number, and more.   

Yes, when whole blood is collected and separated into red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, the information will be saved and tracked in our Blood bank management system.   

Revenue Cycle Management (TPA) Management Software

It is essential to recognize that third-party administrators/Healthcare Revenue Management Cycle function as intermediaries between the insurance company and the policyholder. Consequently, they may not possess exhaustive information, as they are not the ultimate decision-makers. While they assist in claims settlement and investigations, the final approval or denial of a claim rests with the insurance company.

No, Healthcare Revenue Management Cycles/TPAs and agents serve distinct roles. Insurance agents comprehend your coverage needs and assist in selecting the most suitable policy. On the other hand, TPA in medical insurance functions as intermediaries handling various policyholder-related responsibilities.

The services offered by Healthcare Revenue Management Cycle/TPAs are integral components of your insurance plan. There is no requirement to make additional payments for TPA in medical insurance services.

Clinical Assessment Form

Clinical assessment of a patient involves evaluating their health status, medical history, and symptoms to make informed decisions about diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Initial clinical assessment forms are documents used to collect essential information about a patient’s health, serving as the foundation for subsequent medical evaluations and interventions.

Clinical assessment is crucial for accurately diagnosing medical conditions, developing effective treatment plans, and ensuring personalized care that addresses the unique needs of each patient. 

A good clinical assessment form should be comprehensive, easy to understand, and tailored to gather relevant information specific to the patient’s condition, promoting accurate diagnosis and personalized care.

Skills required for clinical assessment via a form include attention to detail, effective communication, medical knowledge, empathy, and the ability to interpret and analyze patient information to make informed healthcare decisions.

Healthcare Kiosk

A healthcare patient check-in kiosk is a self-service station located in hospitals and medical facilities that allows patients to complete various check-in tasks, such as verifying personal information, insurance details, and medical history, without the need for direct interaction with hospital staff. 

Using a patient check-in kiosk is simple. You can start by touching the screen and following the on-screen instructions. Typically, you’ll be prompted to verify your identity, update personal information, and provide insurance details. In some cases, you may also be able to pay copays or outstanding balances. 

Yes, patient check-in KIOSK are designed with security in mind. They often use encryption and follow strict privacy regulations to protect your personal and medical information. Your data is secure and only accessible by authorized healthcare staff. 

Patient check-in KIOSK offers several advantages, including faster check-in times, reduced wait times, increased accuracy of patient information, and the convenience of completing tasks independently. 

Yes, most patient check-in kiosks allow you to update your medical history, allergies, medications, and other relevant information, ensuring your healthcare providers have the most current data for your treatment.

Patient Portal

The patient portal facilitates tasks like prescription refills and referrals, leading to improved patient compliance and clinical outcomes. 

Ezovion offers a patient portal that requires a computer and an internet connection. Follow the instructions to register for an account. Once you are in your patient portal, you can click the links to perform basic tasks. Patients can access their own accounts as well as the accounts of their family members with the help of appropriate credentials.  

Using the portal, you can also contact providers. You may receive alerts and reminders. You will receive an email asking you to log in to your patient portal for a message. 

The patient portal allows patients to complete tasks electronically that would otherwise require assistance from staff. Staff can free up their time by allowing patients to access appointments online, fill out refill requests, and ask questions about referrals. Taking messages for physicians and reporting lab results are also included. Providers can utilize the time they once spent on these tasks to perform other duties, making their lives easier. 

Nursing Management System

A Nursing Management System is a software application or platform designed to help healthcare facilities, such as hospitals or clinics, manage various aspects of nursing care and administration. It typically includes features like patient records management, scheduling and staffing of nurses, tracking medication administration, monitoring patient progress, and generating reports. The system aims to streamline and improve the efficiency of nursing operations while ensuring quality patient care and compliance with healthcare regulations. It can also assist in the allocation of resources and staff management within a healthcare institution.

Nursing management encompasses various responsibilities and tasks that nurse managers and leaders undertake to ensure the effective delivery of healthcare services. Here are some examples of nursing management functions.

• Staffing and Scheduling

• Budgeting and Financial Management

• Quality Assurance

• Training and Development

• Patient Care Coordination

• Resource Allocation

• Emergency Response Planning

Nursing Management System is vital for hospitals because it promotes efficient operations, enhances patient care, ensures compliance with regulations, and contributes to cost control. It plays a significant role in maintaining the overall effectiveness and reputation of a healthcare facility. It also standardizes the overall functionalities of hospitals and its nursing staff.

Diabetes Care for Doctors

The Diabetes Management Connected Device is a sophisticated system that utilizes advanced technology to monitor and manage diabetes in real-time. It includes a connected device for patients and integrates with the Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) for comprehensive care.

The device continuously monitors blood glucose levels, physical activity, and other relevant data. It transmits this information to the HIMS, providing healthcare professionals with real-time insights to customize treatment plans.

The HIMS system centralizes patient data, facilitating efficient management and analysis. It enables healthcare providers to access comprehensive patient records, aiding in personalized diabetes care, and improving overall treatment outcomes.

Yes, our Diabetes Management system adheres to strict security standards and complies with healthcare regulations, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of patient information.

The system provides healthcare professionals with real-time alerts, trend analyses, and comprehensive reports, aiding in prompt decision-making for effective diabetes management.

Diabetes Care for Patients

The Connected Device is a tool that helps you monitor your blood glucose levels and overall health in real-time. It works hand-in-hand with the Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) to provide personalized care.

The device simplifies the process by continuously tracking your blood glucose, physical activity, and more. This information is shared with your healthcare team through the HIMS, allowing them to tailor your treatment plan for better outcomes.

Yes, you have secure access to your data. This empowers you to actively participate in your health journey, understand your progress, and work collaboratively with your healthcare team for effective management.

Absolutely. Your privacy is a top priority. The system adheres to strict security standards and complies with healthcare regulations, ensuring the confidentiality of your health information.

The system keeps a close eye on your health trends, allowing your healthcare team to identify and address potential issues early. This proactive approach supports your overall well-being.

Hardware and OS Recommendations

Know the hardware configuration requirement of desktop/laptop for the software installation and process along with the implementation and training program.



OS (licensed OS is required)

Windows 10 Pro or above


I5 or above


32 GB

Hard drive (SSD)

256 GB


20" or above

* All OS and other software on your Server, desktop/laptop must be licensed.

Database: SQL Server Express Edition is available for free (10 GB capacity). In case more is required then the License should be purchased by the customer

Recommended Desktop / Laptop Configuration - Terminals



OS (licensed OS is required)

Windows 10 Pro or above


I5 or above


8 GB & above

Hard drive (SSD)

256 GB


20" or above

* All OS and other software on your Server, desktop/laptop must be licensed.

*Subscriber is responsible to have the above hardware/LAN setup ready to install Ezovion products

Implementation And Training Plan

A product software implementation method is a systematically structured approach to effectively
integrate software-based service or component into the workflow of an organizational structure or an
individual end-user.

  • Installation of our software involves minimum disruption of your business.
  • Online /Remote Training would be provided.
  • Implementation will be done as per the Quote given to subscriber

Interfaced Machine List












BC 6800
































ABL 800


















































SYS 200




SYS 400
















AGD 2260


















































CA 600





J & J




J & J




J & J




J & J





























BC 5150



































Virtual CISO

Cybersecurity is crucial in any organization that handles sensitive information, and hospitals are no exception. In fact, hospitals face some of the most significant cybersecurity challenges due to the sensitivity of the data they handle and the critical role they play in society. 
Hospitals store and process vast amounts of sensitive patient data, including personal and medical information. This data is valuable to cybercriminals and can be used for identity theft, insurance fraud, and other illegal activities. A breach of patient data could also compromise patient care and even endanger lives.  

Certain other reasons are also there that are important for hospital cybersecurity in healthcare such as, compliance with regulations, protecting hospital operations, Financial Consequences  

The frequency of cybersecurity and Virtual CISO services training for hospital staff will depend on various factors, such as the size of the hospital, the nature of its operations, and the level of cybersecurity risk. However, cybersecurity training should be an ongoing process, and staff should receive regular updates and refreshers to ensure that they stay informed and vigilant. 

Having an IT admin or dedicated cybersecurity professional is highly recommended for hospitals to handle cybersecurity and CISO tasks. Hospitals have complex IT infrastructures that include electronic health records, medical devices, and other critical systems that require constant monitoring and protection. 

An IT professional should be able to perform proactive measures and should handle incidence response, should be updated with compliance of regulations of cybersecurity and risk assessment,  

While it is possible for hospitals to handle cybersecurity tasks without an IT admin or cybersecurity professional, it can be challenging to stay on top of the rapidly evolving threat landscape.  

Cybersecurity and CISO service is a complex and ongoing process, and the measures that hospitals need to take will depend on various factors, such as the size of the hospital, the nature of its operations, and the level of cybersecurity risk. However, there are some minimum cybersecurity measures that hospitals should implement to protect patient data and comply with regulations. Here are some examples: 
1. Access Control 
2. Regular Updates 
3. Employee Training 
4. Encryption 
5. Firewalls 
6. Data Backup 
7. Incident Response 
8. Compliance 

Selecting the right hospital management system to protect patient data and privacy can be a complex process. Here are some key factors to consider when evaluating hospital management systems: 
1. Security 
2. Data Backup and Recovery 
3. Scalability 
4. Usability 
5. Interoperability 
6. Customization 
7. Vendor Reputation 
8. Support 


Our HIMS onboarding process consists of essential steps to ensure smooth implementation. From system setup and data migration to user training and customization, we guide you through each stage for efficient utilization of our HIMS solution. Our expert team is here to make the transition seamless and maximize the benefits of our system for your operations. 

The onboarding process for our HIMS has many steps to be followed. Let’s dive deep into the steps. 

Step 1: Understanding the Application – Demo 

Step 2: Trail Accounts with Master data Update 

Step 3: Live Account Creation 

Step 4: Sharing the credentials 

Step 5: Follow up for Assistance 


Step 1: Understanding the Application 

  • At the very first, the customers must have a detailed knowledge of the modules, how the module actually works, about the dos and don’ts. 
  • Plan a convenient time for the customers and set up a call to deliver the detailed orientation of the application. 
  • Make them understand the processes, clear their doubts, and take suggestions and feedback from them. 
  • The call must be set up individually for each module since the whole application cannot be explained at once. 
  • Once the customers are satisfied with the demo we can proceed further for the next steps.  

Step 2: Trail Accounts with Master Data Update

  • Now we can create a trial account with the default master updates. Set up roles with the modules they are going to use. 
  • After the trial account is ready to use, share it with the customers for their use so that they will understand the application better. 
  • Ask them about the different user types they can handle, so that we can provide them with individual credentials for each of their users. 
  • Frequently follow up with them and make sure they are using our application. 
  • Assist them with whatever doubts they have and help them wherever they need. 
  • Gather new suggestions and take them to the technical team, ask for a timeline and track the updates over it. 


Step 3: Reverse KT 

  • When the client is fully thorough with the application, prepare a session for the reverse KT or Assessment. 
  • Make sure that the client is familiar with the application ask them for an assessment.  
  • Clear their doubts during the session.  
  • If they are fully clear with the application you can take it to the next step. 


Step 4: Live Account Creation

  • Once the customer is ready, we can create live credentials. 
  • Now we have to ask for the data from the customers and upload it into their live accounts. 
  • The masters such as, Medicine, Service, Lab tests, Chief Complaints, IP details, employee details must be provided by the customers. 
  • Ask them for the important masters that are needed to go live, update them in their account and complete it. 


Step 5: Sharing the Credentials 

  • Yeah, that’s it! the customer is now ready to go live 
  • Now we can share the live account credentials so that they can start using the application. 
  • Before sharing confirm with Sowmya that the payment has been completed from the client. 
  • Ask for the different users and create separate credentials for them. 


Step 6: Follow up for Assistance 

  • Once the customer goes live, they take time to understand the processes so we have to be there for their assistance with the application.  
  • Follow up with them and make sure they are comfortable using our application. 
  • Analyze their requirements and bring them to the knowledge of the technical team. 
  • Get a timeline for the changes and update as per the clients. 
  • Follow up with the technical team for the new change and update the needful to the customer once it is done. 

Mobile App

Yes, if he/she is a first-time patient, they must complete a brief one-time registration process. Then they can arrange an appointment with the selected doctor on the available days and times Registered patients can directly schedule appointments.  

Yes, both clinic and video consulting appointments can be booked with Ezovion Mobile App.  

Yes, if a doctor is unable to attend a scheduled appointment, they can use the Ezovion Mobile App to notify their patients of the cancellation. This allows people to reschedule appointments with the doctor or, in the event of an emergency, book appointments with other doctors who are available.   

Yes, both doctors and patients can view the lab results with Ezovion Mobile App. You need not wait for paper-based lab reports for treating your patients. This saves time and improves patients care.  

Yes, E-prescription option is available in Ezovion Mobile App for doctors and the patients can collect the prescribed medicines in the pharmacy directly. 

White Labelling HIMS and Mobile App Solutions for Hospital Clients

White labelling allows hospitals to rebrand their Health Information Management System (HIMS) with their branding and logo, making it appear as though the software was developed in-house.

White labelling provides hospitals with a customized, branded solution that enhances their identity, improves patient trust, and manages their operations under a unified system.

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive technical support and maintenance services to ensure your white-labelled HIMS operates smoothly and efficiently.

The implementation timeline varies depending on the level of customization required, but we aim to deliver a fully functional, white-labelled HIMS solution within a few weeks or in a few months.

Security is our top priority. Our HIMS solution includes robust security measures such as data encryption, secure user authentication, and regular security audits to protect patient data and comply with regulatory standards.

Yes, our HIMS solution is designed to be highly interoperable, allowing integration with other hospital systems, such as laboratory information systems, radiology information systems, and electronic health records.

The costs vary based on the level of customization and the specific needs of your hospital. We provide a detailed quote after an initial consultation and understanding your requirements.

To get started, simply contact our sales team to schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss your needs, provide a demo, and outline the next steps for customization and implementation.

Yes. We can create a white-labelled mobile app for your hospital and generally, it takes two weeks for all the backend work and Android approvals.

Surely, we can add your hospital’s privacy policy on your white-labelled mobile app and for that, you need to have your privacy policy on your domain name so that can be shared as a direct link.

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