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Ezovion your hospital management system partner provides you not only the best hospital management solutions but also the best customer care services, specialized software handling training and assistance. 

Training and Assistance for Your Staff

We offer online training and assistance to ensure you maximize the benefits of Ezovion. Whether you require assistance with document templates, technical problems, or feedback, our skilled support team is available to provide prompt solutions. Typically, our highly experienced team responds to your inquiries within a short span, frequently offering instant remedies for you to implement.

24/7 Customer Support with Free Chats

  • We have an expert team of customer support to give you round-the-clock assistance. 
  • Software update and maintenance system to keep your software up to date without interrupting your work schedules.  
  • Free of cost customer care online assistance and help. 
  • 24/7 availability of team for your specific and urgent needs. 
  • Scheduled follow-ups with our customers to know your requirements and queries.

Want To Know How You Can Access HIMS Software?Check the Resource Documentation!

We have a well-structured user manual documentation site attached to the HIMS software. With the help of a resource document, you will be able to understand your modules, their functionalities, and advanced features with a deeper understanding.

Check Out the Links Below to Know More About the Resource Document

Being Our Client You Always Need Our Assistance

You Can Raise a Support Ticket, Whenever You Need Our Help!

What is Support Ticket?

The term “support ticket” originated from support software and refers to the exchange between customers and support teams. Customers open support tickets when they encounter problems, and service representatives engage with them by addressing these tickets. Once the issue is successfully resolved, the ticket is then marked as closed.

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Where Can You Find the Resource Document?

The resource document is a manual where you will get detailed information about our HIMS modules. Below mentioned are the steps by which you can get access to explore the resource documents 

  1. Go to your HIMS login page

  2. Fill out your login Credentials like- Customer Id, Phone number, Branch and Password. 

  3. On your dashboard side menu bar, you will be able to see the “Help” section.

  4. Click on the Help section and find “Resources”

  5. That’s it! click on Resources and explore different module discerptions in detail.  

    Ezovion Resources is a Multilingual Documentation. You can choose your preferred languages for your convenience. It will help you and your staff to understand the module details without language barriers. 

How to Raise a Support Ticket?

In case of any query or requirement, you can follow the below mentioned steps to raise a support ticket.

  1. Go to your HIMS login page 

  2. Fill out your login Credentials like- Customer Id, Phone number, Branch and Password.  

  3. On your dashboard side menu bar, you will be able to see the “Help” section. 

  4. Click on the Help section and find “Support” 

  5. Under the “Support Ticket” page Click on “Add Service Request 

  6. Here you can submit a support ticket by adding the details and issue you need help for along with your personal details.

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