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Managing a medical store requires vigilance and strict adherence to standard rules and norms, such as remembering the expiry date of available medicines in stock and the ability to decipher doctor prescriptions. Ezovion pharmacy management system software is integrated with OP, IP department, all-round management of pharmacy right from purchase management, customer management, drug management and multi-location pharmacy sales management.   

The pharmacy management software addresses pain points such as batch tracking, drug billing blockage, GST, customer engagement, sharing of alerts for medicines/drugs that are about to expire, over/low stock and more. Pave way for smarter pharmacy management with Ezovion.

Masters Data Load

Loading master data is critical for accurate pharmacy purchase, sales, and stock transactions. Ezovion support team will assist in loading master data, and it is an one-time work before you make pharmacy transactions. Below data must be loaded: 

Pharmacy employees, Pharmacy Locations, Medicine, Store, Suppliers, Storage, Shelf etc.  

Highly configurable

Configure and customize Ezovion Pharmacy management software the way you wanted, and to great attention to detail. Add open stocks, drug location in the racks, set minimum and maximum quantity for stock management and access any information about your pharmacy in a few clicks.

Rack management

Easily maintain stock of multiple items rack-wise which helps to identify which item is kept in which rack at the time of billing & generate rack-wise stock reports

Detailed medicine information

Add details such as medicine name, type, Manufacturer, category, rack name, schedule type of drug which can be detailed down for submitting to inspectors.


In case the medicines are not used for some time, the medicine can be archived and will not be shown in the prescription.

Pharmacy Purchase Management

Purchases starts with indents, create and manage indents for purchasing requests coming from any department, or location. Maintain the requisition order for medicine, supplies, etc with high flexibility. Go through indent approval process.

Add products with ease

Products will be loaded automatically from the medicine master set up or from the invoice copy. Add batch number, expiry date, number of strips, MRP, Cost price, selling price.

Purchase Order

Easily add suppliers and invoices in click of a button provided it is added in the master set-up. Add details such as invoice due date, invoice date, invoice amount, GRN date

Purchase Return

The pharmacy manager can execute the return of medicines to suppliers with a comprehensive system that tracks inventory, adds details of return, eliminates product and calculates the amount to return.

Stop Purchase Errors

Pharmacy in charge can approve the process and then save the invoice for further use. Helps you reduces purchase errors.

Real-time tracking

The details of purchases and purchase returns are Auto-updated in the Stock/ sales dashboard for the particular day or custom-set range.


Make counter sales seamless by building a comprehensive database patient by patient by adding details of patients, medicine purchased, billing generated and more.

Integrated with IP/OP

Any transaction made is tracked on the pharmacy sales dashboard. Whenever a doctor sends a prescription to sales, the dashboard will be populated with a prescription list. Pharmacists can generate a bill by selecting a patient.

Custom Sale Receipt

Design your own Sale Receipt templates for custom prints, easy to create, edit and use the templates.

Direct Counter Sales

Add patient details who have not registered with any doctor and are making a direct purchase at the counter. Add mobile number details and use it to search the particular patient.

Sales Return

Ability to return the medicines with completed payments, complete with credits pharmacy-wise or customer wise.

Payment modes

Add payment types, track patients who have opted to pay later using credits, amount returns, calculate deductions automatically.

Hold bill

In case of situations where you cannot complete the bill, you can choose to hold the bill and save it for later use. The hold bill will be moved to the unbilled history of the day in the sales dashboard.

Pharmacy Sales bill

Pharmacists can add pharmacy or hospital logo, print bill in desired size and share it to customers.

Stock Management

Track your stock, set min/ max stock level, make inventory up to date. Our Pharmacy Software with advanced inventory tracking helps to streamline your entire pharmacy.

Opening Stock

Make an opening stock entry for medicines that do not have an invoice, first time entry, own medicines or those purchased from the retail shop. Add details same as master set-up. Can add intricate details such as the number of units that is loose.

Stock List

Whenever a medicine is added or removed, the exact amount, selling price, batch number will be updated in the stock list. Pharmacy incharge can make stock and selling price adjustments

Expiry List

Keep a track of expired & near expiry products sitting at your shelves. Return the products to the supplier before expiry & save 100% losses due to expiry. Software will show what medicines will expire in the next few months category-wise such as medicine name, stock and type. Can be uploaded to excel.

Low/Excess Stock List

Some medicines are there beyond the number of units set in the medicine master. Track the stock with alerts.

Synchronized Inventory management

Keep shelves stocked with products your patients need, whether in a single store or across multiple sites, with integrated, automated ordering between our systems.

Account Management

The “Accounts modules” provides a complete accounts system. Using this module, users can pay the manufacturer’s bill after receiving the payment from customers.

Credit Bill

Track patients who have not made the payment or made partial payments yet using credit bill.

Receipt List

Any credit payment has been done; the receipt is moved to the receipt list.

Supplier Due

List of all supplier dues, purchase amount, purchase return amount, paid and balance to be paid in the particular time frame.

Supplier Payment

Ability to make partial or full payments to suppliers will be tracked for supplier and displayed on the dashboard

Analytics and Reports

Understand your business’s current condition and make quick future decisions with detailed yet simple pharma analytics. Robust search helps you to narrow down details and access in a few clicks. Add Closing balance, Sales Report of users, product and medicine category wise 

Purchase Report, Profit/Loss account (invoice Wise, medicine Wise, manufacturer wise), the list of buy-sells in the remainder of the package, according to customers and suppliers 

Purchase List

Build a Comprehensive list of medicines purchased. Track through period, supplier, invoice number, GRN number and more. Demonstrate the time of selling, and the discount amount, and make the sale price as required. Hold any bill according to need and then recall.

Return Management

Users can insert the invoice number of the returned goods, and it will automatically save to the bulk return list. Ezovion also offers the option to add the product list that had been returned to the manufacturer and a complete list of a damaged medicine.

Consolidated Sales List

Track which items are moving fast based on Quantity and amount sold for the particular period.

Consolidated Purchase List

Track which items from suppliers are moving fast based on Quantity and amount sold for the particular period.

Closing Stock List

View some high-value medicines movement around the particular period. Complete details of all medicines can be seen and can be cross checked with transaction records.

Stock Update History

Streamline Stock adjustments made, selling price updates by medicine, supplier or customer.

Product Wise Sales

View the product wise sale set for a custom range and analyze trends over time.

Integrated with OP departments, IP, Nursing Station

Streamline your pharmacy management by leveraging its high integration capabilities with OP Departments, IP, Nursing station. Take advantage of centralized access that enables real-time pharmacy management. 

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Better CRM Management

With pharmacy software, you can improve your customer service and satisfaction. Ezovion Pharmacy module allows you to store all of your customers’ data so that you can meet their needs on special days, occasions, offers, and campaigns. 

Digital Payment & Collection

Simplify your digital collections & payments using secure Payment Modes, Bill- by-bill Reconciliation, Same-day Settlement, experience Connected Banking and manage a complete customer lifecycle.

Quality And Safety

Benefits of Orthopedic Practice Management

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