Give Access to Health with Ezovion Patient Portal

Ezovion offers a patient portal for better patient engagement and transparent transfer of information between the healthcare organisation and patients.  

  • Easy and secure access with patient credentials. 
  • Real-Time Health Updates. 
  • A better way of patient engagement. 
  • Adopt paperless patient management.  

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Patient Portal

A Beneficial Portal to Win Trust and Satisfaction of Your Patients

User Friendly

Easy to use and convenient for patients for better service.

Easy Appointment Booking

Patients can book and manage appointments easily.

Reports and Analytics

Patients can access prescriptions, lab reports, radiology images, doctor’s notes, and reminders. 

End-to-End Transparency

Enable transparency of data with your patients.

Assured Privacy and Patient Data Security

Our patient deployed in HIPAA cloud enable secured data access. 

Features in Ezovion Patient Portal

Patient’s Dashboard

In the patient portal, a systematic dashboard system will be provided, which allows patients to access information about their hospital visits.  

In the patient portal, patients can analyse, and access demographics and clinical data such as 

  • View and update the profile 
  • Vitals, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc.  
  • Visit history. 
  • Current and past prescriptions.  
  • Lab and radiology reports. 
  • Doctor’s appointment.  
  • Allergy records, medical issues, social histories, family histories, and current medications. 
Patient portal
Patient Appointment

Book Appointments Effortlessly

Patients can check the slot availability, time and date of their appointment, and status via the portal. Ezovion patient portal allows patients to make appointments for clinics, book video consultations and keep track of them.  

  • The patient portal allows patients to view, book, and cancel their current and previous appointments.  
  • Allows platform to make online payment with our secured payment gateway.

EHR (Electronic Health Records) Facility

EHR data is now on your patient’s portal. Patients can now access their portal to check their lab and radiology reports and medical reports and leverage the degree of transparency.  

The Portal makes it possible for patients to view the reports and radiology images with an integrated DICOM viewer and lab reports.   

  • Health Record  
  • Medical Document Attachments  
  • Lab Reports 
  • Radiology 
  • Bills 
Electronic Health Records
Billing Details

Get Billing Details In One Place

Allow your patients to access their OP, and IP billing details and maintain their records according to date and time. 

  • The patient can access information on the payment of bills anytime using a patient portal without difficulty. 
  • Tracking pending bills and paying them with our secured payment gateway.   
  • It is easy for patients to access their previous bills and current bills. 

Benefits of Ezovion Patient Portal

Better Patient Communication

With the portal, you can schedule appointments, generate prescriptions, and request referrals which increases the productivity and efficiency of your clinical staff. This allows them to focus on patients with the most urgent needs. 

Ezovion Patient Portal
Hospital management system app

Greater Focus on Patient Care

The ease of accessing and sharing patient information electronically significantly reduces one of the biggest distractions on physicians’ schedules today. Focus on providing better care 

Easy Appointment Booking from Your Website

Patients can book appointments directly from your website, as our integrated calendar system can be accessed directly from your website. Patients can book appointments by selecting time slots via the calendar.  

-Time Effective 

-Easy Bookings via the Website 

-Calendar with Time Date Slots

Appointment Booking


The patient portal facilitates tasks like prescription refills and referrals, leading to improved patient compliance and clinical outcomes. 

Ezovion offers a patient portal that requires a computer and an internet connection. Follow the instructions to register for an account. Once you are in your patient portal, you can click the links to perform basic tasks. Patients can access their own accounts as well as the accounts of their family members with the help of appropriate credentials.  

Using the portal, you can also contact providers. You may receive alerts and reminders. You will receive an email asking you to log in to your patient portal for a message. 

The patient portal allows patients to complete tasks electronically that would otherwise require assistance from staff. Staff can free up their time by allowing patients to access appointments online, fill out refill requests, and ask questions about referrals. Taking messages for physicians and reporting lab results are also included. Providers can utilize the time they once spent on these tasks to perform other duties, making their lives easier. 

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